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Bit Coins' falling to bits
Nov 25, 2018 10:01 pm

NEWS FLASH - Bit Coin is crashing. Read the addition to this news flash at the bottom of this article... How do I know Bit Coin is continuing a down-hill slide? Because it is the language of money. Just for a moment, do you appreciate that you cannot 'think' without words or language to think with? Well, money has a language of it's own. Since communication began, we gave names to people and things to identify them, nothing has changed. We still use a name or title to identify anything; Twin Towers, Titanic, Earth, Moon, Ants, atoms and so on. Without language, let alone names, we are disabled from communicating with each other progress as a race would cease. The discovery that names govern people's is a Universal breakthrough. "What's in a name" is more more important than 99 % of the world understand. That being said, every male in the world named David has major changes in their life at the same time (all of them), in their 27th, 49th and 71st years (statistical fact). So, the lives of all Davids' can be mapped along with any other person's name, no matter what it is for both timing and events. Hence, Bit Coin'snamecan also be mapped as to its life experiences. Bit Coin was created on 18th August 2008, so it is ten years old to date. A little morbid perhaps, but we're all born to die, some sooner than others, and some way too soon, the same with Bit Coin based on it's name map, and according to 38 years research supporting these findings and a no.1 hit TV series formed on the basis of this work (The Profilers 2003/2004), it is Bit Coin's time to become very weak and it gets worse in 2019 for three years. The name Bit Coinis harmonically equal to the name for Moneyand Fiat Currency(Fiat, meaning a legal-tender currency), and in Bit Coin's 11th year (2019) it is due external pressure, similar to financial stress and needs to go to the money hospital. It may well die out and all the investors who jumped in, are starting to jump out leaving behind some die-hard believers. Our money system today is based on BELIEF, as the 'real cash' in forming the World economy is only 8%, the rest, 92% is just computer code (1's and 0's) and that is why 'we' are not allowed to withdraw """CASH""" from our bank accounts of more than $800 (NZ) in any single day without permission as there is not enough 'real money' to go around. Check it out, it's fact! I have mentioned the demise of Bit Coin over a year ago and some die-hard believers gave me a ribbing about being an idiot and "what do I know". Well, where are those blowhards now? Ethereum is superior to Bit Coin and it too will slide downhill a little alongside the more superior E O S 'Crypo Currency' (CC), however, E O S will hold its ground as it has better Central Processing Unit capabilities and may lead the new CC currency trend, which will then prop up Ethereum and which will in turn challenge E O S in about 5 - 6 years from now. If you want to know more about whether you are in a good Crypto Currency model or not, I can offer advice. I became so interested in these new forms of currency and the trend they are creating, I formed the companies; Crypto Currency Limited, Blockchain A.I. Limited, Artificial Intelligence Limited and Machine Learning Limited. I also took on board NZSE Limited (formerly the New Zealand Stock Exchange) as the NZX looks like it is going to struggle for the next three years. Interesting how name changes affect a Company, for example: The NZSE (originally formed on 31st December 2002), changed it's name to, New Zealand Exchange on 29th May 2003, then again to, NZX on 24th July 2008 based on a 'snap' decision. Each time the names were changed, Indicators on the Company Charts are evident, and hence reading my IP P.a.s.s. Charts, which are similar to Stock Charts but more accurate, 2019 is going to bring headaches to NZX making the share holders THINK a lot more due to economic conditions, followed by major problems in 2020, then a complete re-vamp of it's operations in 2021 which will be necessary. Emotions control share trading by mum, dad and small cap investors, but corporate giants strategically control the big movements in stock trading. But he who seeks to learn the secret of mapping human emotion will have insights of events before they unfold and be in a position to change outcomes before they happen. In closing, Men are four: There are those who know not, and know not they know not, they are foolsshun them; There are those who know not, and know they know not, they are simpleteach them; There are those who know, and know not they know, they are asleepwake them; There are those who know, and know they know, they are wisefollow them! (Given as an Arabian Proverb). Wake up world, times are changing and they always will. Continued... News Flash 27/11/2018 Hey Peter, it's Ofir from 99Bitcoins. Bitcoin just dropped to its lowest point in the past 12 months reaching a price of $3,400 a few days ago. That's an 80% drop since the all time high back in December 2017. Naturally, a lot of people are scared and panickedand I'm receiving a lot of questions asking what to do at this point. It's hard to answer this question in a way that will fit everyone, since each person comes from a different financial background. If someone made the mistake of investing money they can't afford to lose the answer would be different then if someone invested money they knew might be at risk. So instead of giving advice (which I don't usually do) I will just tell you what I'm personally doing at a time like this. Back in 2013 when I first started out with Bitcoin I bought coins at the "then all time high" of $1000. When the market tanked to $250 shortly after, I panicked and sold all of my coins. I didn't understand the technology back then and it was all about money. Looking back I think it was a dumb move to do, but I guess considering the circumstances and my lack of understanding of Bitcoin, there wasn't any other possible outcome. Today things are different. Today I'm into Bitcoin because of the promise it brings to change the current monetary system. I personally believe that the true value of Bitcoin will only be understood once the next economic crisis will hit. When will that be? I can't say, but we seem to be driving straight towards it in the past few years. Today I invest money I know I might end up losing, and I understand WHY I'm invested in this currency. So at the moment I don't see any reason to sell any of my Bitcoins. Just for reference, here's a list of some of the biggest Bitcoin crashes throughout its 10 years of existence: June 2011 - Bitcoin crashes from $32 to $2 in November 2011 (94%) August 2012 - Bitcoin crashes from $15.25 to $7.50 in two days (51%) April 2013 - Bitcoin crashes from $266 to $65 (75%) December 2013 - Bitcoin crashes from $1200 to $220 at the end of 2014 (82%) When I look at this list I can't help but wonder how I would feel today if I bought Bitcoin back at the height of those previous "bubbles". If you ignore the price and just take a look at worldwide adoption and how Bitcoin is evolving the picture is very optimistic. You can take a look at this week's news update if you're looking for some happy news (mainly the Overstock story).