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A word from the webmaster

Firstly, thanks heaps for taking the time to visit. Visitors aren't thanked enough I notice these days, yet without you, this would be the lining of an electronic birdcage. So Thank You

This site is the culmination of working with my father, Peter Vaughan, since 1997.

We've developed software in this field across many platforms to perform countless tasks, ranging from educational to entertaining to advanced business analysis. The road feels a lot longer than we've come so far, and its been a regular sitcom in its various twists and turns. When we came up with the idea for this site after christmas last year ('07), everything has just been coming together so quickly we're all rightly chuffed with it. Thats stoked, sated, sweet or enthralled for those of you more than a short jump from nz.

In order to preserve the content's validity on this site, as opposed to writing everything down and then having a radio station and a vault safeguard the information ( out of public view, I might add; seeing an envelope is not knowing its' content...) the information on this site is freely available to anyone who wants to view it. Its constantly being updated with new and exciting stories, but in order to preserve the aspect of it having a predictive nature, I've imposed rules in code that Peter MUST follow.

  • No Prediction* can be changed after 7 days ( exactly ) from the date stamp on the item. ( timestamp is made when Peter clicks 'Add New' in his administration section)
  • News Stories** are to remain as they are after they have been completed. Its still a work in progress, ultimately we will have commenting available to users, as well as Peter's own additions will be added after the original view. There are only two instances where stories may change,
    • A picture has to be replaced with one that doesn't offend anyone's copyright (he's a profiler, not a guru in the ways of copyright and royalty laws.)
    • Hideous spelling / grammar mistakes need changing (same comment, just a different activity that he's not a guru of. And we're all human so stop complaining.)
  • No Blog entry is editable by Peter. I alone can do this, his administration abilities allow for adding only when it comes to blogs.

* - Predictions are not news items, they have a different format and dont ( at this time change places on the site after time)
** - News Stories are ( Supposed to be, but he's still learning ) based on actual news amalgamated from various sources and are stored in the archives after 7 days

That said, I'm his son, so some of you are thinking "hey, sure, he cant break the rules when the son is around..." - True, except this can all be tested by the various search engine caching performed; effectively everything public on the web has a copy of its state at ANY time in its life that could be referenced. My rules are merely coded into the site you are viewing and so its a little more than "dont touch the button"; the button isn't there.


Copyright Disclaimer

This site uses images either taken by the team if we happen to be at the relevant events, or those found using the Google image search.

As this site is not the front end of an international media organisation, we dont have the resources to ensure that all photos shown on the site are owned by us, and in the case of an image is NOT public domain, we sincerely apologise for any breaches in copyright, and upon being informed of any breach, we will replace it as soon as possible with a different image. Its not our policy to tread on anyone's source of imagery or media stories, and will endeavour to rectify any i.p. issues that may arise through the site.

The news that is reported on the site is sourced from wherever possible, oftentimes the information portrayed as far as the story goes will be an amalgamation of coverage from several sources. Typically these are the New Zealand Herald, CNN, Sky News, The BBC, ABC news and assorted feeds available through the "RSS" protocol. makes no statement of affiliation to any of these sites, information commented on is taken at face value as being public domain. No statement made by is given as being endorsed by any other party, and any statements made about any subject that Peter reports on are his own, based on a process which he performs which we have called "profiling". Information given is not intended as slander, and upon reading the stories themselves it must be noticed that information is generated solely from publicly available names and dates, and thus is an opinion, no matter how accurate the information is.

It is not Peter's intention to pry into the lives and events of people reported on here, it is to give the public audience (you) his insights into the world that we live in.


David Vaughan, developer and webmaster.