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Canada's Election Sept 2021
Sep 20, 2021 1:01 am

A Prediction Canada Election is today - 20th September 2021.

I was not aware of the election till this morning, NZ time, and am keen to see how the penny's drop. Justin Trudeau's Profile shows him to be somewhat like Ardern in qualities and character. He likes to look 'pretty' he can change his mind and talk cleverly in an instant, he has analytical traits and likes to do things 'his way', oh and he has an overactive sensual mind.

The news feed link below reports the present parliament has sent out 1 million postal votes (BUT) only 50,000 have registered to vote via postal voting (smells like a rat already like USA election fraud, see the story here: 

Then there is the opposition contender, Erin O'Tool. His Profile Indicates he has leadership nature, a military background, a lawyer and involved in politics for the last nine years as I read it in the link below), and a determination supported by thoughtful analysis, is practical, very intelligent and likes to research all he is involved with, based on his profile analysis I have done.


I am only writing what I see of the personality and characteristic's these two men have from my analysis work. However, I do see the trend ahead and if the election is not tampered with (as it likely will be if what I say next is in reverse), O'Tool has a clear win over Trudeau.


Trudeau's birthday in 25th Dec, he'll be 50. He has a major change in his life indicated ahead, directly after his birth day, and around that time preceded by this election today, shows October, November and December (then Jan, Feb and Mar 2022) are all absolute crap for him. O'Tool's birthday is 22nd January and he is already in a position to make the election his, with greater indications of success over Trudeau. Like a jigsaw puzzle piece, he fits in very well into the winners chair and for some years. This does not mean all plain sailing, but he has a much better chance of beating Trudeau.


Due to the global situation with (almost) every politician and political leader around the world collaborating and supporting a global agenda, which is obvious to many who have looked over the fence of corruption and seen the growing number of people who have revealed there is massive fraud afoot, then if O'Tool experiences defeat, the election will be questionable by many. Let's see what unfolds.