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Musk and Zuckerberg's BIG ISSUES
Apr 2, 2018 4:49 am

When things go wrong for the wrong reasons, it just isn't right, right? I have raised the problems about Elon Musk in 2017 and 2018, and events have unfolded as published. But there are points in time, when people who have a great power at their fingertips, should be aware of issues that affect the very people they serve. One such point is April 2018 for Elon and the last seven months for Mark, as it is time for him to re-think his activities. Bluntly, Elonis responsible for what happens or is about to happen with his products and technologies. A few days ago, a second incident involving one of the 'self drive' Tesla's, crashed and killed the "hands-free driver." It does not matter if it is component failure or design failure, but it does matter when people die. If people think, in these early stages of development of driver-less cars, there will be no problems, think again. People have died, and if it were personal, your parents or your child, even a close friend, then people raise their voices and demand justice. People are complacent until a problem lands on 'their' door step. It is not smart, to fully trust a new concept, until it is thoroughly tested and free of 'bugs' and that can take a very long time, and I don't care about the race to be first in the smart car game, because it is Not a Game. It will take years before all mainstream roads are fully kitted out with sensors and transponders that communicate to all vehicles at the same time, and on roadways that are only for driver-less cars and not pedestrians who have died, victims of unfit technology, and filling the basket of collateral damage test dummies. Machines fail. Electronics fail. People die. Elon, for the whole of 2018, has financial, personal, and emotional problems, and maybe he needs to appoint a General Manager to run the business end. He will still own the Company. As of April (right now being the 2nd April 2018), Elon has entered a very precarious period and red lights are flashing all over the dash board. He is potentially in store for some hard times and he has to make sure everything he does is completely planned, and squared away, or the 'unexpected' will be the wall he walks into - according to RED FLAG Indicators on Vaughan Process IP. After his 47th birthday in late June, his Indicators show he will potentially go 'flat', fall short, for about 30 months. Then there's Mark Zuckerberg. The first three months of 2018, let alone the events of September through November of last year, where issues, as they do, mess things up that he should have been aware of. People's privacy is something most hold dearly. I've would strike a line through anything that says "I am happy he uses and on-sells my private and personal information to anyone" without my express permission, and yet certain organisations in this country (NZ), and most western countries I am certain, are rubbing their hands together with all the information they have been able to get their hands on for marketing, commercial gain, and other money making ideas they have come up with to control the people! The Internal Revenue and the Police already have more information on us than we know about, but if they used it openly the way Zuckerberg has, there would likely be a revolution. But Government organisations already rake in enough through taxes and fines, AND I am sure they will find other ways to get more if they can - it's their job, they have politicians to feed. Mark and Elon are in deep schmuck and their businesses are falling close behind. The People need to have the Power to control their own destinies, to be able to live a fair and reasonable life without Big Brother fears, or risking their lives on roads already filled with Drunk and Drugged drivers, let alone the addition of 'smart cars' that aren't smart enough yet, to be on 'old' road systems not designed for them. Big, slot-cars would be better. Something for you If you like, enjoy our FREE name analyser App, have some fun. https// Pop in your name, your friend's names, and instantly get a Free Profile on them based entirely on their name. This was designed for Sales People so they could find out about their new contact / appointment, before they meet them so they can communicate better without any breach of privacy. You may be surprised how accurate it is.