Data Predicts the Future. What does Data say about Your Future?

Introduction to Lettrology
Mar 5, 2021 10:46 am

Beyond Numerology, and, how to read a person like a book INTRODUCTION If the future can be read, why has it not been done before? It was but outlawed during the Medieval era.I learned that, no one knows what they dont know. This is why teachers cant teach what they dont know and why kids cant learn what they should know.Can you remember the past? Then youre in the future, as today is yesterdays future.Read and think this can only be done with language. The words on this page make sense because you learned to read and now you can learn to read the future too.The information in this course, opens the door to seeing tomorrow, any time, years if you want to, really? Yes.Future, the Past and Present. Proof we move through life on a path is provided in the second Milestone course.So, does knowing what is ahead give you an advantage? Yes, so we can make the right decisions and win.Can your brain hold the secrets to the future? Yes it does and even though we will prove the future can be read, the why and how it works is taught in Milestone Three.You now have in your hands the beginning of the course and the means to read the future like a scientist. First exercise: Go back and read the first word on each of the nine bullet points above, there is a message and a promise for you. With more than forty years research and study, I discovered an ability to read the future. Stemming from Egyptian hieroglyphs, the letters of the alphabet sprung forth. Todays modified alphabet has created a complex language allowing man to think, speak, write and build his technologically advanced world around him. Simply put, without language man could not think! This is the secret to reading the future and this course provides the evidence, the tools and the training, so you too can learn to read the future. Once you have become qualified, you can teach others and make an income, even a career by helping people improve their lives. Can I really read the future? Yes and I can teach you too. TNT explosive If TNT can blast rock apart into fragments and expose the inner material to see what was hidden inside, then Psychological TNT can blasts apart and reveals the gems and qualities inside each of us. Psychological TNT exposes Criminals Lettrology TNT, can expose the inner motives and hidden secrets that people like Politicians, Corporate's, Pfizer, Moderna, Gates, Fauci, Clinton's, and even Prime Ministers have, who hide from the people they profess to serve. Psychological TNT is what this course teaches you. FEAR and LIES are the two KEY elements criminals use to cause people to do their bidding. YET, exposure is what criminals fear the most. Now you have access to the first unbreakable psychological TNT tool ever, where criminals will fear exposure! Psychological TNT as you will see, is why criminals can no longer hide whats inside their minds. This course exposes what is behind people's masks and reveals the good, the not so good, and even the potential evil some people have. No one can hide from what this course reveals because the Subconscious holds the truth and Lettrology holds the key! People who wish to get involved with criminology can do very well using Lettrology as a means of investigation to find out if people are innocent or guilty. The mind of a criminal has a blueprint and prisons are full of people who have similar personalities. Lettrology provides an insight into people as has never before been available. This was proven at Auckland's most secure prison. ABOUT THIS TRAINING SERIES How to read any person like a book and read their future is a wild idea indeed, yet it can be done; it has been done! The training modules in this course have been designed in such a manner to help the student learn step by step, how to read the life, the history and the future of themselves or any other person they wish to case-study. Evidence from what I teach, begins to build right from the very first of the training module that follows this Introduction manual. The contents and brief descriptions of Milestone One (and Milestone Two) are within this Introduction Manual. The material in this Introduction, is yours to pass on to others so they can think about learning how to read their future as well. This is without doubt the most comprehensive and advanced training course of its type in the world. Once this knowledge becomes known in the social media and marketplace, tens of thousands of people will want to know if you can help them with their lives. You can create your own income for your investment as you learn, and qualify, to become a Lettrologist. An example of what you will learn will be why the word MIND literally describes the means from which a person can build something from nothing, to create substance from just a single thought, a single idea and turn it into a reality. The reason I mention this now is to give you the idea, that you can create for yourself anything you desire as long as it fits with your unique mental and physical blueprint, or more specifically, your internal resonant frequency. You will learn about this too, in the courses. Your name and birth date are the two components that identify you and we use these to construct your future just as DNA has