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YEAR 2020. What will it bring for you ?
Oct 19, 2019 11:20 am

2020, will be very demanding on every person and may even affect the price ofGold. Overview For those who don't know, I study the effects and natural phenomena of Nature including magnetic fields, also the effect of the gravitational pull by the Sun and Moon on the earth's land mass, as well as man made radio frequencies, soil science and the effects harmonics have on the physical and mental capacity of the human brain, and have been doing so for 40 years. I'm not an astrologer, but have discovered how man has created his world via his thoughts, and the good and bad that have come from this, are all based on the above. Man is influenced by, and driven by his environment, and he uses 'thought' that creates his emotions, bringing him joy and fear. Hence, his future is a direct result of his thinking and this story is about the harmonic in the Mind of Man in the year ahead; 2020. Do words and numbers affect us? Absolutely! Ask any person whose been told "I'm leaving you" by their partner or spouse, or by the boss "You're fired." Or how about when test results come back from the clinic stating "you have cancer!" On other more positive levels, you see the results of Lotto and you learn you've just won. Then there are the times you heard mentioned the footage on 9-11 when the twin-towers came down; it matters not, words and numbers affect us at varying levels. With cloud scanning solution one can make sure to get help with securing their data from hackers. How this works is another story but I think you understand that words and numbers certainly affect us. TheF wordfor example or when you find out your hotel acomodation is on level 13, room no. 666, as further examples. So why might 2020 be of concern? Because it represents Double Death to our forefathers. Read on... To help you appreciate this new information, know that Language comes in different forms; as Music, Brail, Algebra, Computer Code, Sign for the deaf, and Alphabets made from Letters forming Words that we use to think with. Believe it or not, we have no ability to think without language, and Numbers are a language too, ask any computer programmer. But before I belt out why 2020 needs to be respected, and why it may be a very spectacular year, you should know why the DNA in your Brain holds a biological language within the DNA strands and they are the letters G-A and C-T. They contain patterns of code from which you and I are made from. DNA holds the workshop manual of how to build your body from the 'starting' cells from mum and dad. Now deep in your subconscious mind, you have records of your ancestry locked up in the 'computer' codes of your DNA. Whether you are aware of them or not, they are like patient seeds and under the right conditions they become active and will push the buttons of your emotions such that you feel driven to act in some way or other. This may be somewhat challenging for some readers but it is important to know that what I do is unique and has its foundation from the research in the following section. In other words, I am using science to make sense of what happens next in our lives and have been doing this for clients and friends for many years. This is the Science Way back in time where Hieroglyphs are seen in the pyramids, the image of death (a Bird-Man facing a Black Circle) is associated with the word for death; it is 'Kha' and its number is 20.Kthe 11th letter of the alphabet,H&A are the8th&1st respectively;11+8+1 = 20and 20 can be reduced to 2. Symbolically speaking then, 2020 is like writing 'double death' as the ancients percieved it. Now funny thing, the leters of the word D E A T H also sum to 38 and 3+8 is 11 or '2' when 1+1 are added together. Are these just coincidences? No. The science is called Lettrology and even in the Bible, numbers were converted to letters and vice versa (described in Genesis and Revelations), and each DNA strand house about 3 billion code commands and you have 5.5 septillion code commands (that's big) making up every unique part of your total body, including your memory, thinking ability, and the time for you to age and move on. That's 5.5 followed by 23 0's (5.500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) all having jobs to do. Is it possible our DNA might have a vibratory harmonic in sync with Kha and the year 2020? Yes it does and will be recognised deep in our subconscious coding. EG. Some of you may have heard about people who had an accident and became comatosed. Upon waking, some people began to speak a foreign language they have never learned in their life before their accident. These events are based on evidence. My interest in learning how the brain, and the DNA within, carries historical blueprints of our foremothers, has led me to know of repeating patterns, otherwise we could not be replicated. And so the DNA links in our ancestry go way back where the programs of how to speak another language are still