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Predictions 2021
Dec 27, 2020 4:33 am

This is the biggest and most complex forecast I have ever released. Trump defeats Biden, who is found to be part of the biggest election fraud in modern history. Biden falls ill or off his perch in 2021. Kamala Harris (who was) waiting for Biden to drop off, has a rude awakening in January then things get worse in March. She has the same personality as Ardern. Jacinda Ardern, Clark Gayford and Neve have the worst year ever, likely due to Trumps victory and her being under the spotlight and already listed and labelled as one of the worlds C.C.P. collaborators in bed with Xi Jinping as broadcast by US officials. Xi Jinping has had a bothersome year and is about to spend a lot of money in 2021, then finds 2022 (a triple death year) very, very problematic. Billy boy Gates looks quite sickly in 2021, loses huge amounts of money in 2022, and finds himself in a financial vice in 2023. He may end up in Guantanamo Bay, his home for some time thereafter, maybe before the end of the 2022 year but possibly earlier, in February, after the cuffs go on. Sidney Powell, Trumps "Kraken releasing" lawyer, becomes extremely strong in 2021 and maintains a full head of steam for about 6 or 7 years. This legal warrior is in full swing - so look out bad guy's and gal's, Sidney's coming for you. Rudi Giuliani (former Mayor of New York and Trumps legal team driver) is getting tired and under pressure and the next three years are going to wear him down tremendously. He needs to hit the green button for the legal team to start the take down and then he should pull back or he may become very sick. Nancy Pelosi looks to have cancer developing and her health is failing fast in 2021. She may slide of the planet by 'design' by her own hand or leave the planet around March of 2022, 15+ months time from now. Michael Flynn is in a strong position of power for the next two years (2021 & 2022) but becomes aware of matters of significance to him and the Trump team in 2023 somewhere around the July 2023 period. However, there are mixed events going on in Government prior to, and after the July period. This may be something to do with 1st Lady (Melanija Trump) and the POTUS (President of the United States), Donald Trump. DONALD JOHN TRUMP is in a very precarious position in 2021 between June July and August and this may be due to an assassination attempt or some other tragedy befalling the Trump administration, possibly even his son who has his fathers total 'name sake' Donald John Trump (Jnr). Mike Pence (Vice President) has parallel events showing up at the same time as is outlined in the above paragraph. This would support a major event is unleashed in June to August 2021. (But possibly as early as late March or Late April, could be attempts to kill the President that initially fail and we will not hear of this). Mark Zuckerberg is one of the real bad asses in the world and his life is full of lust, want and desire for pleasure. He is driven by his emotions and being pampered. His life however is and has been under developing pressure for a couple of years and he is about to feel the squeeze. Most of the months in 2021 will pound and pound him and as there is a strong indication he is about to experience a MAJOR change in his life and living conditions, he may be planning an escape, but if stopped, he's about to find out what it is like to be one of America's worst treasonists. Barack Obama, well, since 2016, he has been sliding down a slippery slope and since September this year (2020) he has started to realise things are not looking good for him and his husband/wife, Michael/Michelle, or whatever. Obama is entering what is termed in a hospital, a "flat-liner" period and his materialistic world and activity base are no longer giving him the freedom to be or have, what he once held. In 2022, he is in a very serious position, and, there might be a suicide ride for him in July/August of that year. Then there's Anthony Fauci... 2021 - 2022 - 2023 = bad, badder, and badder still respectively. This little (factual: he's a short shit) rat is the key player of the Covid 2019 plan to destroy the world population by lies, fear, alteration of human cells and all because of total greed and power. His name is synonymous with high tech criminals. He paid for the production of Covid by injecting $US dollars into Wuhan to develop the poison. He has to be the world's worst criminal and should be branded and written up as the man who tried to kill over 7 billion people along with his mate Gates. IF... In closing these compressed predictions, if Trump concedes his Presidency to Biden, we are all heading for communist rule by China's C.C.P. and Agenda 2021 and 2030 will become a reality. None of the above predictions will come to pass, except Biden as he's ready to drop anyway, and there will be a kinetic (guns and bombs) civil war in the USA and with China. I hope I am wrong with this as it must be stopped at whatever cost. We in NZ were a test case for election fraud, and, there is so much more that will come out IF Trump wins, as our PM will be under the spotlight and all the truth will come forth that most of the people who 'thought' she was a kind and nice person will realise the damage that is/was planned for our gem of paradise in the South Pacific. LAST YEAR in October, I was asked what would 2020 be like as 2019 was really bad, and I said 2020 would be "Double Death" and it is published on my website... < > Now, I have been asked to write up what 2021 will be like. We are already at war with biological and EMF weapons, that will likely escalate into civil unrest. Your greatest weapon is knowledge and then using your new awareness and understanding to combat those who wish us harm. I am an observer, a researcher and someone who has discovered a new science that may be one of the most helpful tools we can have to see what is coming up ahead and therefore help us to prevent, avert and sidestep the challenges that may otherwise do us harm. Get prepared, get focused and we can win this. I am here to help the best way I can. If I was right last year, I have already got a full understanding of what 2021 will bring for me, my loved ones and for those who I help on my website. I can help you too, and please take care of yourselves. Peter Vaughan