constructed your body from a plan and a programme. The modules on learning about DNA are covered in a later Milestone training for those who wish to become Masters in Lettrology, its not scary, its a fascinating subject. The reason and a purpose for your life. Many ask that question, as well as things like money, love, career, health, buying a home, having kids, naming kids, money in the bank, a holiday, winning lotto and so forth. This training series provides all the answers for all your questions and they are not wishy washy answers. I have asked many questions over the years and the answers are based on real research, real testing and proof of concept. The contents covering Milestones One and Two training are listed here with brief explanations of what they entail. MILESTONE ONE Module One Introduction: this content contains the introduction material. Module Two Numbers Each number is a component of a numerical language no different to that of the letters in the alphabet. When you learn what the language numbers reveal, you will understand that numbers and letters are transposable, and words can be turned into their numerical equivalent to reveal hidden information. This where people whose names hide the number 6 are more able to attract WEALTH than 89% of the population and why GOLD and YELLOW in numerical, language both refer to number 11. Module Three Letters Letters making up our alphabet have different shapes and were derived from images of animals and buildings, crops and water, that were reduced to a few simple strokes or scribes. The interesting thing about letters, are the way in which they are influential in making things happen in our life and why the letter A, as an example, causes people to have major changes in their life at certain times.   Module Four The Day a person is born: The DAY of birth, one of 31 possibilities, provides every individual with a Trait that will form into a Habit and a way of functioning or performing at a subconscious level. Among us all are qualities that are fully necessary for the work we do in life and the DAY we are born on is directly linked to the way we perform Habitually. A person born on any DAY that can be linked with other DAYS of the month, such a 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th will have a common habitual similarity, all linked to the number 2. By referencing the qualities number 2 has, you will find similar traits within numbers 2 11 20 & 29.  Module Five The whole Birth Date: Moving forward from the individualised DAY numbers, the total of the whole birthdate, DAY+MONTH+YEAR has a greater way of individualising every person and reveals the Natural Skills and Abilities a person has. All birthdates are added together, day + month + year, and when all the numbers are summed till a single digit is found, a result of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 will be found, and that number is directly related to, and can be relied on to identify if a person is fit for a specific purpose in their career for example, or if they have the aptitude to be able to perform in a field requiring a Skill that fits the preferred qualities their number shows they have. Module Six The power within the First Name: The name you were called as a new-born is in reality a compiled sound made from a collection of letters. Each letter has a history and meaning of its own. Like the ingredients it takes to make a cake that provides a particular essence or flavour, chocolate, almond, lemon etc., your First Name comes with a selection of letters that impressed upon your emotional state like icing over the cake itself. People who have the same First Name have qualities so similar it seems strange no-one has really paid attention to this by simple observation. Yet, the First Name when analysed tells so much about a person, and with the development of Lettrology (I created this word), by using numbers and letters, any persons strongest qualities are revealed and, in this course, it is the beginning of the eye-opening experience that begins to unfold for the student. It is likely the most powerful and fun part of Lettrology in these initial stages and will encourage the student to want to know more. Module Seven How people see you by your Called Name: The Called Name is a persons First and Last Name only, like Diana (Frances) Spencer, (Princess of Wales who would have turned 60 in 2021). This Module of the course identifies how people see others but not their full personality. The Called Name is a mask we all wear when meeting people for the first time. It is a study on how a person is perceived to be, like a new employee, like meeting other classmates at the beginning of the year and the personality being projected is a shield as people do not naturally show their true colours to others for about three to six weeks of meeting them on a regular basis. Knowing this provides the surface personality to be revealed for what it is, like the outside paint job hiding the rust, or a ruby or diamond hidden within a quartz exterior that reveals themselves after a short time. People reveal they have a better or worse personality given a month or two and their initial personality mask is removed for all the world to see. Module Eight The Full Name, your true Personality: When you bring someone into your