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It's Certainly Not Cricket
Mar 31, 2018 7:33 am

What was Cameron Bancroft doing? Australia V's South Africa 25th March 2018 Australia has a growing reputation of pushing the boundaries when playing International cricket and fielder (Cameron Bancroft) used sandpaper to scuff the ball to make the bowling delivery an "un-hit-able ball. Bancroft, while working on the ball in an illegal attempt to scuff it, looked up and saw his antics on the Big Screen for all the world to see his cheating. And if you are going to hide bright yellow sandpaper, you would have thought with forty cameras filming the game, that the Australian Cricket Team might realise something looked suspicious to the World Audience. Not only that, but Steve Smith lied on camera when facing the media. He said "they used sticky-tape to hold gravel gathered from the wicket area so they could use it as makeshift sandpaper to scuff the ball". Days later Cricket Australia revealed it was indeed sandpaper confirming his lies. Other footage has surfaced where Steve Smith appeared to be getting sugar from the tea service trolley, tearing open the pre-packs and pouring the loose sugar into his pockets before going on the pitch. This is not new, his being caught is new and his public apology, complete with tears, are the result of being caught. Now this is where Profiling using the Vaughan Process comes in. Profiles on Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft on the day they were exposed to illegal tampering and colluding to cheat on that day, was the worst day they could have chosen to do it on. People who do the wrong thing, at the wrong time, in the wrong place, are now able to be identified ahead of the event by our advanced Profiling systems. Our software will raise 'Red Flag Alerts' and identify people who are in a precarious or dangerous position and should be re-thinking their actions prior to acting on them in a manner that is likely to catch them off guard. This is not to catch people off guard for fun, this is to help people who are about to engage in some act or event that could cause them, or others with them, harm. The day would have been better for the Australian Cricket team if they had chosen to play fair and within the rules and spirit of the game. Cheating is for losers and three very capable cricketers are now out of the game and will never live down their cheating reputation. The Vaughan System is watching and you are a person of interest for your own good. Peter J Vaughan