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The Rise and Fall of a PM
Feb 23, 2023 12:52 pm

Who was Jacinda Ardern? A Perspective.

This perspective of Jacinda Kate Laurel Ardern born 26th July 1980 was compiled using my advanced numerical system of profiling.

Part A of this report provides the reader an insight and perspective of Jacinda Ardern's Personality, and Part B is a perspective compilation of her falling from grace based on her performance with views from her supporters and those seeking her removal from office in the 2020 elections.

It should be considered that Ardern did not become the Prime Minister by clean election expectations, but from the complete malfunctioning of competing Parties who are all unprepared and likely already fear and expect defeat in the 2020 elections.

It's my view that Jacinda Ardern is not fit for the position of Prime Minister. Aside from a global plandemic, psychologically gas-lighting the people from every country and continent, it seems another conspiracy is taking place under the guise of the 'Agenda 2021/30' reset.

Part A. Ardern's Profile:

She has a very quick mind and will respond to what has been put to her and maneuver, even evade her position without hesitation, maintaining control. She will side step driving questions, redirect her response and always uses the same annoying phrases; "as I say" - "as I have already said", and then leaves all to wonder what happened... nothing! All Ardern does is stand her ground on her objectives and refuses anyone anything unless it is a photo opportunity where she can flash her teeth as if she were a toothpaste model.

Her determination to get what she wants come hell or high-water, has become a trade mark, a questionable one at that. But what causes this, what is it that makes her arrogant and fronts a care-less attitude? The answer to this is in her primary characteristics and many people born on the 26th day of any month have similar qualities; determination, control, authoritarians and a very sharp mind. Is this a bad thing? Only for those who have an agenda and the cunning of a fox.

She is driven and happily smiles as she drops the axe on anyone who gets in her way. Her false 'be kind, as she is the only source of truth' under the guise of a warm smile, but all the while people are beginning to realise she is like a wolf in sheep's clothing. "My way or the highway"!

She has an eye for detail, a love of being in control and is very strong willed knowing just how to get things done her way, after all, she believes her way is best. Hard work is something she will try to avoid if possible and she will get others to do the mundane work especially when she can get results without personal effort. Anyone who presents any sign of resentment or control toward her or are too direct with their thoughts on what she is doing, will quickly see she hates to lose control.

Ardern, as seen by others in the dark of her true personality, see her as very bright, having initiative, able to think on the spot, be presentable and a friendly person enjoying the company of others. She displays a cheerful personality to those she interacts with and has a natural gift of expression, often talking about matters in a way that paint a bright picture, rather than being factual without providing explanations.

Given the opportunity to partake in anything that provides an opportunity where she can present herself to others, brings a great deal of pleasure. She is more than happy to offer herself and to stand in the lime-light as she loves to be seen. Any photo-shoot will do. But the downside to her nature is revealed when she has less than desired attention paid to her as she is more sensitive than people realise and if she feels embarrassed or hurt, she will shrink away from people, keeping her emotions well hidden from the eyes and ears of those who may press on her who want to know what she thinks.

Given times when she is pushed too hard, she reacts, talks in an abrupt and jerky manner, using verbal discharges to maintain control alongside hand flailing and head wobbling body gestures to press her points and maintain a controlling position. Her mannerisms could be described as autistic. These symptoms appear when she feels trapped or very uncomfortable.

Leaping before she has all the information on any subject is reactionary, unstable and flippant. Awakened people see her as an idealist, too quick to act without the prescribed thought. She can be creative but needs grounded people around her who will add sober support that she requires to do things in a sound and structured way. This way she could protect herself from unnecessarily going off the rails making big mistakes from which it may be impossible for her to back away from.

The deeper, darker side of Ardern.

