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Billy, Patricia and the Kiwi Bloke
Dec 9, 2019 6:45 am

Billy Connolly - a story like no other The world now knows who made Billy's clothes and dressed him up This is a story about a purple bearded bloke with a Scottish accent and a young lass, Patricia Lenaghan,an artist, a recognised writer, and one of the few who was able, due to her costume making abilities, to put her hands all over the greatest comedian of them all, well that's what he'd say anyway, "Eye, I'm Farken Grate, I am. I'm tellin ya, so there ya are." As I wrote this I could hear his voice and so I pay tribute to one of my favourite artists of all time, here's to ya Billy from 'yours truly' in New Zealand, where ya wife came from in case you forgot. Born William Connolly on the 24th November 1942 inAnderston, Glasgow, Scotland and as of this writing he stands a proud 77 years old between last year and next. Most people who like this purple beaded artist cannot forget his many Non-PC approaches to humour and I for one stand beside this, as Politically Correct idiots need putting in stocks and pilloried, ready for the rotten tomato brigade. Billyentertained in a way only he could, and made fun of the young, old, short, fat, religious, and even had a go at God for the hell of it - pun intended. Billylaughs at his own story telling and this only added to the humour of his stories leaving the audience in tears of laughter. His movie "The Man who Sued God" is a must see, as who else would take the Church and God to the Old Bailey? Now to Patricia Lenaghan, a long time Skype friend of mine and someone who's sent me books of her works, pictures, and heart felt poetry that hints of the gentle and sensitive young woman's life stories in a subtle web of words. She too is from Scotland - where she met Billy after being presented with the task of making his clothing and adorning it with lively splashes of colour that Billy will remember with fondness I am sure. She was his costume maker, so now the world knows Patricia. The picture Patricia drew at my request, of 'Billy in the middle' is surrounded by a bouquet of pictures I found on Patricia's Face Book page, and I know she had no idea I would do this. But hey, you're famous Tricia and if Billy gets to see this, well, all well and good. He probably needs a new wardrobe of clothes anyway. Sadly for us all, Billy is not in good form any more and he's getting closer to the end of a long journey. He was recently talking with Mike Hosking on NewstalkZB about a month back (October 2019). Billy knows his plight hangs over him like a heavy coat but he is not complaining nor does he want others to feel sorry for him. "It's part of life" and in some small way he gave the impression he is soon to embark on another journey and he does not begrudge it at all. As I am known for my predictions, Billy does not have the long straw and according to powers beyond my scope, the end of February seems like a nice time for him to fly the coop and go have some fun fluffing about in the clouds where, if you listen real carefully, you might hear a cuss now and again during the Angelic Story Time. Love to you Billy, from Patricia and me and what do you know, you're only one degree of separation from knowing me too. Ha ha. Peter Vaughan.