I've adjusted the 'time-slide-rule' ahead eight months, for the "Want to Stay Guy" and the "Want to Be Guy" to June 2013.

Using hindsight, I have looked back to events post November 6 "last year".

What does the aftermath look like for them now?

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Romney and Obama; Gladiators in Suits
Oct 24, 2012 1:03 pm

I've adjusted the 'time-slide-rule' ahead eight months, for the "Want to Stay Guy" and the "Want to Be Guy" to June 2013.

Using hindsight, I have looked back to events post November 6 "last year".

What does the aftermath look like for them now?

Obama and Romney, are but Gladiators in suits, supported by a team of writers and strategists trying to oust flank one another, and every step of the way, the reporters watch like hungry buzzards from up high, relaying their views and perspectives of the antics and speeches the two men make... then the support teams of each Party, adjust their Leaders tactics.

Can you imagine a Government that listened to what the people had to say all the time, not just before the elections, and continually adjusted their approach and portfolio's to suit the waves of emotion coming from the engine room of the people of America, or any country for that matter?

People want the TRUTH, and both Obama and Romney tell you they are both being straight up and honest, "it's the other guy who's making up stories'; surely, that makes them both suspect. This and every election is a battle of wits, and when won, the one left in the lime light has to battle all the new and unforeseen events on the road ahead as they come into play.


We're looking BACK from June 2013 at the profiles of;
Barack Obama; President
Michelle Obama; First Lady
Jo Biden; Vice President
Mitt Romney; Presidential contender
Ann Romney; Mitt's wife
Paul Davis; Mitt's Running Mate


Romney was on the treadmill of disaster during his 2012 campaign, but gained some ground to catch up to Obama during October making it an almost even game, and now it's just 2 weeks out from the election.

TIME LINE: (and remember, we're looking back from June 2013). Each of the person's discussed in the following, are named at the beginning, or in the belly, of the texts in the paragraphs.

President Obama was under a great deal of pressure, more than he had anticipated or expected. As the month began to close, there was an increase in his performance and activity all mixed with concern, as he had to think quick and act like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Michelle Obama was feeling the pressure, from her duty to support her husband, and tend to her family; she was managing more than was comfortable, and Barack was relying on her to take control where necessary in matters, and she had to use her initiative to the extreme.

Mitt Romney was picking up the pace. He hadn't had a clear sprint for some time and October provided the opportunity. However, as the month closed, he needed to change strategy, drop some techniques and plan for other attacks. Things did not go completely as he had wished, but he had to roll with the punches as they were thrown and be seen to take it all on the chin with a smile.

Ann Romney could feel the rush of the political wind, and she had to hold onto her composure... but as October's days began to run dry, her 'womanly intuition' began to tell her, things are about to alter, and she was right.

President Obama realised right from the get go, he was closing in on the finish line and the pace was good. Over his shoulder Romney was falling behind, faltering under the weight of impending defeat. Jo Biden was making every effort to ensure every detail was being attended to for his Boss so there would be no mistakes, nothing left unattended. A win was in sight and as the month rolled through, Obama held onto the driver's seat, remaining courteous to his defeated opponent.

Michelle Obama felt the intense activity as Election Day arrived. She was on tender-hooks and filled with grave concerns that things may go awry for her husband. As the day unfolded, the First Lady remained as she was the day before, and she felt relieved; yet something was bothering her, something she could not put her finger on.

Mitt Romney experienced three things in November; shock, gut punched and a saddle bag full of heavy lessons. He realised he had a new direction to move into, but where to from there? What now? His running man Paul Ryan felt the shock of the failed attempt. He had so believed they were going to cross the line in first place, but that one ounce of ugly doubt, reared its head, and made toxic his dreams and aspirations of being the next Vice President of the United States of America.

Ann Romney knew the wind was to drop from her husband's sails, but underneath it all, she was relieved it was over. The previous three years had been very challenging for her, and few knew what was going on behind the scenes - hers was, and still is, a pretentious life; and nothing would change for her for another three years.

Barack, Michelle, and Jo Biden, began surfing down the wave of success, enjoying the moment. Barack was ready to forge ahead with his election promises, but the wheels of Government were not as freed up as he wanted, and Barack began could feel the hand brake applied by those he relied on for support and instruction. His hands were tied. It would not be until January before he could make any forward movement.

Mitt, Ann, and Paul Ryan, were at odds with themselves. Mitt went into total reflection and sought to have time out where he could, some space to think and go over the events of the past four years; they were tough thoughts that replayed over and over in his mind.

Paul Ryan felt keen to re-group, and he kept a brave face; all the while, behind the scenes, he felt his efforts were not being regarded with the same enthusiasm, and similar to what Barack Obama was feeling, the brakes were on for him too.

Ann Romney was secretly delighted, but did not show her feelings outwardly at all for all to see. She maintained and drew a brave public face where necessary, but her glee was shining quietly within. She was thinking about the past three years, and hoped and prayed, things would change for her, but they didn't.

Well, the world did not come to an end on December 21st as prescribed by many of the lunatics of this world, and so life continued for Barack and his team... however, there were challenges in the wind and Barack needed his eyes and ears on full alert.

Barack felt his energy levels rise, and he was gearing up for his responsibilities and the work that had to be done. Even though he was beginning to plan, and focus on matters ahead of him, something began to whisper in his gut, all was not right...? News and matters he was in receipt of at the tail end of January, placed more weight on his shoulders than he had anticipated.

Michelle Obama began to feel that something was not quite right, something told her to listen to her intuition; she was picking up 'vibes' that things should be looked at below the surface; things that would likely jolt her as January closed its' doors.

Barack Obama, whatever way one looks at it, went into the month of February under very difficult conditions. This is the period from late January, to the end of March for him - but also and for his wife Michelle in March, April and May, were months of great pressure, lessons, difficulties and trials to deal with.

Jo Biden had a turn of events befall him, or certainly come home to roost during March, April and May.

JUNE 2013:
For all concerned, June seemed to be a month where fresh winds of change had passed, and the future could now proceed.


I know that all the above is speculation drawn from Indicators of the graphs I have been able to create for the above mentioned parties. Everything is written under the microscope of what the charts themselves provide, in the form of an alphanumeric code (a language per say), generated from a computer, so there is no airy fairy, or mumbo jumbo nonsense, being pulled from the ethers.

In the hope that all is managed well, matters described about the past, from a future prospective, may never eventuate. The reason, because in life we all have choices, and in the midst of whatever we choose to do, we are at the mercy of the elements and will wear the results of our actions. In other words, we are responsible for our own future and if we walk into a lion's den, be prepared to be eaten.

Now, let's go back to the future, in reverse... after all, it's all about predicting history.

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