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Jo Parker V's Flores and the winner is
Nov 30, 2018 12:14 am

Strong words by Alexander Flores, but do they have any Punch? [The following excerpts are from a New Zealand Herald story which are in quotation marks]. Prefight interviews captured Alexander flores talking about Parker: "I'm fighting on his home territory so it can't be close but the fight definitely won't go the 10 rounds, I can promise you that, I'm knocking out Joseph Parker on December 15". "He's either not going to come off the stool or he's not going to get up I guarantee you that.I see a lot of flaws. I can tell you one thing for sure he does get tired the fight with Dillian Whyte how are you a world champion but get sloppy and tired like that."He should be looking fresh from the first round to the last round. I just hope he's been getting up and doing his running."[sic] And Joseph Parker expressed his views about Flores: "It shows his confidence and that he backs himself, but there are levels to this and he hasn't had the same opposition as me. I feel if there's going to be an early stoppage it will be him gone.I've been 12 rounds many times now so I think he should do his homework. He's never been beyond 10 rounds. I feel my stamina is good. I can go the distance or make it a short fight if I catch him clean. [sic]" How do I predict who'll win this fight? For my Software to be able to predict an outcome of a race, a fight, a business deal, or reveal Company trends, it would mean the future and past prove that one cannot exist without the other, and they must because all future events eventually become historical fact. In the case of the Parker Vs Flores fight, software does not have concept of time, and calculates the future and past as a present event based on an operators request. For example, my cloud based software functions similar to this: [Me] "Computer!" [Computer] ALERT - [waiting instruction] ... [Me] "Who won the boxing match on 15th December 2018 when Joseph Parker fought with Alexander Flores?" [Computer] "Xxxxxxwon the bout." Now, if you have seen the film Minority Report, or the TV series Person of Interest, where computers were programmed to reveal prescribed outcomes from information pre-programmed into their data files [i.e. social security number, or identity info. such as Name and Birth data] then the outcome is calculated and presented. To be able to achieve this [Black Box software was created], scientific fact has revealed the 'Universe is not chaotic' but an orderly 'energy in motion', and predictions will unfold as fact, and are eventually recorded as such.Once we discovered how to measure solar, lunar and planetary orbits, scientists are able to pin point an exact time - at any point in the future - when the sun and moon will eclipse, when tides will be high or low, when planets will align in certain patterns and how long it takes for the photons of light to leave the Sun and reach the Earth. So, plotting an outcome of a couple of fighters in a ring and seeing who is in better shape after the match (calculated before the match), is basic to a computer, more especially so with the software we created. Do you want to know? Probably! I will post the outcome of the fight once the fight has begun so all can see the outcome and no one gets an unfair betting advantage. This has been done before with uncanny accuracy.You've heard the saying; "You don't know - what you don't know." So, how can anyone make a conclusion about things they have no idea about! But, Proof of Concept that my software works, provides the evidence, irrespective of the thoughts of those who have never taken the time to look deeper at what can be done. I have to laugh; the Skeptics Society have twice challenged my work in the past - in controlled interview conditions on radio - and they disabled my rebuttal, then mocked my work because they are ignorant and arrogant and have their reputations to uphold. This proves that, opinions are like R'soles, and skeptic have many opinions. Now there's a challenge to skeptics. Thanks for following Peter Vaughan PS. I am not a follower of political correctness like most other sane people.