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Lotto. Increase your chances
Nov 26, 2018 11:13 pm

NZ Herald News Headline A Hamilton man has scooped a $6.3m Lotto win using a trick he saw on TV nearly a decade ago to select the lucky numbers. The direct link to that story is below for your convenience; Well, someone took the advice I have given others, and good for them. The best way to increase your lotto luck is to stick with a set of numbers and never change them. However, to increase you luck further, yes, use your birth-date BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! There are SIX main numbers I tell people to use when choosing their numbers and they are the ones that come from your Birth Name and your Date of Birth. The technique involves the Lettrological summing of the letters from your First Name, Your Whole Name, the Vowels in your Name and the Day of your Birth, then there is the entire Birth Date sum total, and finally the total of your full name (sometimes your called name will also do) and the total of your Birth Date. that gives us Six Numbers. Visit these 10 Sites to Help You Become an Expert in Van Leasing and make your business grow faster. First Name Whole Name Vowels in the name Day of Birth Full Birth Date and the sum of your Full Name Number added to the sum of your full Birth Date Now, I appreciate I've been doing things with numbers, plotting events for people, providing information about past events and why things happened, helped people make the right decisions when in business or in life, giving insight when something up-and-coming needs to be avoided or managed so disaster can be side-stepped and so on, all of this and more over 38 years. If you what me to provide these numbers for you: Drop me a line by way of my emailpetervaughan77@gmail.comor get yourself a full profile report by clicking on the "Get Your Profile Now" tab on my website www.petervaughan.netand let me know your interest and I can do your calculations for you. It will cost you the same price as buying a $20 lotto ticket but you can call that your investment. I do not gamble, I do however have an interest in helping others succeed in more ways than one. Good Luck is possible when one works for it, hence the two sayings I love to tell people; "The harder I work, the Luckier I get" (and) "Luck favours the prepared"