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NZ ELECTIONS election update 18 Oct 2017
Oct 13, 2017 9:09 pm

NB: I have added content at the base of this post (posted on '14 Oct 2017'). This up-dated info is dated 18th October 2017, and is additional to the indecisiveness of the Leader of New Zealand First making up his mind, or should I say, Winston Peters is "working a cunning plan to get the best deal for himself" as it is likely his last political period (as quoted by NewstalkZB today). If you have read this story, then go to the bottom of the post for the up-date. Also, the graph shows more 'dark' areas in 2018/2019 indicating conditions are getting seriously worse. The less 'light green' above the dark brown bar graphs, the more dire the state of our Governmental affairs. If the NZ Political Parties were a Franchise Company, it would be under the Receivers, and heading to Court! Original Post below this line... ... So, its the final countdown, and the final countdown, and again, the final countdown. And Peters is the pendulum that is keeping the country to ransom and most of the population of New Zealand don't even want him, not even his own electorate. Peter's has a natural lent toward National, it's in his blood and in his deepest psychological vault. But he was sacked from National, he is furthest removed from Bill English than any other Party Leader, according to his Profile. However, there is one interesting factor that is causing his dilemma presently, and he 'is' between a Rock and a Hard place. Of the Nine primary Profile Types, of which we all belong to one of them, Peter's belongs to the National Party, but he is presently favouring the Labour Party, and this is due to a 'glitch' in the Matrix. The Problem Peters has, and has always had, is he is secretive and has personal agendas, and only those who know him VERY well, ever get to understand he is a Secret Mood Swinger with Cunning Characteristics. Is it ever a wonder why he has never reigned as an independent Party? As I see things based on his Profile, and as the Graph of how he 'Fits' or 'not' with the other Party Leaders in the image, it shows that as Leader, both English and Ardern are farthest removed from him, in the Personality Ratings. The software I have for Staff and Company Profiling is without bias. The software does the analysis without human intervention in the processing. On the right side of the Graph, The Green bar, Peters has, is at full extension, and this is compared against the other persons, and show Bill English is the least favoured by him, followed closely behind by Jacinda Ardern. Not only that, but also, Peter's Profile this month show him to be at 6's and 7's within himself, and the month of October is even worse. He is struggling with a Major decision (again), as his profile is seeking a Major Decision from him and he does not like it one little bit. If this were not so, he would have gone for National already. In the long run, the longevity graphics I have on him are he is best in-line with the National Party, but even then, 2018 is Not a good year for him for a whole cluster of reasons. Based on what my work in this field tells me, National should deal with the Green Party, bring them into line, and provide support on waterways and land-heath matters - not much else. This could work, but James Shaw (Green Party leader), will have to stop being a 'Mouse that Roars' and get in behind. And, should Peters go with Labour, well, what can one say...? Overview of 2018. Grim, across all party leaders! As I see it, it is "every one for themselves" next year, and look after our own back yards, as the "Government" won't be much help whoever it is. But, there will be a change in the Leader (Bill English) in two years - watch this space. Want to save Money and Time when selecting Staff? contact or Up-Date 18th October 2018 New Zealanders are tired of the pussy footing around of Peters antics and the Public at large really don't care. I'd rather another election and clean the slate, but, the one thing that does not change, and that is; My analysis of the present bunch of leaders are All going to be in deeper sufferance through 2018 and 2019 No Matter What! Indicators are, that All Parties are in the crap and in-house disgruntlement is rife according to the forecasting Risk Calculating software we developed. How this is likely to unfold, is due to Winston likely to upset the apple cart, whether he is with the Left, or the Right. The charting is still the same, nothing but crap outcomes! Our present 'non-elected' Prime Minister, and the NZ 1st leader, Are Not Compatible, and after hearing the PM on radio this week, I am sure he is not in control, nor ready for the 'soon to be' formed "Trauma Party" that's about to be created, some time in October, all going well. According to the the Risk Calculator graph, it suggests he'll go with the Green/Labour pack as this will drown National. But, if he Does go with National, the internal fight is on, and all will pay the price. It's a lose/lose election outcome. People have asked me what I think will happen with the Government; I tell them; "Look after your own interests and do not worry about, or follow the Leaders, they don't seem to know how to run their own ship, and like most political parties everywhere, non-transparent mushroom growers"! But as for Winston, his core values are matched more so with National, and ideally he would seek to become the deputy PM (and Paula Bennett has suggested he can). This being so, Bill English, who will not serve out a full term, will step aside and potentially Peters could step in. This would be assuming his health can manage the full term of the PM office also. Jacinda Ardern needs more seasoning as leader of the Labour Party. If Peters engages with that 'bi-pod group' and forms a tripod coalition Party, there will be many struggles and it just doesn't seem, in my opinion, the way Peters would want to serve his last term in office, to be remembered as being a part of a troublesome Government where the People of New Zealand would say "we told you so". Now, lets see what happens, whenever the announcement is made...