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(Air NZ) Is a Prediction I made in June 2015 unfolding...?
Feb 23, 2023 12:04 pm

"What's clipped Air New Zealand's wings as profit drops 24 per cent"? New Zealand Herald headline 23rd Feb 2017. The image above (c/- Google) is an Air New Zealand commercial jetliner in a dive. The NZH story (and) NZX market graph shows a decline ($2.80 p/share to $2.10 p/share average) over 9 months. This may or may not be tragic in the eyes of the Company CEO as he attempts to paint a rosey picture to the public but the market graph and shareholder funds have dropped 24%. Is this another Prediction coming to pass, and if so, how far will the share price drop? The original Company, "Tasman Empire Airways" changed it's name to Air New Zealand on April 1st 1965 and the Company went public on October 24 1989. Following, using my personalised assessment system, here is what all three entities show on their respective graphs; 1). Tasman Empire Airways (TEAL) indicates a further depressed state throughout 2017; 2). Air New Zealand indicate a worsening set of issues leading into 2018; 3). Air New Zealand (on the NZX exchange) shows deeper problems and major changes in trading as 2018 comes in. If all three entities indicate a drop in performance, then we need to look at the CEO and see how he is affected. Air New Zealand's CEO, Christopher Luxon, does not have a public record of a middle name or anything more than his being born in 1970 that I can find. However, I am still able to predict challenges for him, for many years to come. I can only perform and present a more accurate assessment if I have all the CEO's basic information. I am only going to maintain my position as far as I can, but maintain the Company is still in an ongoing descent. Well, let's see