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Jacinda Ardern, 21-6-2018, a baby girl. A name, then a story to write.
Jun 24, 2018 2:19 am

Some babies are sensitive, so name them right, right? No, the PM did not have a puppy, but we are all sensitive to our names, some more than others. There are five major aspects that unfold after a babies birth. They have genetic inheritance They have a body form A date of birth (recorded or not) A name is provided And then the conditioning of the brain begins, a personality is 'created' based on emotional blueprinting. All manner of creatures have the first three aspects, except humans, and this is what makes us special. But it is interesting that general science has not caught up with child (human) development, the how and why we turn out as we do, successful, mediocre, at a loss, dashed with a life of challenges and issues. The Prime Minister and Clark Gayford's baby already has 'characteristics' in built that will unfold alongside the child's personality which will start the moment they name her. The reason for this, infants do not understand language (names or comprehension), this is a learned thing, and the new born will react and respond to any condition or cause, such as cuddles and love, food, wet clothing, when frightened; i.e loud noises bright lights, falling, anger based yelling and so on. All during these early learning phases for a new born, there is one sound they hear and absorb alongside the 'events' that may cause them to be emotionally moved or challenged, and that is The Sound of their Name. A child hears this one sound (their name sound) more than any other utterance alongside all their emotional events they experience, while learning from birth up to a few years of age. This is the period where the child learns to imitate sounds with objects, like food, toys, people, pets and so on, and an interesting little region of the brain called the Amygdala, and Hippocampus (emotional control centre and memory department respectively), are working alongside one another forming the child's personality, so the name must be correct or the child may develop less fortunately than otherwise would be beneficial. Rule of thumb when naming a baby: the Mother must have final say and ensure the Name 'feels' right to the mother, and match the baby's 'vibes'. Irrespective of this, Baby Ardern/Gayford, born 21 June 2018, will be very chatty, like to dress up, love art and anything that is colourful, including music (but not too loud) and she will have an eye for detail more than most will at first realise. Once she is free to crawl, all things on the floor will be fascinating and tested for their taste - so make sure floors are vacuumed for insects or anything else or it will disappear down bub's chemistry set and analyser. She will be determined and speak her mind when pressed, or when up-set, and will be more aware of any imbalance among her friends and family. Her skills and talents will spring forth from her hands and mind and she could do will with art, writing, drawing and even (eventually) criminology should she so desire. However, much (and I mean very much) of her personality and qualities, passions and attitude, will be determined when she is provided a name. Remember, it is the mother's choice so forget anyone else's ideas and supplements for the PM's baby's name. Once the name is provided, I will create a Profile and post it here on my site. Peter J Vaughan