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Can an Actuarial model Tiger Woods performance, his future?
Dec 9, 2019 1:52 am

On December 30 2019, Tiger Woods will have completed 44 years, and if a hole was measured as a year's duration, that's two full rounds of 18 holes plus another 8, but the next 5 holes for Tiger are some of the worst he will have ever encountered. Tiger is about to have a major fall out... Tiger is about to have a major fall out from golf as he started to wind down two years ago into a pattern - just ahead - that will in my view see him finish his professional career. Firstly, as 2020 Tee's off, more likely in February for him than January, as the first month of the year looks troublesome for Tiger, as he tries to give matters in the sporting arena another shot. But, between June and August 2020 and the few mishaps in the months preceding that time frame, Tiger will begin to show more and more he is not getting back up on his feet anywhere near what he was. Then in 2021, again toward the end of February, real problems start for him. Tiger enters a long period where his finances and health hit the wall. This is a time he really needs to be extra careful as everything could just implode and this condition does not let up for three years. The Indicators on his Lettrological Profile suggest the onset of potentially, very serious problems. End of February, March (is expensive), May involves health matters, July is a difficult sand-trap for him (pun intended) and more crap follows in September. To me it looks like a he is out of action for whatever reason for at least three years and so I don't see him doing well on the golf courses. Strange as it may seem, this pattern was in his life from the day he was born, for what is unfolding presently will only reveal that Tiger's future was written no different than yours or mine. However, ours does not have to be a negative story, the problem is what people do to themselves to create their 'Life Story Book' ,and because people don't have a clue what their life's purpose is all about, and that our life can be 'read like a book,' most just plough ahead hoping for the best, bumping into lesson after lesson all the way along. Has anyone (very few have) heard ofActuarial's, the people who work in Insurance Industries and such, using high-end statistical models to analyse data and calculate the probability of costs associated with certain events, such as product failure, accidents, property damage, injury, and death. They use the results they come up with to design and price policies, and how to help a wide range of companies thrive in the good times, and how to see how to survive in the not so good times. Actuarials' are very highly paid individuals who have a leaning toward maths. They study for years, more than most University Degrees require, and for this they have (almost) guaranteed jobs and thrive in the high income bracket societies. Problem is, they use Big Data and historical events to model Future Outcomes based on the best of ideas to make business and productivity decisions, and work out Predictive Modelling, and are seen as the wiz-kids of financial insight and success. I watched a You Tube clip on "How to become an Actuarial" and in it the tutor spoke of a factory that blew up in 2009 in the States, killing, burning and crushing people. The Actuarials' get involved, calculating models of how to get up and going again, but this is just calculated guesswork in my book because they work with hindsight, the past, history, and try to predict the future. Predicting the Future To PREDICT THE FUTURE you have to use different techniques as some Futurologists do (yes they exist in business) but like Actuarials, they need new tools and science models to work with that identify the future trends and then sit back and watch them unfold, like Tiger's story above. I am sure I could teach Actuarials some new tricks, as I looked up the Company that blew up;ConAgra Brands, and knew I would find the Math Pattern for death and fire, and sure enough it was there. No Actuarial can do this, to model an event before it happens, but it can be done. I have been asked and asked to teach what I have discovered in this new field of Lettrology(TM) where Letters and Numbers are arranged in a new manner to create new language from the existing one, well not NEW as such, but used in a way that Reveals a Time Formula to plot and predict the future with pin point accuracy. Our Brains hold the Key and all it took was for someone to identify it and work it out. Well, been there and done that now and 40 years provides my qualification to teach it. I'm ready to teach. Are you ready to learn? Peter Vaughan - Get a Christmas and New Year Profile Report