Why do Politicians lie?

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Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies
Aug 22, 2022 10:40 pm

Why do Politicians lie?

Many Politicians learn to Twist the Truth (lie) when entering parliament.

You don't need a science degree to pick when someone is lying especially when they are not good at it. Politicians have a degree in Twisting the Truth, just fill out an O.I.A. (Official Information Act) form and you'll see how they twist their way out of giving you what you ask for. Try asking a politician "are you telling us the truth" and to your face you'll get, "of course." Do you think they'd say anything else? Yeah, Nah! 

Our current Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, was asked by a moderator during a televised debate when running for the PM's position; "Ms Ardern, can you be a politician without telling lies", and she said "yes". Further she was asked, "will you ever tell lies to the people? She said "No!"

If you asked Mike Hosking, New Zealand's top ranked radio host, if Jacinda Ardern lies, he'd say "yes" because he has done so several times on his morning slot on Newstalk ZB.

Why do people lie?

They don't want people to know what they have done or what they are about to do. They don't like being questioned, about their 'story' and will find a way if possible to move away from the situation.

But when a liar is caught out, there is an immediate follow up lie or a long drawn out explanation. They become agitated, more vocal, their start using their hands, arms and heads, flailing about... oh, just like the PM.

Unfortunately, the world is full of liars, cheats, propaganda and deviants. The news is known to be the most powerful means to spread lies to the innocent to convince them they are hearing the truth about something that is likely false.

You may have heard these words yourself: "he lied so much he actually believed himself." This is the psychology of lying where brain-washing' takes place. Repetition creates neural pathways and a belief is formed. The liar feels they are really telling the truth and they can be very convincing.

To uncover the lies you have to know how to seek the lie out.

Liars use their conscious mind to make convincing stories to cover their tracks of some secret doing, big or small. Similarly, when two or more people get together and plan a crime against others, it becomes a conspiracy to commit a crime.

But when conspirators are questioned about their potential involvement, they cry out "conspiracy theories" and quickly make a mockery of those that challenge them.

Interesting as it is, many conspiracy theories have been uncovered to find the criminals behind them, yet some remain in shadow, lost to time where the perpetrators live in hope no one ever discovers their dirty secrets.

But, there are ways of seeking out the truth that liars dread, and fearing disclosure they avoid those who seek them out.

The Secret

There is the secret pathway into the mind of the criminal. They may try to use their wit and consciously continue to lie and evade discovery, but they cannot hide from their subconscious, which like Block-Chain, has the truth recorded and it cannot be erased.

When two people are being questioned over an incident where one is lying and the other telling the truth, one of them is lying but both know who it is. If only we had a recorder, a memory chip implant, a means to find the truth among the lies. Well now we do and it is not a chip or anything electronic.

Our brain is a biological supercomputer. It can be hacked and a virus installed like a computer, and used for ill-gain, but the Block-Chain buried in the subconscious cannot easily be erased and it is here where we found how to uncover past events, and there are no invasive measures, in fact, it can be done remotely.

It's time for crime to do time.

"Forgive and forget" may be well intended by good people, however, forgiving may be admirable but forgetting is impossible. The secret for unveiling the truth has been unearthed and another wonderful tool of value can now be used to discover past events and presented to the criminal. Conspiracy has an enemy and the good people have the key.

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