life, your work, your project your marriage, you would like to know what they are truly like because so many people hide their nature under a Mask as discussed in the previous section. This give substance to the old saying better to live with someone for six months before you marry them, so you discover what they are really like. Alan Alda, a movie star best known for his work on the very long televised series called M.A.S.H. where he played a character called Hawkeye Pierce. But Alan Alda was born Alphonso Joseph DAbruzzo, 28 January 1936. What is interesting to note, is that he appeared as a comedian, but his real personality was that of a serious psychologist, a very deep man who held a great deal inside that no-one ever got to see except from those people close to him that knew what he was really like when he allowed them into his personal life. Alan Alder is part of a study in this module of the training. Hence, full names reveal the truth and Called Names are but masks. Module Nine Where your Motivation resides: There is an inner yearning inside all of us that just seems to pull us toward a specific pastime, a hobby, sport, or even an interest like doing up old cars or restoring antiques or painting in water colours. These are passions and yet many of us work in fields quite distant from our fascination with other things. As an example, a person may have a deep interest to studying male spiders and why they die for sex, yet their daily profession may be that of an inspector of police. Is there a connection, yes! And the answers lie in an area of the name where your motive passions can be calculated. This is where a person can become a specialist in a specific field and love what they do. It is no longer work; it is income from doing what you love to do. Module Ten The Ultimate Destination of your life: Your life is a project, a kitset that takes decades to complete, yet all the instructions and plans are there for full viewing and disclosure of what it is you, and every other person on the planet were born to become. Knowing your lifes journey and the purpose and reason for your existence are published in the Book of your Life and anyone can read their book, even the final chapter if they want to, but there are rules and Time is one of them. Knowing the Ultimate Destination of a persons life from the very beginning provides amazing insight and provides any person to know the rules, the boundaries and the almost exact path one should take to achieve what it was they were born to achieve. Taking shortcuts, breaking the rules, rushing when the pace called for is set, only ends in disaster, but that is okay as we all have the right to choose. The Ultimate Destiny is revealed by the sum total of a persons Full Name and their Total Birth Date. Course Fee for Milestone One It is expected the student will take ten weeks to complete Milestone one which consists of the Nine Modules described above. Each module comes with training material, exercises and questions to be answered and sent back to me for evaluation. This is a serious course and unless the keen student purchases the whole course outright, the certificate of a successful course outcome (a pass) will be only be issued if Peter is satisfied the effort has been put in and practice will prove this to be so. Level One is a precursor to Level two training where the student will spend more time learning how to read the future and the past. This is an exciting achievement and you could call it the SAS of Lettrology.    The fee is NZ$2,635 (discount price) for Milestone One and can be paid in a lump sum or in ten payments, first being before the Module on Numbers is sent of NZ$292.10 and before each of the remaining nine training modules are released. NB: All training modules are only sent out one at a time. As each one has been achieved and marked for work done. Please make enquiries in the first instance to: Peter Vaughan lives in Auckland New Zealand Over 40 years, hundreds of thousands of case studies and blind-tested by the best there is, these courses are second to none and the most advance available in the world! Milestone One ENDS MILESTONE TWO Begins Module One Introduction: What is a chart? Jo Bidens chart showing he is in a bad way 2021 Getting to know the areas of a chart are necessary as each area relates to a specific quality and function that describes not only that area but also links in specific ways with other multiple areas of the persons Profile. As an example, a person may be in a period of time where the conditions for them are precarious, but by linking their timely or untimely situation with their Birth Date or Called Name, may in fact be a beneficial time for them. But this aspect of using the right approach will only become effective if understood, and acted on in the right manner. A person can gain immensely if they know the circumstances where another person may lose a great deal through ignorance. Therefore, it is important before the student begins to build their own chart that they understand the rules associated with being in-tune, or out-of-tune, with a given Age Bracket being plotted or looked at in their Past, their Present or any time in their Future. Lettrology is the most advance means to analyse or view a persons Real Life events for anytime in their life. To make a mistake