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Australian Storm Peters' out as Roosters Crow Victory
Sep 30, 2018 4:51 pm

I had to laugh at this one. People who know me, know full well I don't follow Rugby or Rugby League, let alone most sports. However, a good friend asked if I could predict the outcome of this game to be held in Australia last night. I said I had no idea about these teams let alone what the match was about. So I said to David (my friend) send me the names and Dates of Birth of the players, and he did. So at about 5 or 6 pm last night I received his info and loaded the players into my system. I quickly assessed the teams, and all I could see was the 'Chooks' would outrun the Storm (ha ha). Anyway, I called my friend and said the Roosters would win. David replied "Oh, I wouldn't have thought that". Anyway, I said the Roosters have an obvious lead and there would be several changes to the Storm team following the match. Well, it is the morning of ht e day after the Storm. The Storm has gone and apparently their expected win over the Roosters became a flat tyre. Final note: I had no idea of who these people are, what level they are at in the world of sport, but, I do know and trust my analysis techniques and so hearing the outcome of the match at 5am today, made me chuckle. I expect to hear from David when he calls me before too long. Good Morning David. Told you it was a sure thing. Peter Vaughan Predictive Analyst Director - Artificial Intelligence Limited.