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KIM Jong-Un, his future!
Oct 5, 2017 11:56 am

The future of Kim Jong-Un Its October 5th 2017 and Kim Jong-Un is walking on very thin ice. Presently, Kim Jong-Un has a problem month as is revealed in his Profile Analysis. As with us all, we have good and bad days, but a run of the bad days I term, 'codes of collapse' come in clusters. These runs of tough times or 'bad luck' cross our paths frequently, BUT the only thing to really worry about is when you are doing something, or being somewhere, that would be considered dangerous. Things like flying, underwater adventures, mountain climbing, or making bombs and poking threats to America, are such considerations of dangerous acts. So, as Kim Jong-Un is literally playing with fire, and taunting the Giant USA with threats of blowing them up with atomic missiles, then he is dancing in a mine field. However, the American military and Government, need to do things strategically so as not to be seen as the bad guys, or to make the first move, because if they do, they will attract the attention and wrath of certain foreign military powers themselves. So this is very likely why Jong-Un is throwing taunting words at the US so they throw the first stone. I don't think the chubby weird guy has all his marbles, and he has a tiny mouth and funny hair. Oh, a bit like President Trump I suppose. But I do believe he is a rogue and his people are suffering and fear for their lives should they step out of line, the line that the North Korean Dictator has in his head, and if he even thinks someone is doing something microscopically wrong, he shifts the line and has them executed. Nice one Kimbo! People are asking me if and when he's likely to get his lot ? He moves secretly, travelling undercover, but sooner or later - likely sooner, he will step over a fatal line as many are after his head. Can't say I am envious about his head, but maybe he is a fan of "Jabba The Hutt" from Star Wars and is doing the look-alike thing ? I don't know. Anyway, what's his time line like? He's in more danger now than he has ever been in. This October through to the end of February 2018, are riddled with lethal days for him. He could easily dance on one of those mines I mentioned earlier. Apparently there is a "decapitation" mission underway where every one of his high ticket generals is a target and every known military base and missile bunker are all set to be wiped out in one swoop if there is need to counter any move he makes that places the US or any of it's allies under lethal attack. He has four known birth dates. This is why it makes it rather hard to know which dart to throw in which number on the dart board. His Nth Korean date is said to be 8th Jan 1982 - Sth Korea says it is the 8th Jan 1983 - Swiss records (where he went to school) has his birth date as 5th July 1984 - and the US have his date of birth as January 8 1984. I have had to look into his past to find a specific date he was known to have done something, and it is known that in the Autumn of 2000 he was abruptly removed from his school in Sweden. From this I ascertain he was most likely born on 8th Jan 1982 as this is when his Profile Chart shows a definite change in his life at that exact time. Based on the above, from this month, October 2017, its Game-On and the 'starters pistol' has fired. Herein after, his whole world is one very slippery slope. So "Rocket-man" (Donald Trump's pet name for Kimmi) is under the spot light and strategies will have been worked out so Kimbo is 'likely' to make the first move and then he'll get squished. I can't see him backing down, he's too far up himself to do that and it would look weak to his brainwashed people. The Leaders and the Pressure months. Donald Trump has Cluster patterns running for four months starting Nov, December, Jan and Feb. Moon Jae-In (Sth Korean Leader) has Cluster patterns running Nov, December, Jan, Feb Mar. Shinzo Abe (Japan's Leader) has Cluster patterns in Oct, December, then Feb, Mar and April. Vladimir Putin (Russia) has Cluster patterns Nov, then Jan, Feb, Mar, and April. Xi Jinping (Chinese Leader) has Cluster patterns late Nov, December, then Feb, Mar, and April. KIM JONG-UN (Nth Korea) has significant Cluster patterns (now) Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, and February !!! It would seem their Cluster patterns are so closely aligned, I would expect the unfolding of 'nasty events' that could certainly make things very dangerous for many, are probably starting in December 2017. By then, those of the leaders mentioned above who need to know what, if anything is planned, will be informed and prepared.