**** As people get to know Jacinda and see what she is like after the shields are down and the pretense has washed away, they will see an idealist who has (in her eyes) amazing ways to perform magnificent feats of achievement. However, these aspects of her vision are based on idealities and also seen as narcissistic. This is where she is seen to go off on tangent as her way of seeing things and acting on them are not as others see them. If it does not affect her personally, she will be oblivious to what others may think and continue to fulfill her dreams and aspirations with blind passion. Jacinda feels she has to have a hands-on involvement because she feels others cannot do her bidding as well as she can because they just do not do as she would like to have them done. Her focus on minor detail is what blinds her to a bigger picture and her stubborn nature causes major matters to be overlooked. A whole project can become flawed as she has tunnel vision and a whole project can stop due to a wrinkle she has become fixated on. As an appointed, not voted in Prime Minister, she is out of her depth and not fit for purpose. She is like a pretty barbie doll for some and adored, yet if she was not so presentable and Nature less kind to her appearance, she would not be in her position as she would then be seen for what she is, a loose cannon, unstable, uncontrolled and undesirable. It is well past time to get the general out of the way so the foot soldiers can get on with the work. Jacinda dreams about what could be, and some of her dreams have no foundation in the real world, as they are not always going to fit in with the way others think.  Not many fully appreciate or understand exactly what she might mean at times when explaining her views to others and this is where communication breaks down. Her ideas can be out of this world to such a state that when she is alerted about matters that need addressing, she sees things from a different viewpoint and will press her ideas for how improvement will be instigated, then she is off building another entire project in her mind, but practicality goes out the window, and this is an obvious factor based on her poor performance as the Nations appointed leader. She will be subject to some very big lessons. The easy road is always laced with weaknesses and any idea causing her to feel enthusiastic will turn her on as quick as a blink. However, she is psychologically more suited to applications where solid structure is already in place and where she has limited fields of endeavour due to her having little or no understanding of many things.She can be serious about her wants but lacks the ability to visualise foresight. Once she is out of her depth, she is liable to push blindly ahead and make big mistakes. Learning new means and ways of doing things is not something she enjoys. She loves praise for what she does and loves the power money brings and she will spend more than she has or needs to, to get the results that fit her objectives. Jacinda is emotionally struck down when people she trusted, breach that trust, even though she tries to hide it, hence Clark Gayford and the rumour of his infidelity. Jacinda is determined and prefers a job that has a clear plan to work with. If there are sound systems, she functions at her best with just about anything she becomes involved with. She enjoys being part of a team but prefers to individualise herself with areas she is confident in. If she is clearly unaware of something, she will appoint others to do the work for her. Carelessness will be her undoing. She can perform under pressure but her emotions affect her much more than people realise. Social events are where she feels at her best and loves to be recognised as a wonderful person. Those who know her, see the rest of the story. She may abuse a healthy diet and find any excuse to lax out with a drink or other means of relaxation that may play heavily on her health later. What motivates her Jacinda loves fun and freedom, travel, socialising, enjoys being out and about and she gets excited about new and big ideas. Change and progress all capture her attention and interest. Sometimes unexpected events excite her and stimulate her attention helping to break her day-to-day routines. When regular activities become monotonous, she feels the need for change and will break away from whatever she is supposed to be doing, a sickie in laymans terms. She tends to daydream if there is not something to stimulate her mind or break mundane activities, yet she will tinker or become involved in off target, even delicate projects to pass time. If her freedom is restricted or she feels confined, this may lead to unrest and dissatisfaction. This can bring about hasty actions she may later regret. As she loves travel and meeting people from a variety of fields and backgrounds, she enjoys occasional spontaneous events bringing a variety of interests and fun to those who will lift her spirits and make her feel special. Jacinda has underlying ambitions to achieve big goals. She can present her determined side, not completely a compassionate quality, and will drive matters home to get the results she wants at any expense. At such times she has stamina and blind courage and will push for results even to the point where she may overestimate her ability. At times she does not consider others and can be quite a bully to those in subordinate positions or who resist her. However, she must remember that success comes with a positive frame of mind and a strong and controlled attitude in line with others or lessons will come to her like a Karmic hammer. She is quick to realise not everyone has the same power and drive she does and therefore likes to be at the front end where she calls the shots and gets automatic praise. However, personal