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A FOXX Perspective - The Prince and the Richlister
Nov 22, 2019 10:27 pm

Body Language Speaks Louder than Words. The world knows Epstein, a convicted pedophile, and Prince Andrew spent time on the infamous 'sex island', but what the world does not know yet is, what will unfold in 2020 for Andrew, the Queen, Philip, Charles, and maybe Sarah? And what about Jeffrey Epstein; did he suicide on August 10th 2019 ? Anyone who has a little knowledge on the subject of body-language will know, Andrew's words during his recent interview with BBC's Newsnight's Emily Maitlis where whispers compared with is head, eyes, pauses, and specific words he tripped on. However, next year as the domino effect will reveal, a mass of disasters look to unfold. The inclusive material in this story is based on my opinions formed using multiple sciences including Lettrology that provide foresight and hindsight with equal accuracy. Prince Andrew: In general, Andrew likes to do what he wants to do and has qualities linked to those who may be found inside Her Majesties lockups. The name 'Andrew', like all names have their good and not so good qualities. Andrew, a name that represents forcefulness of ideas, ideals, and expertise in a variety of arenas, also ranks high to those liked in pedophilia lists formed from gathered empirical data. As he presently stands, Andrew is in denial, is experiencing heavy personal emotions, is keeping everything to himself, but 2020 will bring the world crashing down on his shoulders. The months of December (2019), then January and February are crippling for him, but that's not all. His life is more impacted from late March 2021 as the preceding 16 months (Dec 2019 - Mar 2021) are full off other Royal family events - see below. The Queen: 2018 was not the most pleasant year for the Queen. It is likely her age, her son's, Grandson, Daughter in Law, and the developing disclosure and disgrace Andrew has brought to the fore are causing her increased pressure on her vascular system. It is very likely she will abdicate the throne to Charles for her health's sake. By April 2020, her condition and Indicators on her Profile Forecast are clear she will have experienced major changes in her life. By all accounts, starting this December (2019), the Queen is looking to step down before the ugliness of intensifies from February 2020. Prince Philip: Although the Prince is well into his years, his health is deteriorating more significantly, starting May of 2019 and in 2020, he looks to be in a state of serious decline. This shows up across the board in the Royal Family. Unless medical intervention maintains a 'surface health-like' status quo, Prince Philip looks ready to leave. Prince Charles: Charles, having just passed his 71st milestone on 14th November, is now becoming aware things are on the change for him, his Mother, Father and of course and in a major way, initiated by the disclosure and past antics of Prince Andrew which have in no small way, brought disgrace to the Royal Family. 2020 for Prince Charles is an extremely shocking period in his life and Indicators from his Profile suggest it to be a BIGGER event by a country mile than was his emotional state in 1997 when Diana Spencer was killed. King? Likely. Sarah Ferguson: Even though Sarah is Prince Andrew's former wife, she and her daughters Beatrice Elizabeth Mary, and Eugenie Victoria Helena, are affected but more so Eugenie than Beatrice - imbalance is obvious from their Profiles as to how they feel about the Father, and understandably so as Beatrice is the stronger willed sibling based on her Profile. Irrespective, Sarah does have Indicators her life is leading off in a very independent direction as the emotional strain that began significantly last year in March, but really hit home recently in August and September. Her emotional condition increases further still as 2020 kicks in and thereafter she has a major change in her life and living conditions following through into 2021. Andrew has a lot to answer for and he knows it! He has ruined much of the Royal Family and will deserve more than he is likely to get, and I hope he feels an arse for doing so. History will remember him, as the Late Robin Williams once said, "God gave man just enough blood to operate only one head at a time." Maybe Prince Andrew (Andy) should have been called Prince Richard (Dick). Jeffrey Epstein: Did Epstein suicide? No, not according to my Profile Technology. Did he really have a life of sex and pedophilia as he had been convicted for. Yes, according to my Profile Technology. But what is interesting with him, can be likened to the old saying; "Birds of a feather flock together." Prince 'Andrew' and the name 'Jeffrey Edward Epstein' both harmonise with the term linking them to qualities associated with Pedophilia, and the name 'Jeffrey' is (in the negative sense) linked to a high sex drive. There is nothing wrong with sexuality in the least as it is a natural requirement in Nature that we eat and reproduce to sustain life and procreate. The problem arises when moral values and people in positions of power of any sort, force their will on others without any right to do so, legally or morally. Indicators based on Lettrology suggest he was murdered on the 1oth August 2019 as no identifiable Indicators consistent with my studies to do with suicide exist in his death. Sex, cunning and power are the brand in Epstein's Profile. 2020 is a SIGNIFICANT year impacting the entire Royal Family. See what is happening in your life next year. 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