Data Predicts the Future. What does Data say about Your Future?

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Peter Vaughan is a Profiler. Television and radio audiences have enjoyed his talent over the decades and this web site was created for you to share and learn about the amazing talent this man has.

Born in New Zealand, Peter has invested most of his life to the study of people, businesses and corporation tracking at levels never before attempted in the Corporate World. He has been called Gifted but refutes that he is any more gifted than any other person on the planet. He has tirelessly developed a system using Codes and complex Math Formulas to plot and track up-and-coming events that people encounter with formidable accuracy.

Peter's skill in providing accurate assessments of human potential and Business trends is more than can be offered by other associates in any similar field.

Peter is frequently on Radio and Television because of what he does. He amazes people with his uncanny accuracy and probability projections.

Simply put, Peter has learned the governing principles (accurately timed) that affect human character and personality, based on the psychological influence Language has on the Laws governing Cause and Effect. Peter tracks historical events, discusses pesent activity and provides future trends for any people and businesses. With an excess of 10's of thousands of case studies behind him, Peter has gathered enough empirical data to support statistical prediction prognosis claims.

Peter contracts and consults to clients, corporations and individuals respectively. Those who engage his special talent are quick to realise Peter has a talent, and skill unlike any other business and personal coaching consultant has.

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