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Crypto Currency - what's inside the Treasure Chest?
Mar 24, 2018 4:25 am

Dollars and Cents, $'c - Ones and Zeros, - 001010001100001011110000111000110... How do you feel about handing over your money and place trust in something you cannot see? Too late, you already have. The Banking system has only 8% in cash, the rest (92%) of money is electronically converted into 1's & 0's. You already live in an almost cashless society. If you and everyone else went to the bank to withdraw more than 10% of your income in cash, the economy would instantly crash and the banks would shut the doors on you to protect their shareholders interests. Global Currency is not based on Gold. It is based on trust. You trust the bank will honor your paper money and even more so, you hope they will honor your plastic card that is electronically controlled. You are told "trust the bank" but if you look deeper into the banking system, you'll find banks are privately owned by shareholders who are there to make money from your money. Your boss gives the bank your pay check The bank charges you for holding your money They loan your money out to others and make money from your money You paid tax already on your money before it was deposited/invested it in the bank You will pay tax again on what you earn Banks get rich on your money The bank will automatically investigate you if you withdraw more than $2000 (NZ banks). Banks think your money is their money, and in many ways it is because you gave it to them and they stuffed it in their Treasure Chest and you only have the right to take it out as long as only a few people do so at a time and it must be a controlled activity. This is nothing new. ATM's will only allow you to take $800 out at a time and there is a daily limit of how much of your money you are allowed to have! Big Brother is watching. Today's money is electronic. Real Cash is still in use (8% of all currency), the rest is digitised. What you earn is a token, to save, buy and consume things with, but money in the bank or on your card is nothing more than a handshake and a promise and it only works if everyone complies. Bank robberies may be decreasing and viruses and fraud are on the rise. Computer glitches or power outages make your money vanish till the power comes back on. I once put $1500 cash into an automated bank deposit machine. One note pulled to the side on the way in and the machine stopped dead. I tried to pull it out, and the bundle very slowly got pulled in. The machine cancelled the deposit and the on-screen display politely asked what would I like to do, as if nothing had happened. There was no record of my cash deposit. The bank manager was called to the machine and he said he never saw me put any money in, there was no camera support, and the machine [in their bank wall] is not owned by them, so he could do nothing about it. Imagine that! Yet, if I took 10c off their counter and made a run for it, I'd be in court for theft and charged. This is why Crypto Currency (CC) is becoming more popular and the banks, their Share Holders, and Government, don't like it. It takes control away from banks and places control in your hands and ownership. With CC you might say you have more in your pocket. No middle man can milk your hard earned cash for their profits. The Government is trying to maintain control of your money, as traditional banking is soon to be a thing of the past. Crypto Currency is not very different to what you have now. Commerce will still work on CC and you'll have more control and more privacy. CC is a new bank and currency system and the Treasure Chest is in your hands. You have the lock and key to control your money as you wish. Remember: Shareholders own the Banks. Shareholders want your money so they can sell it and make more money from what you gave them in the first place. Do not fear Crypto Currency, learn about it. Different countries have different currencies already, so CC is nothing but an improved system working in your favor. Shareholders who own banks, want your money. They will do anything to maintain control of their income. The time to say "stop" is here, before it's too late. It's a no-brainer. Corporate giants control money, commerce, water and are charging you more for everything. You cannot fight the Corporate Giants because you have no money to fight with. The people must regain control of the money system and Crypto Currencies provide the means.