Data Predicts the Future. What does Data say about Your Future?

Like the Sun cresting the horizon, 2018 begins to glow on November 1
Nov 1, 2017 11:08 am

George Orwell's 1984, New York's 9 - 11, Las Vegas October 1 ... It's interesting to wonder if the Calendar has anything to do with significant events. The Calendar Year, Month and Day, identify your birth, and the timing of our death will be marked similarly. But what about the events in between, when you left school, that first love, the loss of a loved one, and the hundreds of other special events that pepper your life history. Are all these happenings random, or are they aptly timed like way-points on the journey of your life ? Recently, 58 people died, shot like ducks in a barrel in Las Vegas. They all had the same 'Time Stamp' indicating they were in the line of fire because they were in the wrong place at the right time, but there were other people there too and they did not meet their Maker that night. Strange as it may seem, they too had the same Time Stamp. Does this mean October 1 is a bad day ? No. We all have times when things go horribly wrong, and when things go right. But for 37 years, I have been gathering Data and studying the material of people who have made it big, of those who have suffered great loss, death lists, criminal entries, suicide, when people marry, when they move country, when they have children, and when major events of any sort stepped up on specific dates, and marked their memory forever. The one common thread that leaves a trail, like following bread crumbs, evidence of where and when a person has gone, is the tell-tale thread woven by the material provided in their Name and Birth Date. But how do I know this ? By the discovery of the once invisible, elephant in the room. The people of Las Vegas who lost their lives in a ten minute period of sheer terror, all had the same Time Stamp markers in their Name and Birth date. and those markers are identified by two specific codes; 11 and 13. If you want to prove this for yourself, find someone you know called 'David' (you may even be a David). Ask them if they can remember the events that took place in their life at ages 27, 49 and 71, as all David's will have, or have had, major changes in their life and or living conditions at these exact ages; all of them! The Famous David Attenborough's wife died when he was 71. This being so, there has to be an explanation and a formula to reveal how this works, and I found it. To support this, I was on NZ's NewstalkZB radio with NZ's top rated host, Leighton Smith, talking to the Nation for over an hour some years back, and I posed the same point about people called David. He was so intrigued, he invited all David's listening, if they were 27 or older, to call in and state if this was so. A 100% strike rate followed. Needless to say, Leighton was further intrigued. So, what does 2018 have in store for us. The '2' marking the 20th century, seeks equilibrium, balance, understanding, and a time of calm and higher thought principles. The year 18 (of 2018), seeks mankind to use new Initiatives and find the Mental and Physical balance for Nations. If people comply with this Natural Law that Einstein eluded to, saying; 'God does not play dice with the Universe', then a peaceful existence will be had by most. However, as most people (98%) are more negative than positive (as preached by many on the motivation circuits), and these people don't really give a shit about anyone else, then we are likely to experience a lot of life lessons and the Heavy Hammer of 'Time' will come down hard on us all. 2018 asks for understanding, patience, budgeting, thinking things through like an accountant, and to engage constructive intelligence. But as attitudes of arrogance, laced with ignorance run wild with World Leaders ("Leaders", that's a joke), then this is why we are going to experience the result of their shit as it hits the fan. Lettrology, is a term I created meaning how letters and words program our developing brain from infancy. And it is this tool that ties names and dates together to make a map of your life, of everyone's life. The world stages are filled with 'wealth creators' and 'motivators' who preach that everyone can become rich like they are, well it needs to be expressed in a different way because 'rich' to most usually means cash rich, but rich in knowledge, happiness, love and even personal success, are riches within themselves. In fact, Napoleon Hill, (Think and Grow Rich), discussed riches come in many forms, and not just about money. There is only one group of people who have provided solid evidence there is a path to success and they themselves were not aware of this until they were awarded the Nobel Prize. Having studied these 'winners' I discovered the secret to their personal success, and how they engaged it. It's no longer secret, if it ever was, but you cannot act on anything you don't know. The invention of Lettrology aligns time and energy in such patterns of harmony or discord, that you have to be aware of such times as was evident in the recent Las Vegas Mass Murders. Discover yourself first, what you were born for, your purpose, the timing of 'marked' events in your life; when to step aside from danger, when to grasp opportunity with open arms and use it constructively. Many have taken an interest in their lives and have had a Profile Report sent them. So, to see what 2018 offers you and what you need to do to benefit from the year is open to you too, to gain from. Don't let the Negative (98% fail) Law, allow you to walk right smack into danger just because you didn't see it coming, know that Knowledge is Power! Words and Numbers are two languages we all use to think with, and without these tools, we literally remove from our brain the ability to 'think'. This is because thinking is only able when we use words, dates or math, in other words, letters and numbers. Therefore, as I have discovered your destiny is written in your Name and Birth records. You are totally unique and you have a set of deep seated resonant frequencies stored securely in your brain. But for whatever reason fate led me to find this information, I have created the software that identifies your personal "frequency and timing map" allowing you to see your life's Purpose, Point and Path for the first time. Finally, you can have control over your future. It's totally your right to know this. Personal Profiles for 2018 and any year ahead of the present calendar year, have the information about who you are, what you should be doing, what to watch out for, and what opportunities are in front of you, but only if you know what and when. This is what I do for my friends and clients who have bought their unique profiles from all over the World. Today I spent phone time with a long time client (Christine from South Island NZ) whom I helped understand her life when crap was being dished out. But today I had great pleasure in telling her, the time is right for her plans and dreams to begin unfolding, and there's more than a decade of promise 'literally' before her right now. She has noted times of precaution, and when to move forward, and from March through April in 2018 her time for Success is set to launch! She is playing by the Rules of Timing, and said to me, "You've been 100% right in the past, and I know you're right for my project. I can feel it in my bones". Want your own Report? Go to the top of the page, CLICK"Get Your Profile Now" tab and follow the path. There is a couple of cool videos there that show me doing what I do on television and how I unfolded information from past events from people I have never met. However, I'm sorry to inform you, the price is increasing next year, but this is because I'm adding significant amounts of deeper and more personal information to the Profile Reports, as has never been done before. There's more content and more personalised accuracy. No two people are the same and the text files I write will reflect this. Take care, and I'd love to see you pop up on my desk-top. I have many files prepared now for every combination there is, millions of them, and I have these on the ready as people want fast results in this ever fast world of instant gratification, but your charts are looked over by me so to make sure you get the right information and forecasts I provide.