On September 3rd 2007, Steve Fossett set off in a light aircraft and has not been seen since . . .

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Steve Fossett: DEAD ? ABDUCTED ?
Feb 19, 2008 8:58 am

On September 3rd 2007, Steve Fossett set off in a light aircraft and has not been seen since . . .

Steve Fossett has been declared legally dead five months after he took off on a pleasure flight over the Nevada desert. Peggy Fossett, his wife, filed a petition in a Chicago court permitting the execution of Steve's Will to go ahead.

Fossett's attorney, Michael LoVallo has expressed it is very sad. Peggy anxiously awaited Steve to come walking down the road the next day with another story to tell, but as time passed she realized it wasn't going to happen.

After a testimony from Mrs Fossett, Judge Malak of Cook County found there was sufficient evidence that Steve Fossett was dead. There has been no trace of the 63-year-old adventurer since he had taken off in a single-engine plane from an airstrip near Yerington, Nevada, on Sept 3 2007.

A multitude of aircraft had spent over a month searching over 51,000 kilometers of western Nevada mountains; one of the most remote and uninhabited regions in America. They found other plane wreckage's, but no trace of Steve Fossett's aircraft. The search has been called to a halt as winter has set in.

Mr LoVallo said Mrs Fossett would like to recover the remains "and really find out what happened". According to Mrs Fossett's expressions to the courts re her husbands probable death, he was on a pleasure flight when he vanished and not, as his friend Richard Branson had said initially, scouting for a dry lake bed where he could set a new world land speed record.

Interestingly, Fossett's disappearance affected Branson considerably as a clear Indicator shows as such on his chart.

Fossett had set more than 90 aviation records in balloons, fixed-wing aircraft, gliders and airships and 23 sailing records; 60 still stand. In 2002, he became the first person to fly solo around the world in a balloon, however, one unsuccessful attempt saw Fossett plunge five miles into the sea near Australia's coast.

Fossett earned his fortune in financial trading on the Chicago futures exchange but embarked on a campaign to break more world records than any other sportsman in history; he set 116 records, got into numerous scrapes and survived several brushes with death - till now.


James Stephen Fossett was born on April 22nd 1944 and was lost to this world on September 3rd 2007. He hasn't been found, is he dead, was he abducted?

Steve Fossett was a "Risk" taker, there is no missunderstanding that, but with taking risks there are potential consequences especially if some factors have not been accounted for.

Michael Erceg (booze barron NZ) died on a "Risk day"

Possum Bourne (racing car driver) died on a "Risk day"

Princess Diana and Steve Irwin both died on "health" danger "Risk days"

Steve Fossett died (vanished) on a "Risk day" too; so what is a "Risk" day ?

Many years ago I heard two words I didn't understand expressed by an aging lawyer; 'empirical data'. He said, "You have to have enough empirical data... blah, blah, etc." Not wanting to appear completely ignorant (as you do) I researched the word empirical when I got home and discovered it meant a repeated result based on gathered data.

"The word empirical means: Based on observation and experiment; on or characterized by observation and experiment instead of theory."

I asked myself, was there a 'death' number, was there a reason or reasons people die when they did ? And so I began to study public records of people who had died. The Empirical data, revealed clearly there is an association with death and dying that resulted from my research and I created a file of these 'timely' demised events that I call "group 4."

Immediately I recalled Asian people do not like the number 4; is this the reason ? My research revealed a pattern that runs with death and dying that began to fascinate me, but let's not get all worked up here, look at this constructively and positively to see what can be profited by this information.

I have researched more than 100,000 case studies over 28 years and now I can track and trace people's lives using the natural phenomena discovered by Socrates and Pythagoras. Our Universe is governed by natural Laws (like gravity) and there is no escaping these Laws to suit our selves, we have to work with them or pay the price of our ignorance.

So when Steve Fossett took a leisurely flight at a moment in 'his' life that was veiled with "RISK" and was within the empirical data group 4 encapsulating death and dying, any mistakes or oversights he may have made, even in ignorance, do not change natural Laws - he was in breach of the Law, he was at risk. Results speak for themselves.

This may seem nonsense to people who are 'sensible' but people throughout the ages have had to change their thinking as new information has come to light.


Can it be denied that it was once believed the Earth was the center of the Universe, that the world was flat, that a voice carried over a wire or through the air over great distances was impossible, that lifting tons of metal off the ground to fly in the air was ludicrous, that identifying a criminal by a microscopic component of a cell were all impossible till it was discovered and empirically proven to be so? Well of course not, now that new scientific discoveries and empirical data are evident.

Back to Fossett; had Steve flown the next day, he would have been out of the danger zone and safely back on the ground in a few hours of him taking off.

What is really interesting (re flying), is that if one person can be identified to be at risk in a certain period, then 250 people identified at risk at the same time, and if they all booked to travel on the same plane at the same time, the probability of the flight being "Hijacked", a "9/11" or an "Erebus" flight, raises the 'empirical' data alarm bell and I would choose not to fly or take that flight.

If it were my choice, I'd like to know the risk of flying with a group of people who are susceptible to falling out of the heavens on any particular day. The technology is here and it can be implemented at any airport, if the airport agencies were interested.

An example of my research follows and was used as a study question in one of my training courses to my students:

Not many remember the name Kalpana Chawla born 1st July 1961 and died on 1st February 2003. The two months preceding Kalpana's death the harmonic (or number) 4 was blanketing Kalpana's every move. The moment February came, Kalpana's life ended along with 6 of her fellow astronauts as they were incinerated during a re-entry. All the flight crew had the same and similar 'harmonics' as did Kalpana. Interesting stuff this work I do!

Any airline people out there want to know more ? Contact me.

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