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Has Theresa May, had her day
Nov 25, 2018 7:08 pm

An American friend of mine asked me about my view on the Theresa May saga and I send this message to him; "For your information, Theresa may will be on her way out from the end of November but gone in December." Yesterday (Sunday 25th November 2018), Headlines around the world are discussing the Brexit situation and broadcasting audio bites of May talking about what is best for England and not what she personally wants, however, where are the facts to support her aspersions that ministers, the people and foreign dignitaries and leaders are wrong? Well, here on the desk of Peter Vaughan, and the unique software that has no political bias whatsoever, that produces graphs showing progressive charting for any person, company or otherwise anything that Man has created and identified using a name, reveals that May's days, like the sands of the hour-glass, are running extremely low. Theresa Mary Brasier (Theresa May), born 1st October 1956, has all the Indicators that from the last few days of November this year (27th onward), show she is about to hit the wall of resistance so hard it is going to leave her reeling throughout December. Following the New Year dawning, Theresa May is going to be facing more activity than she will be able to manage effectively and will be running from pillar to post leaving her in a 'tizz' about what to do. Rapid decisions, ducking and diving, and potentially making statements that are not well thought through, could seriously affect her position. Actually, the next three years are looking really awful for her and especially after June of 2019 - Good luck to you Prime Minister May, you're going to need it.