in someones analysis can be embarrassing to the reader and detrimental to the person being read for. Lettrology is an exact science and this is why it is considered by Peter Vaughan the most advanced system of human investigation to date, and he has a great deal of evidence to support his work over 40 years. It is time for him to share his knowledge to those who can carry the torch into the future where Peter can no longer go. For those who become Masters at this work, a career for life is assured and many people will benefit for your having learned this material. Module Two Four timely Seasons we all experience Our life consists a series of learning experiences and each Season brings its own conditions to bare on the individual. Not all Seasons are equal in length, just as Summer one year may be shorter the next irrespective of the dates we have marked for the seasonal changes on our calendars. The four Seasons are called, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and interestingly enough, the Winter Season is the best as it is where we have arrived at the main part of our life where we have experienced and overcome most of the lessons Life has allowed us to grow from. Now, we are in control of our future and have realised what it is we love to do or have longed to do, and this is the time for us to enjoy. One great thing about the Seasons Module, by learning this at an early age, people can bypass much of the heartaches and negative learning curves in life and get to the field of their Destinies and Ultimate Goals far earlier and easier, but this is up to the individual. When shown knowledge, one must have respect for what they have learned and use the knowledge well for the whole of their life. Its worth it Module Three Your Physical, Mental, Emotional & Intuitive qualities There are four segments or dividing lines on a circle that can be identified as the strength and quality of your: Physical make upMental make upEmotional make upIntuitive make up What decides the strength or ruling factor of these qualities you have is calculated by the amount of letters there are in your full name when they are divided and placed in the areas of the circle under the names above. Most people are governed by their Emotional make up and depending on what combination of letters they have in their respective group areas (P. M. E. I.), some are more affected than others and can be the cause of why you act in a particular way under certain conditions. This Module is very helpful in determining if a person can handle an emergency or not and therefore could be used in areas such as Human Resources or even for that person who is sitting in the seat by the EXIT / ESCAPE door on a plane. For people who work in the airlines, this would be a helpful knowledge and could save many lives. Just saying Module Four Building the Chart: Past, Present and Future When building the Chart from scratch, and in these lessons, the student will be building many charts and learning from a variety of examples, so the awareness builds and builds, and experience is gained. But there are subtle rules that are really good to learn from the very beginning so mistakes are not continued, and addressed during the beginning stages of Chart development, and this will eliminate the repeating of mistakes as learning progresses. Should the student become a teacher of the subject to other budding Lettrologists, they will be only as good as their teacher and so it is important that Peter Vaughan makes sure his students get things right from the very start. Module Five Chart components: part 1 Calendar & Personal Years part 2 Names & Age part 3 Annual emotion feelings part 4 Combination of emotion & environment part 5 Interpret and Reading past and future Each of the 5 parts of chart components where names, age, temperament can be found, and to see when it is a time to stop, start, lay low, get up and go are there to be seen, to learn why each component becomes an influential ingredient is the essence of Chart development. It must be done right so the reading is understood and performed right too. Module Six Advanced Forensic Interpretation There comes a time where the student will begin to feel confident they are able to interpret the chart they have created for a client or friend. At this stage, the student will be introduced to deeper analysis techniques that include compound number analysis and when to switch to the new up and coming emotional change for a person that takes place at their birthdate and not at the end of one year and the beginning of the next (December 31st to January 1st) This is where the student learns to blend or link the present year-status of their client, but also the year ahead. The event horizon can be very significant for risk analysis and more. Module Seven How to read a full chart: When the chart has been populated and filled in with a persons full name and date of birth it becomes quite a maze until the student knows where to start and what three or four indicators that should be focusing on and not the entire sheet. By learning this technique, the student will never become overwhelmed and have more instant answers to the clients present situation or what may be of interest in a case study. Case studies may include looking for suicide trends, an accidental death, or