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Boxing Fight outcomes are already determined before they start
Jul 29, 2018 8:33 am

Joe Parker V's Dillian Whyte - the bout was won by Whyte before the fight began. All future events unfold exactly as they do, based entirely on the factors present at the event, at the exact same time. To ensure the future unfolds as we'd like it, we must plan a future event as if it was actually happening right here, right now. Once the 'future event' is done and dusted, it is easy to look back in hindsight and ascertain what went right and what went wrong. So the best thing to do is to be in a position where we can view the event in hindsight before it actually happens from a point further ahead in the future. In the case of this fight, I had to coalesce all factors that were to be at the fight and then look back at the fight as if watching a replay. Each of the boxers 'post fight' emotional conditions would then be known as the final bell would have been rung, irrespective of the round. This heavy weight bout resulted in Whyte's emotional status being in better shape than Parker's and the predicted outcome of the fight was therefore easy. All I had to do was look back at the fight from a point in the future and see the outcome. This may sound irrational and even crazy to most reading this, but the fact remains, several people were informed the outcome would be published prior to the fight, and it was, and the following was posted on Face Book an hour or so before the fight began. Here is what was written: "Had a quick look at the Joe Parker V's Dillian Whyte fight about to take place tonight (UK time) and from the outset it looks to me as though Whyte will take the fight but it is a close one.I (personally) would not bet based on my early assessment as there is some background work to be done to ensure the blemishes in Whyte's past are indicated on his profile, however, I still, from the outset, I see Joe losing to Dillian." How is this possible! If you can appreciate life is but a time line of events. There is a past, a future, and a point we stand in at every moment between the two. To a computer, time is irrelevant and once cloud based software we developed creates the matrix charts required, it is reasonably easy to assess the profiles of both fighters, study them to see what condition each fighter will be in, at a time after the fight has ended, and see who is in better spirits and who is in the doldrums. In this case, Joe Parker was in the doldrums and Dillian Whyte was in good form. Whyte had to be the winner, and he was. Joe Parker is not done yet. It was just the wrong day for him and his opponent, on the day, was in a better time-space position than Parker was. Hence, Parker lost because the timing was not in his favour. Can this be proven? Yes. Parker has another 18 months before he takes off his gloves for the last time, whether he likes it or not. Fact or fantasy... ? What do you think. Peter J Vaughan - Director ofArtificial Intelligence Limited