Data Predicts the Future. What does Data say about Your Future?

Nov 3, 2020 11:32 pm

It is a fact, many are convicted of crimes they are innocent of, imprisoned, sometimes executed. It is also a fact, authorities discover new evidence, oftentimes, all too late. Patsies too are set-up to take blame for a crime they didn't commit, they're quickly caught and as fate would have it, silenced. Evidence suppressed. All signs a conspiracy may be at hand... again. From all accounts under the light of Lettrology (see below for Lettrology meaning), Trump should remain in a strong position for re-election as POTUS (President of the United States), yet the biggest culprits, the enemies of the state, i.e. fake media and those involved in long-time planning of the identified 2021 and 2030 agendas. Is there any substance to these global whispers of that infamous line plastered on banners "the END is nigh" and if there is not, the question still remains; "why are all the independent doctors, climate scientists, electrical transmission experts, calling out the government doctors, scientists and EMF experts (Electro-Magnetic Frequency), eugenicists, or those who wish to control human rights? If Biden Wins If Biden wins, based on Lettrology, he will suffer significant health problems in 2021 and likely step down to let Kamala Harris take the reigns as POTUS. The Democrats will control the United States, and if they are truly people with an agenda, there will be nothing that can stop them fulfilling their goals. This will open the doors to civil war based on present conditions in the States which is possibly a condition desired and planned for. If Trump Wins If Trump wins, again based on Lettrology, he will not see 2021 out as several indicators show late February, then June, July and August as massive risk points for him and his life changes direction markedly from June onward. Markers highlighting Melanija's profile support her husbands life changing events as well, but this month, November 2020, then January, March, May, August through to October, are all hot spots. Mike Pence, Vice President to Trump, also has a major set of events befalling him in 2021. Much of his experiences align with President Trump especially in the months of July, August and September. These three, Melanija, Donald and Mike Pence, are entering a 'cluster pattern' and even though there is a peppering of events for all, Pence suffered during October and then it hits him hard in late February 2021 prior to the rumblings of the indicators all through their Lettrological charts. Anthony Fauci - Bill Gates Fauci is heading for three years in a major way. As his birthday is Christmas eve, the month of December initiates the beginning of challenges for him that lead the unexpected events of 2021. But wait, there's more. Fauci is now on a roller coaster ride on a very wobbly track and he is to lose much of his status as Lettrology indicates for five years running. He looks to have run out of track at that point! Gates went into deep thinking mode last month (October) when he turned 65. People may look at the numbers "666" as being that of the devils title, but Gates numbers are "777" and as 3 x 7 = 21 it reduces to 3, thus it is not so unusual to note under Lettrology, the word vaccine also sums to '3' and sits well with his lust for inoculating 7 billion people and pushes the door wide open for his fathers' legacy, initiating his plan for eugenics. Covid 2019 In October 2019, I posted a story on this site that 2020 was a "Double Death" year, and that prediction has come to pass! The health matters, financial crashes and International leaders all mentioned in that post were permanent marker events that unfolded bang on time, BUT, 2021 is not a pretty year. My advice is; "hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and this way, we have more control than by shrugging shoulders and thinking its over there and does not affect me" attitude. HOPE There is a surging tidal wave of common sense rising. Doctors, lawyers and an awakening of the people is also surging forth. The so called 'lethal and deadly pandemic' is not supported by facts but is supported by fear. Hitler used it as have others and changed history. By being awake and prepared, we have a good chance of getting through this. As always, if people want to get their own forecasts for 2021, click on the 'tab' "Get your own profile" on my site so you can preempt what is happening and coming up for you personally. The gagging of free speech, the removal of basic medications, the fear of loss of life, the restrictions freedom and quarantine camps, and yet the death rate from the epidemic has been proven fake and seasonal influenza seems to have evaporated. Tells you something doesn't it? Lettrology A trade marked term created by Peter Vaughan which relates to how letters and numbers (Name and DOB) identifying a person, have become a component of the conditioning of our brain between birth and 4/5 years of age. Well over 200,000 case studies and gathered empirical data over 40 years have provided evidence that our names control or govern our lives as accurately as a road map bought from a store identifies a path and set of directions from any point to any point. Peter Vaughan teaches this amazing subject and it enables the student to identify their own life and future and that of others students chose to help people with. Simply put, it just works. Peter Vaughan - November 3 2020 - American election day. Published November 4 NZ time.