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Theresa May gone as predicted; TRUMP may Win, and Lose
Jun 30, 2019 9:48 am

People who hate Trump keep asking me if he's going to get assassinated! (Please note: a correction has been made on Donald Trump's birth date. I had 15th June and it has been corrected to 14th June. Thanks to a reader dropping me a note. However, the date and story are based on the 14th June so all info is correct) What the hell is wrong with people, most American's love him, and the media is paid to dig a grave for him. Yet, people are getting what they voted him in for, and that's democracy. Get over it. But, those who don't like him will very likely lap up this story and prediction. On 16 December 2015, 11 months out from the American Presidential Elections of 2016, I made the call Trump would win over Clinton [ a tick for me ] Theresa May resigned in June 2019, and the quote follows in bold text that was 6 months ahead of the event, as on26 November 2018, I wrote, "Actually, the next three years are looking really awful for her and especially after June of 2019 Good luck to you Prime Minister May, youre going to need it." And, she left office in June 2019 [ another tick for me] Now, what's Happening to Mr Trump? You will soon see he's getting louder since his birthday on June 14th and he'll become more vocal than before, even if that's hard to believe. But what's more interesting to me, is what is soon to happen beginning August, through November (and maybe December). Almost immediately as July comes into play (2019) he will be faced with some 'personal' challenges' but we will not be privy to it I'm sure. August: Trump comes under a greater work load with too much to do and he'll have more axes to swing. September: Events not anticipated will come to visit him. His security team had better tighten their security detail because added pressures are being loaded on Trump's shoulders. American Citizens will probably notice, because Trump doesn't hide his feelings very much. October: This is a crappy challenging month and the Boss will be engaged inheavy thinking. Some things he'll say and do at months' end will be sternly directed at people and significantly so, therefore I would give him some space, as at that point, it may have something to do with Melanija, the good wife. She seems to be in turmoil in October and this will continue for the rest of this year. Big trips perhaps, big changes, or big matters will bring discomfort to the pair. November: POTUS (President of the United States) will have a heavy mind with developing issues, and at the same time he'll feel hogtied he can't do much about it, however, this is likely to be due to more personal matters as mentioned in the month above. Melanija seems rattled based on what I can read in her Profile. December: Change is in the air as Donald begins to focus on January. He has to, as there are too many matters and he cannot manage them all, and Melanija, is continually having difficult times all the way through to March 2020. Predictions 2020 doesn't look too bad for the big lad to start with, which means he's likely to get a second term whether you like it or not. This will annoy the hell out of many people and there are likely to be attempts on his life - not that President's are free of opportunists with their mind set on assassination, but I am fairly certain Donald Trump will not run a 3rd term as it looks dangerous for him, so, unless he wants to tempt fate, I would suggest he take a sickie and hand the reigns over to Mike Pence. You see, 2021 looks to be a very precarious year for Donald, and as I write this up, Indicators point to dangerous times in January and February 2021. But this is seemingly just the beginning, for as May rolls into June (a significant point in time from my perspective), is where I suggest he will have entered into a period of several months that will place him in further danger. Enough said. Remember, this is a prediction of potential events, but as I saw the unnecessary demise of Eric (and his wife Kathy) Hertz, CEO of Two Degrees Mobile, four-months ahead of time, and I gave him notice of a BIG event due him and his Company. He chose to ignore me and he died taking his wife with him as he crashed his private aeroplane into the sea off the West Coast of New Zealand on 30th March 2013. I have a story on this [read here. ] For the rest of you, we are just entering July of 2019 and a new era is soon to be felt by all. If you'd like a personal Road Map, that is not all doom and gloom, but holds and highlights the promise of good things to come, I can send Your Profile and a Forecast for the next twelve months, click here, [ "Get your Profile Now" ] or go to the top of the page and order one. 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