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Suicide Cause Discovered
Jul 30, 2020 2:53 pm

Suicide has been a developing problem for years and it is strongly tied to emotional causes. Experts and non experts know this so there is nothing new here, but when a Professor from Otago University (Dr Roger Mulder) spent $1.2 Billion with a team of researchers over 8 years to finally conclude they had no idea how to identify those who will and who will not commit suicide, one has to wonder if the causes will ever be revealed and therefore provide an opportunity for health care organisations to arrest Suicide before it has a chance to strike. Because I was already heavily involved in gathering empirical data, observing and producing statistics, I slowly realised the pattern I was looking for was revealed by way of a tool I created called Lettrology that provided a path to test the data of the records I had gathered of those who had been identified as suicide cases. I discovered the footprint and I tested it and made more discoveries. A video opening the door where others can see a little of the work has been posted on You Tube Fear creates stress, stress gives rise to emotional discomfort and if there is no relief from a closing in of the emotional pressure where no light shines to help a victim understand their situation and a possible way through, or out of the dire straights they find themselves in, suicide strikes it's lethal blow, often without warning to those who know the 'now deceased' and horror creates a whirlpool of despair and pain for the victims left behind. So, what is the answer, how can we finally see this cloaked stalker and get it to cower away? The Mind Map of the program that is used on every human in the primary cause and development of the Personality. All people are uniquely programmed or mentally conditioned. The environment a person is brought up into, the language of the parents and siblings fills the hungry brain and every sense a baby has pre-birth and post birth feeds the two small organs in the brain called the Amygdala and they are commonly known as the "fight or Flight" receivers and transmitters. In other words, they create the signals for the human chemistry pant to produce emotions of fear or attraction for survival purposes. My discovery was how I was able to track the decision making mechanism the brain has and link it with the natural conscious and subconscious rhythms so a multifaceted set of clues can be seen, on a time line. This can be learned by anyone now and the developing software algorithms are being improved all the time to make models people can use without having to learn how to understand the mechanism from the ground up. An auto alert system has been created and is being built bigger and stronger so it can manage a high volume of activity for people to use. And, it must be very cost effective to people can use it and rely on it and even share it with others to see and test for themselves. More videos will be made to help people understand the power of this software that can literally identify before the event, a suicide is a high probability and know too that it can help to defuse this otherwise 'silent killer' People already use my Profiling Products at and there is a new service that provides monthly tracking which is like nothing else on the web and it is very affordable. Have a look at the video, share it with your friends, and in these very uncertain times with a global shut-down, treat yourself to a Profile Report complete with a monthly projected forecast. We'd love to see you and maybe you would like a little more help with any other personal life matter. Enquire to for a private consultation with Zoom or Skype and Sally will send you the information you need to help you with your problems. Take care everyone, and may the light shine in your life brighter every day. Peter Vaughan - creator of Lettrology, the "Tool of the Future" is at hand. or go straight to and get your Profile and forecast report.