gain at the expense of others with any financial gains to herself will cost her and her employer (New Zealand), eventual collapse. Hard work, ethics, and moral fibre bring rewards that stand the test of time! There is little to stop her achieving all she desires in life as she is always thinking big and does not take other people into consideration. History always slams those that push boundaries in the long run as collective consciousness always brings the truth to the fore. Her Traits and Habits Discussing her Traits and Habits reveals her strong will and determination and she will gain either great or little respect from those who know her based on her habitual performances. Traits are subconscious physical acts and easily detected by others and yet be completely oblivious to the one being observed. Others see her leading as if she knows what to do and she appears unafraid to get things done whatever the situation. She does not see challenges as obstacles as she has an I can do that mentality. Sometimes she can be too firm on others when she knows something has to be done. She has no real fear nor will she cower if criticized by people, not outwardly anyway as she has a bulletproof exterior and jelly-type internals. Her ability to conceal her fears and problems are the likely cause of later cancers. She covers her problems well but anyone with training or insight can see clearly when she is fudging her way through difficult times. She has good management skills and appreciates the balance of strength and weakness in people. However she is susceptible to taking risks and this might well be fine if she did her homework, but she also feels her word is like a sword and she will wield the power, whether she is right or wrong. In fact, she enjoys the power of office as it provides the thrill and experience that may not be gained in other ways and there is money in abundance to spend as she sees fit. She lacks experience in how to deal with people at every level of undertaking and she will exercise her domineering traits, even be the bully, based on reactions to the frustrations others bring. Under extreme pressure, she may clam up and go completely silent. This gives rise to potential, and radical, reactions which will come as a surprise to others. It would be wisdom if she were to know her limitations and understand her capabilities and boundaries, but people who support her would rather they stay on the safe side than have her rip into them as she is very capable of doing. She believes her way is the best and she does not like to be forced into anything that goes against her wishes. Her rash thinking will lead to rash actions, and so it is better she have a strong aid who understands her and will give her truths whether she likes it or not. But when she is up against a strong opponent, friend or foe, her brain flies into action and she will divert and undercut discussions like a trained court lawyer using tactics such as NLP. She does not want to stop and consider all angles, as its her way or the highway. Jacinda was born an idealist, and if she does not get things done her way she can become very domineering and press her viewpoints strongly. She is both the Good Cop and the Bad Cop and depending on what is, or is not, going her way. Her attitude can change as quick as a tennis ball is belted from one end of the court to the other. If she is not appreciated by others for the time and energy she feels she has, or is putting into what she wants to achieve, then the Bad Cop comes out and it matters not who is the target of her retort. Part B How 2020 has affected her on a personal level. During 2020, Jacinda has formed a strong focus on a specific agenda. She is very aware there are a lot of areas to manage and she needs her to be on her toes as she is in a vulnerable position. It matters not now that she normally enjoys a variety of activities, as 2020 has brought her too much to manage and she has to engage her brain and her memory to cover and counter any and all mistakes and untruths that are coming back at her thick and fast. For anyone to maintain, or try to maintain a level playing field in her game as a Prime Minister with a purpose, especially under the close proximity of an election critical to her performance and conduct, and the present pressures where people have increasingly begun to wake up to her antics and what can only be called irrational moves, she is either a superwoman, or a machine, and she is neither. She has lost weight indicating a less than adequate diet and may be relying on junk foods or any substance that helps her to feel she can manage. She will be focused now more than ever, looking deep into her bag of tricks for a back door strategies should things turn foul, as they are already unfolding. In short, 2021 is not looking good at all for her and this coincides with the Deputy PM, and many MPs in her Government. Her choice of activities are being put to thetestand she will be prodded to make decisions,to fathom the differences between what is right and wrong, plausible or improbable. Theperiod demands high standards of checking things through and she will have to justify her moves and the choices she has to make that will affect a great many people on both sides of the political fence. She is likely to feel the resistance from people close to her, even associatesbecause of her desire to be too independent from some of her plans and patterns of activity which are not necessarily the ideals of the people in her personal army. If she is not careful knives that ended Caesars reign may unfold upon her as MPs may decide she has put them in precarious positions affecting their futures. If she continues the fight for her desire to cross the finish line that is now stretching further and further away from her, she will be internally strategising with those who may be considered her shadow advisers as they are relying on her to play her part in what appears more and more obvious. If however she begins to realise that she is stuck or lacking support and advice, she will not hesitate to initiate potentially radical moves to call for help and assistance from associates who have muscle in the field of their collective interests. The conditions Jacinda Ardern is being confronted with in 2020 The Rise and FALL on 17th October 2020 Jacinda has her finger poised above the GO button and she is aware the time has arrived for her to initiate a new movement toward a new agenda. This is not based on the universally accepted Agenda 21 and 30, but more so that she is in a position where she has arrived at a point in time that has been prepared for her to act in a leading manner. 