Data Predicts the Future. What does Data say about Your Future?

Who the hell Programmed my life !
Aug 22, 2018 8:42 am

Your future was planned soon after your birth. (Peter is performing a show in Waipu this weekend - Saturday night - see below for details) Mr Spock from Star Trek said; "If you eliminate the impossible, however improbable, what remains must be the truth." That quote offers initiated a debate that I captured here for your interest. The discussion open a can of worms supporting the theory that our futures are governed by what our parents, or some other idiot helped to name us as infants. I am not joking. This is as real as it gets. I have evidence "the future for each of us is programmed into our subconscious brain during the first few years of our life. A question was raised by my beloved (Carolyn), "But don't we as individuals have free will ?" I said yes, we do have free-will, however I remain steadfast to the programming theory supported from thirty-eight years research and gathered empirical data, (well in excess of 100,000 case studies that provide a sound foundation for the argument), that we are programmed as infants. Carolyn - "How can I be programmed if I have free will ?" Peter - "You did not have free will in your first few years of life as you were unable, as an infant, to comprehend anything until you learned to communicate." Carolyn - "But surely, parents decide baby's future for their baby... ?" Peter - "Yes, precisely. Parents provide the conditioning for their baby via the environment, the language, foods, life-style and so on the baby is subjected to. So the baby has no free-will in their formative years because they are completely at the mercy of their parents under normal circumstances." Carolyn - "If I don't have free-will as a baby and I'm pre-programmed, how can I have free-will later in life if its all fixed ?" Peter - "You do have free-will, but this comes later when you started to communicate and, comprehend with others in your life; siblings, peers, teachers etc." Programming children from their parents, is not conducted with any formal training or understanding of what parents do to their new-born children when they name them. As parents have no idea what they are doing when naming a child, they cannot efficiently and effectively provide a sound, constructive, and positive format for an infant. It is randomly done as parents don't know what they don't know. Therefore it remains, that children are inadvertently programmed in ignorance and irrespective of good intent on the parents behalf, a child is programmed to follow a life path based on the the same programming it's parents were conditioned, and in like manner by the Grand Parents, and their ancestry, all the way back through time. The problem ? Humans communicate using language. We think using language, but without language, we could not think as we use words to think with. (jump to the last paragraphs to see info on the show I am putting on this Saturday in Waipu - 25 Aug 2018) For the moment, consider 'Real' Artificial Intelligence as being the next step in the development of technology, and there is sound reason for this line of thought. In today's evolving world, the human population is expanding, but people are more isolated from one another and the community due to cell phones and text messaging. Games, You Tube, software applications and such are flooding the social scene, and ever younger children are now becoming (and many are already) addicted to their use, and have become emotionally bonded to their cell phones. As such, youth are failing a sound education and lesser skills, and know-how is dumbing down youth who have lost interest in doing much more than locking themselves up in a psychological prison staring at a screen a few centimetres square. This is fantastic for Commercial game sellers and app developers - now rampant in them minds of developing adults at epidemic proportions, so much so, it is strangling the social circles we once enjoyed. Arguably critical for our future, the world may all too soon to be run by ignorant, un-skilled, un-controlled minds. An escape plan is possible It has been discovered, programming for all humans is intimately tied to language and conditioning the minds of people has been performed. It was mentioned we can only Think when we have a Language to Think With. This being so, try to think about thinking without using words to think with - its not possible! A quick scan of the web will reveal that thought and thinking requires mental cognitive abilities and this cannot be achieved without using words to form understanding, especially when attempting to discuss an idea with another person who cannot speak, having no language either. Both parties to a conversation must speak the same language or there is no conversing going on that either will comprehend fully. I had to create a new universal language that could be used to understand the process of programming the human brain. It is called Lettrology, and is a word describing how letters and language control people. My software program uses alphanumeric matrices and can only be read after extensive training in Lettrology has been taught. This new language combines letters and numbers and includes a third dimension, using time data. With this, and an in-depth study of the behaviour and physiology of the neuron cells in the Limbic System of the human brain to do with Long Term Potentiation (LTP), it has been discovered that every person can now be reverse engineered (so to speak) to discover their unique 'conditioned programming' which reveals their future activities, at any time, based on their individual Emotional Blueprint. The breakthrough came when it was discovered that people who had similar 'life experiences' at the same age, could be mapped, and when predictive targeted-dates were established, and projected events unfolded (right on time), statistics provided the evidence I had been looking for, and now, unexpected and detrimental events ahead of the 'present' time frame for any individual can be identified and circumnavigated or overcome with foresight and fore-planning. The applications of this work is inexhaustible as everything people have developed in the world we live in, was built using language, therefore everything can be mapped and pathways for all can now be readily provided to assist people with a means to do in life what they have the potential for. Artificial Intelligence Limited was registered in New Zealand as a means to allow Machine Learning using human emotional drivers that can now be mapped at any point in time. Concepts such as facial recognition, habit models, and so on are basic in comparison with Lettrology as there are no time barriers and future planning, or investigations into hind-sight to discover why something happened the way it did, can now be provided new tools of discovery and understanding. This is a significant breakthrough advancement in the human technological world development and can assist every human being with a means to improve their life and overcome problems by having access future life-activity models that will reveal future outcomes before they have a chance to bring havoc, chaos and irreparable damage to a person. Discover Your Life-Map for a better Lifestyle Although my work is continually under development as I advance and see more and more applications for it, the core software has been done and enjoyed by many. I send off many personalised Profiles revealing things such as your individual skills, characteristics, habits, strengths and weaknesses, Annual, Monthly, and Daily probabilities of events you will likely experience in timely fashion. Forecasts that have been published, have unfolded right on time, providing proof the concept has scientific foundation. In today's world, success follows the 2% rule governed by the Rich and Famous. However, a better world can exist by reversing the accepted conventional model, such that 98% of the people can succeed and 2% fail. Many people lost heart in disappointment after following un-founded material like "The Secret" and the 'attraction laws' as they dreamed of a better lifestyle and a higher income. The core reason people don't have a gainful life is due to their not understanding how to link into their personal 'resonant program'. If this is interesting to you, let me know. I can always write more. I am giving an evening presentation in Waipu (between Auckland and Whangarei) on Saturday evening, 25th August. If you want to go, contact Anna Churches (the organiser) Phone Anna Benson ph 027 474 3343 for tickets Saorsa Recreation Hall, St Marys Rd, Waipu. Or contact for other information you may need.