within the brain and when damaged accidentally, old links in our DNA under certain conditions must be responsible for renabling old DNA memories, and the awakend person spills the foreign languge to the bewilderment of those close to the patient, who hear it. And now... Back to 2020 For 40 years I have been extensively working on patterns made from numerical and alphabetical languages which have provided enough evidence to support my original theories, that the year 2020 will bring a considerable series of significant events affecting most people. It will likely have to do with Sun activity. The Sun flips its poles every 11 years 180 degrees and then it does it again in another 11 years, totaling 22 years. (2020 or 22) is the Sun's magnetic 'flip' harmonic, as the Suns magnetic poles flip from North to South, and back to North once more. This is something that has been going on for as long as we know and as it does so, it leaves beautiful magnetic solar waves in its wake as it races round our Galaxy at 450,000 miles per hour. So, what can you do to make the most out of the 2020 years' rippling effects on our planet and on your life? One thing is for certain, do not intentionally or inadvertantly cause conflict. Thrashing about in the 'still pond of 2020' can bring conflict by upsetting the calm and balance the year calls for. I'd like to think the Leaders of powerful countries maintain stability as any provocations will likely upset others and the fallouts can follow affecting markets, exports, imports, currency exchanges and sanctions which will cause more grief. Finance could take a hit as it did with the SubPrime collapse between 2007 - 2009. It could bring a massive market correction really fast. But how do you know what you should do, and when? If people are going to be subjected to these effects over the next 14 months, slowly beginning this November and continuing through to December of 2020. How are we all going to know what to do for best effect and constructive outcomes at individual levels or those of our families and loved ones? There are guidelines for everyone and the clues are often in the year before events unfold; i.e. Cause, and then, Effect. The last time we had a 2+2 year was 2011. But the build up takes place the year before (2010 > 2011) and now (2019 > 2020). In 2011 a Tsunami hits Japan and Fukushima Nuclear plant is destroyed with devastating effects. Usama bin Laden hit the news re his demise. Gaddafi is hunted down and killed by Rebels, English riots hit their peak. North Korea leader Kim Jong-il dies. Egyptian President quits army and pledges transition to democracy. Prince William marries Catherine Middleton. In 2019, Brexit is still a very hot potato, El Nor Mosque is a target for alleged terrorism, Prince Harry is distancing himself from the Royals, Pike River Mine begins re-entry since the 2010 explosions, Climate Crisis gains media traction, 5G is under attack for microwave dangers, measels goes rampant, Auckland Transport in Auckland city has caused a crisis and the Government is under intense pressure for failing its policies and election promises, which have defaulted - SO WHAT MAY UNFOLD IN 2020? First, pay attention to small matters, otherwise minor thoughts considered not important, will become important. Balance your mental and physical health, Nations and International tensions may potentially reach tipping point. The financial markets need careful consideration as debt is pushing for a possible market correction and interest increases on loans may see many mortgagee sales. Gold is also a harmonic of 20 and it may become the focus of stability more than ever for financial balance. Prime Minister Jacinda ARDERN looks to be acting like a headless chicken rushing about making many mistakes and loses the election in late 2020, and Deputy Prime Minister Winston PETERS life turns to severe stress from October 2020 and gets worse thereafter. He will possibly survive one way or another, in or out of politics, but he looks to be a complete gonner in 2022 starting soon after his April birthday, and 2023 looks to be real bad for him. As there are well over 7 billion people on the planet, and you are one of them who has hopefully been able to read this before the impact of 2020 kicks in. I've been sending out up-dated Profile Reports for my existing clients for the year ahead, and for those who come across my site and want one for themselves that provides insights into their personal lives. Personal Profile Reports and Projections The Annual Personal Profiles and Monthy projections are ready to go from now on, but appreciate, even though you are unique, you may have similar Personal patterns as your partner and children and this is normal as what affects one will affect the others. By clicking on the link < Profiles at > you can see the video of what I can do as was seen years ago with NZ's (then) top rated show "The Profilers" and maybe decide to get a Report for yourself. All the best to you all for 2020. Regards, Peter Vaughan.