even someone who may be a part of a police investigation. Then there are the times when a student may be contracted to work out if two people are compatible, or the support asked of them to name their new baby. The applications are wide and many and cover every aspect of human and the things humans make that are worthy of study, such as when an airplane or ship was launched for public use, even what someone should do with their investments with a company that may be good or not so good an investment, some companies fail, and this too can be detected before the actual event. Module Eight Where to start your reading Reading a chart from the outset, start with the present time frame, the Year, then the Month. This is to determine what situation or condition is being experienced by a person right there and then. From this point the reader (student) will be able to look at what has happened leading up to the present time and to see what matters are ahead and how will or should unfold, depending on the choices the client may make based on what information the reader provides the client. This is why the reading of a chart should always be initiated by looking at the here and now time frame as this identifies to the reader and the client what is happening to them and it is to gain the clients confidence the reader is spot on with their assessment. Now is always Now for every person so this is always the best place to start. Module Nine Link Milestones 1 & 2 advanced Chart Reading This lesson is important in that the student will begin to realise the importance of Milestone One where they learned the value and meaning of Numbers and Letters. The number 2 as an example can be applied to a First Name or a birth DAY, but the number 2 in both these areas cannot be considered to have the same meaning. An example Would you rather be hit by a yellow bus or a yellow flower? People respond by saying flower. Both objects are yellow, but the flower and bus are very different. Training helps the student realise, the same number has a different meaning and impact depending on where it is found. By the way, yellow when converted to numbers, then reduced, sums to 2, as does the word death, the name Jesus and covid 2019 too. Module Ten Black Belt level: Multiple Chart Reading Creating a chart to read for an individual or a company or the state of a Stock on the Market, will become a skill the student will be capable of. The student will come across clients or jobs that need them to create multiple charts and to be able to swing between one sheet and the next and it can become a little overwhelming and mistakes can happen. This Module provides a mean of reading multiple charts at the same time on a single sheet of paper or several sheets of paper if there is a group to study, like a sports team, a class of students, a family group etc. This has been used to assess victims in mass shootings, even racing drivers to see who will win out of a multitude of drivers. You can compare teams in the Americas Cup, the NFL Super Bowl, even which party will win national elections, and it even detect fraud. Course Fee for Milestone Two It is expected the student will take twenty weeks to complete Milestone one which consists of the Modules and sub sets described above. The time increase is because practice is required. Peter wants to make you an expert and he will be needing more people to help him so you can become an affiliate and have work sent to you by clients needing help in your region, anywhere in the world. Become a Master at Lettrology at affordable fees. Each module comes with training material, exercises and questions to be answered and sent back to me for evaluation. This is an advanced course and unless the keen student purchases the whole course outright, the certificate of a successful course outcome (a pass) will be only be issued if Peter is satisfied the effort has been put in and practice will prove this to be so, just like Milestone One. Level One was the precursor to Level Two training where the student will spend more time practicing with real people and learning how to read their future. This is an exciting achievement and I will call this the SAS of Lettrology.    The fee is NZ$3,635 (discount price) for Milestone Two and can be paid in a lump sum or in ten payments, first payment required before the Modules, one and two of Milestone Two, Chart training, is sent of NZ$392.10 and before each of the remaining training modules are released. NB: All training modules are only sent out one at a time. As each one has been achieved and marked for work done. In addition to these training modules, video productions on the training will be available to all students and links to access them will be sent for viewing and student training support. Please make enquiries in the first instance to: sally@petervaughan.netThis course is the only one of its kind in the world! ~ ~ ~ Milestone Two ENDS ~ ~ ~ Milestone's three and four are related to Physiology and exterior profiling techniques that are seriously, way beyond body language and the material in Levels One and Two are required before the student enters this arena. Thank you for reading this long winded publication, many have asked for it and it is now ready for people to enter the world of Reading People Like a Book. Peter Vaughan