Data Predicts the Future. What does Data say about Your Future?

Where you are in life right now, is exactly what you wanted, Right?
Mar 12, 2020 9:16 am

The Law of Opposites is what will turn your life around! But, if you continue to do what you've always done you'll get what you always got, So, time to do the opposite! Do what Nature designed you for, then you'll succeed. Here's why. Do you have good and bad days? Probably. The following are some polar opposites. People have money (+) then have little or none (-). People enter relationships (+) then lose them (-). People get a job (+) then lose the job (-). People have children and sometimes life has good days (+) and difficult days (-), love their kids (+) or regret having them (-). People love their family and friends (+) and they part from us or die (-). This is the Law of Opposites in action. So how can Nature win 98% of the time, and we people are on the other end of the scale where only 2% succeed? Because Nature lives by the Law of Opposites, yet there are another 6 Laws not for this write up but are just as important, and Nature knows how to play the Game of Life. The problem with you is 'no-one taught you the Rules and Laws of how to play the game to win 98% of the time, and you cannot do what you do not know. If you're aware of the things I mentioned, and you get short changed in life, then I'd say you don't like losing more than winning and are looking for a way to break free from the losing side of life and step over the fence to be in control of your life. You want better, you're tired of life dealing you the wrong cards, and you probably feel life is passing you by and you've missed the boat and not getting any younger? Well, YOU'RE RIGHT! You think you're getting too old, you can't succeed, you're absolutely correct and you've missed the boat and every other boat that comes to port to collect you to take you on the ship headed toward success. And do you know why? Because you have asked for it. It is time to engage the Law of Opposites and to understand why it works perfectly for you. You have never been told of the reason why you're struggling and how to turn that around. But first, just a little bit more about what you have been programmed to believe. If you are one of those people that give a lot of yourself, work hard because you believe in the saying "what you give out is what you'll get back", but you're always being taken for granted and you wonder when is it your turn for some reward for your efforts, success and happiness? Well, as hard as it may seem, look in a mirror at that person staring back at you and ask them to tell you why nothing's happening, no one is listening. Clue No. 1 Who do you talk to the most about your problems, a close friend, your mother/father, a sibling, your partner perhaps? No. The person you talk to the most about your problems IS YOURSELF. And what is it you are telling yourself in your mental conversations?; I'm miserable! I have no money! No one really loves me! I want a house! I want a good income! I want to travel! I want a rewarding career, and I want a lover, a partner, a perfect marriage! And this is where the Problem is and the Law of Opposites can help you once you understand how it works. Clue No. 2 "Ask and Ye Shall Receive". Yes it comes from Scriptures, and there's 54 of them ( that mention it in one form or another, but the explanation that unlocks the secret as to how it works is not mentioned, so I am going to tell you and it has little or nothing to do with having to join a church or having to follow a faith other than your own thinking and understanding, but in so doing, your life will change. Want to know more? First - THE PROBLEM So, what to do to have you get on the right side in life, to no longer be worn down like a carpet from all those who have walked over you without any thought for your feelings and situation? Make a Decision inside, choose to change, refuse to be the way you were in the past, and maybe, just maybe, you can experience the Law of Opposites to your liking. Sounds great to me. The Problem most common with all people who struggle is something called 'Sea Anchors'. Before I tell you about them, and they are not the ones you throw overboard that hold your boat to the rocks or sand on the sea floor. Under "Clue No. 2" above, I mentioned about asking and getting answers. In the popular Movie "i Robot" starring Will Smith, he was a police detective and was assigned to investigate the death, suicide or murder of a scientist and as it is a future based film, Will is able to talk to a recorded image in the form of a Hologram of the scientist on a device that would respond to Will's questions. When Will asks the hologram certain questions, often the hologram of the scientist would respond; "That's not the right question. You have to ask the right question" THIS IS THE CLUE YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! What has been holding you back from success is your lack of knowledge when talking to yourself. You have been doing all the right stuff the wrong way, in other words you have been asking the wrong questions and getting everything you don't want because YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING THE WRONG WAY. This is easy to fix. You know what you want, you've probably heard about 'positive thinking' and affirmations and this is why nothing happened. The seminars by people who tell you how to get rich, how to overcome life's problems, how to do what they have done and if you just do as they say you'll make it big in your world. These seminars ask you to pay good money