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CARDIFF: New Zealand's Parker, V's England's Joshua and it's game-on!
Mar 31, 2018 7:59 pm

England; 31st March 2018 - 8:30 UK time & 1st April at 8:30 pm NZ time, and counting down to Fight Start This has got to be one very close match that can only be likened to a man fighting himself for a victory over himself. On analysis of these two powerhouses of Boxing energy, it would seem they have been caste from the same mold with only a slight tweak here and there between the two in their making. It seems thatJoseph Parker has an outcome that continues herein after, and he will go on for another couple of years following the boxing path, and this indicates he has longevity in the fighting game and will live on as a Master Sportsman. Anthony Joshua'soutcome alters his life after this fight, and a different future awaits him. From this pre-fight analysis, it is the focus on the pendulum of time. The conditions of March as it exits and welcomes in the dawn of April (2018), one man will be left victorious from the battle in the ring. The time shift is the culprit, and the key, that decides this fight, tonight. It is my view, this fight is so close, and so full of passion, and so very equal in every way, but for one thing, the indicators at an hourly level of predictability shows, the Victory Belt will go to Joshua. We will know soon enough as the 11th hour for the fight to start is 45 minutes from the writing of this line in this story. May the winner take all, but the fighting for both men will go on. For the record, this story was published 25 minutes out from the start of this fight.