2020 is a time where she is to move into action with a well thought out plan laced with strategies to be addressed as required. The biggest issue that has arisen is the public have accessed the internet and social media more than may have been considered and have started to see more than was understood before. Right now, Ardern has to be conscious of what she is doing as all eyes are on her. It is obvious to her and the people of New Zealand there is a division of loyalty and people are seeking the truth and asking more questions. The Government has given rise to the dangers of the virus originating from the East that could wipe out millions of people, and new laws and directives from Jacinda have the people in a state of fear. However, there are those who are contesting her motives and actions and they have become a rising force she has a concealed respect for, and so she should. During this life-cycle set of experiences placed before her to contend with, she is not aware at all of the cycle of life she is about to encounter. She can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Nature provides seasonal changes and even our Sun is subject to massive changes every 11 years. In Jacindas case, she is about to hit a cycle that will find her in very difficult times indeed. Activities she is engaging in require of her more thought and a careful approach and she is becoming more aware of the problems arising in political opposition and from a place she had no idea of but for a few months recently. All eyes are on her and there is little room for mistakes and she cannot now take for granted what she thought she could. She is realising there is need to change strategies, re-plan and consider self-preservation. Now is a time to initiate plan B, back out gracefully. She is aware she is being flanked and if so she is feeling cornered and she may do anything to try and counter matters, and she is in a position to do that. She has to get matters cleared up and done with as quickly as she can. Her inability to act freely is hindered by others who are amassing in positions that could undermine her previous plans. One might say the natural laws of Karma have been awakened. What she is no longer in control of will become that which will control her. In other words, she will be surprised that circumstance will act without her in control. In every respect, she has a split nation. The loyal followers will vote as she expects but the rising resistance has great numbers and it is getting bigger by the day. It is advisable she overhaul her way of thinking and scrap her plans or she will make life ahead very difficult for her, but she is already too late to pull out. As the New Year looms over the horizon, the up and coming platform brings a greater deal of resistance for her in every area of her life. Nothing she does has a remedy to correct or counter the control she was hoping to attain. Her Mistakes in 2020 Throughout this year she has been faced with circumstances that called for her to pay more attention to the small things, the details in every line of activity she has been engaged in. She has overlooked the activities of the people who have rallied together, forming an army of resistance of which, to all accounts, has been suppressed by the Media, but still waves a flag in the Social Media networks. Aspects of her work that needed her full attention has been undermined by a Nation of hurting people all wounded by her underhanded tactics. Many of the citizens are no longer frozen in fear and have become a silent force with full intent to Vote her out this election. She has dammed her own people in what many have called treason. She should be thinking, if I don't deal with it, bigger and more pressing problems will arise. It is too late to put on the Kindness card. It is time for her to re think her actions and step down as gracefully as she can from this election as she is in a losing position, one that she had not counted on. Many have paid the price for her actions with their lives. Many lie financially broken. Many have woken up and have lined up to fight for their right to live as free people in a land they love and are now protecting it. This is a negative period she has entered, one that has caused and will cause more discomfort for her, and ifshe decidesto try and evade the inevitable and throw caution to the wind, total collapse will follow and the reset button will be pushed. Health mattersand the unexpected are soon to confront her. She has not done right by her people nor kept on the right side of ethics and morals. She is about to discover the year ahead will not go according to her plan. We are at war under a dirty set of rules. it appears she has helped set the trap and New Zealanders have a job to defuse her dealings and this will be done by the turnout at the polling boots. Let's hope there are no more traps and tricks being set up to tamper with the people's vote.