for them and you get a work book but NOTHING CHANGES, right? Is your fridge covered in pictures of your new car, new house, bundles of cash, a great body, a beautiful partner, and still nothing? Let's try something. Let's replace the word "want" to LACK or DON'T HAVE and construct some sentences. I lack (want) a new house I don't have (want) more money I lack (want) a loving partner I don't have (want) a beautiful body I don't have (want) holidays and travel I lack (want) a new car. The wording "I want something" literally means - you don't have it, and that is why you 'want it'. So when you say to yourself "I want something" your Subconscious Mind (SM) takes your thought, processes it, and goes into action following your command which actually means "you don't have it" so it will do everything 'subconsciously possible' to make sure your request is 100% adhered to. In other words, it will make sure you don't get 'it' to comply with command "you don't have it and so it will keep it away from you like an obedient servant. The reason for this is the SM follows your request exactly - it has no emotions and will not reason with you about any of the things above because you want them and 'want' = don't have. Now if there was an Almighty, a Deity, who answers the phone from your subconscious and goes about making sure you get everything you ask for, you have to realise two things: 1. The conscious mind 'sees' things in your head: and 2. your subconscious mind is a fact finder that works diligently to deliver all your requests without question, good or bad, it just does all you ask of it. So, as your conscious mind uses your subconscious mind like a cell phone ordering a request for something. And the SM goes and gets it like a good servant. Now - THE SOLUTION As the Subconscious will do all your bidding, and it cares not what you ask of it, it will do whatever is necessary to make sure it performs for you. However, you must keep repeating the exact same thing to your Subconscious over and over and I will use the above bullet points in a manner you must use; and write them on a small card, carry it with you and read it often making sure you get the gut feeling that 'feels good' and do this for a month. I have a new house (see it in your mind and make sure your 'gut' yes stomach feels good when you mentally see it). I earn $(double your income) each week(see it in your mind and make sure your gut feels good when you mentally see it). I have a loving partner (see it in your mind and make sure your gut feels good when you mentally see it). I have a beautiful body (see it in your mind and make sure your gut feels good when you mentally see it). I have a 6 week holiday and travel every year (see it in your mind and make sure your gut feels good when you mentally see it). I have a new car (see it in your mind and make sure your gut feels good when you mentally see it). Although this model of 'affirmations' can be tweaked to suit your real desires, do not go on too long, do not go too far with expectations until you start to get results. You will be teaching your subconscious to continually expect the best for you because you have already told it you have these things in your life right now and the subconscious will make sure it happens. The solution is to make your SM actually start to feel like you have these things. What is actually happening, the SM is attracting to you all that you are. As the truth is, you will always attract to you what you ARE and not what you WANT. Further help This works, but YOU have to work it. And something else too, you are unique, there is no other person on the planet today who is like you, or ever was or ever will be. This being so, you need to discover who you are, make sure you are seeking the right things into your life that suit you, know when the time is right for you to receive the good that is yours, and make sure you no longer use the word "want' out of context with your affirmations. There is one other thing. Many will have read or heard this before, but one things is for sure, I have seen miracles happen with people who do this right, because if you desire things that are not suited for you, you will find things don't work and you will prove to yourself you were right. This is not what you are after, so if you are ready for change, ask me for the initial help, it is what I do for a living (help people change their lives) and it is what all the research and testing I have done that proves it so. If I can see the future life style and right path suited to you, and make you aware of it with proof of concept, then you have the right and the means to change your future and get from life what life has already in promise for you. This is why every man called David in the world has a major event in their life at 27, 49 and 71 - exactly! This is what the people who get rich have one of two ways for this to happen; 11% of people naturally attract money specifically, and the other 89% will attract all they desire in their life that will make them wealthy BY DOING WHAT IS SUITED TO THEIR PERSONALITY, SKILLS AND CHARACTERISTICS. and once you know who and what you are, you will begin to attract the right things to you that are designed and suited just for you. See me in action and click on the videos - have fun and get yourself on your road to success and fear not the things in life that are none of your business, things like the title of this posting. PS, if you do get a Profile and Forecast for the next 12 months, you will get some little extras - profile first, extras follow once I go over your chart again. Peter Vaughan