When you sling rocks up in the air they're gonna come back. If you're a politician throwing lies about, they'll come back like homing pigeon's and coat you with muck for all to see. So, what's happening in New Zealand?

How much heat could Ardern have stood?

Does Luxon stand a chance?

Have the Greens turned to silage?

Does Act have an Act to show?

Winston? Knock, knock, Winston, Helloooooo...?



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2023, Get ready for the lying squads.
Mar 11, 2023 8:56 pm

When you sling rocks up in the air they're gonna come back. If you're a politician throwing lies about, they'll come back like homing pigeon's and coat you with muck for all to see. So, what's happening in New Zealand?

How much heat could Ardern have stood?

Does Luxon stand a chance?

Have the Greens turned to silage?

Does Act have an Act to show?

Winston? Knock, knock, Winston, Helloooooo...?



For too long, politicians have been accepted by the people as some of the most prolific liars on the planet. Jacinda Ardern said she would never lie and stated so to the public when she contested for office of Prime Minister in New Zealand 2017, "you can be a politician and never have to lie". That was her first lie, many followed and many more will flow from her mouth as long as she's PM.

Jacinda Ardern:

Her time in office is well past her use by date. She with her incompetent minions have done a good job at destroying New Zealand. The loud angry voices of the people in the city squares, cannot be heard because the media have been ordered to suppress what the public doing, saying and protesting about... "Get Out!"

Based on the performance of Ardern, a collapsed economy, housing and health services under enormous pressure, failed promises and wait, 'a photo shoot', my assessment or prediction for her blowhard BS and arrogance, is that the wind is gone from her sails and she was a sitting duck in a pond surrounded by seasonal duck hunters. Her body guard's may have been going off sick so they could read the classifieds for other work.

In other words she had no ability to sustain her position as the leader of a broken and dysfunctional group of MP's who have as much skill as blind mice in a maze, trying to please the cat so it's sharp fangs didn't snap at them.

Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern's time was well overdue. She should have left the building before January 2023. Her profile shows there were major issues and dangers escalating and decisions had to be made, and January 2023, D Day, an ending, so there you have it. But whether or not she had any influence or made any significant changes by her stepping down, the elections of 2023 are looming, her life had been a series of shock and horror stories and the last months of 2022 and the four months following, through to April were due to be very testing times. Was she Red Sticker'ed? "On the bench, get out of the game!" But who gave the order Hmm?

Chris Luxon:

The opposition, Luxon, destroyer of Air New Zealand? Things have picked up in the airline since he scuttled the ship. Luxon is in for a very difficult 2023, the shine will have dulled on his unfertilized crown. 2023 finds him under huge stress and as 2024 rolls in, he's likely to roll on out as his hospital pulse monitor looks like it could be about to flat-liner. "Beeeeeeep".

Grant Robertson:

He had a difficult time in December before 2023 hit.

He had a new opportunity in January but this soon dulled in February, in fact the whole year will find him achieving very little, or very little, "Oops", did I say that twice?  So, February, July and September before the elections, and then again in November, the wind goes from his sails and he'll drift along for a couple more years then... "who was Grant Robertson"?

Chris Hipkins:

Strange things are happening with this high school prefect. November and December brought surprising news (not so surprising as he knew what was coming), then things repeated in January and February as the year started. It is like he was told of what was happening but had to play out the act for Ardern, as what was about to be sprung on the public had to look sincere. February and March have brought a huge weight on his shoulders and it is not till April he gets a breath of fresh air but this does not last long at all. May, June, July August are not easy at all so he is in for a rough year, not only that, October and November are like a boxing ring fight that leaves him exhausted come the end of 2023.

Megan Woods:

She is known by other names, but she did not like the personal hits she heard in December last about the leadership change (Oops!), this shock news rolled on into January and February this year. She has a quick mind, guards her sensitivity, but come election time in October, her happy days of holding onto Ardern's skirt tails as she used to are gone, all alone now. She may stay in politics as it has good pay, but her days of glory and selfies she had with her boss are gone forever.

NATIONAL or LABOUR, or someone else...

Remember Chris Luxon, was the CEO of Air New Zealand? Well, 2023 is not looking good for him or his party.  The National Airline was in a financial mess and he was the Master-chief. I predicted accurately he was being groomed for the position to lead the National Party. But, he lied to the people about our national airline and how bad it was. His soft excuse and to 'come clean' to the New Zealand public, does not excuse his outright dishonesty, but a politician seems duty bound to lie, so maybe he fits the bill, but will likely get less voters support than he's hoping for.

Nicola Willis, his deputy leader is really pushing hard in 2023 to keep a strong hold on the wheel of a sailing ship in an series of storms throughout the year, navigating her way through but there are too many challenges. January, March, May, then October and December will find her in a state of exhaustion. If 2023 was not bad enough, 2024 sucks for her.

Labour Party:

Remember, they "never lie and are the only source of truth", said Jacinda Ardern. Well that was a stupid comment because it was an outright lie from the get-go. Maybe she practiced her speeches in front of a mirror and learnt from her image that telling porkies is fine as it comes with practice. Her team of obedient minions do not have the strength in their numbers to manage an overwhelming assault in the 2023 elections. Too bad, how sad, never mind.

And ACT, David Seymour:

Now this is interesting. For the last two years, Seymour's Party and it's leader have been making headwind and their numbers have swelled. Looking at his Profile and predicting the road ahead for him looks very clear.  Two months after his birthday in June 2022, the skies cleared away many of the stormy clouds he has been burdened by for many years and he is making up for lost time.

April and May in 2023 have a few hurdles to get over, but come election time he is not suffering the same challenges I see the other Parties experiencing. Is it possible he (like Winston Peters used to be0, is a King Maker at the 2023 elections? I say yes. This is a big and welcoming change for New Zealand politics. Even after the elections, David Seymour is not wearing war wound bandages like the other parties MP's. So, based on the numbers ahead as I see them, Seymour is in my books the best contender and we don't have to worry about the, "Green Party". The Green party are turning to compost and need digging into the soil. The right place for rotten veggies.

James Shaw is having a very difficult time in 2023, yeah, and so what? So are most New Zealander's. This party along with the Labour party have done a dirty job and destroyed our beautiful country. None of them in my opinion are fit for purpose. Well, someone's got to say it. I did my research beyond the standard press, radio stations and television networks where everything has been suppressed. Don't forget; Ardern's words "We are the only source of truth" and that was just the beginning of an absolute and blatant series of lies.

2023 will be a very difficult year for us in New Zealand and much of the research I have done and the predictions I see show that we all have to get ready and prepare as 2023 carries a nasty series of circumstances.

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