Data Predicts the Future. What does Data say about Your Future?

Nov 23, 2008 8:43 pm


No doubt about it, Barack Obama changed American history; like a lunar landing all over again. Now what?

I have re-printed the following excerpts from the 2nd January and I have to say, I had no idea just how the Presidential elections in the USA were run till about May, please excuse my ignorance on American politics. You see, here in New Zealand, we always have a dozen or so political parties all striving for Parliamentary office on the same day.

This month, November, as was previously written, and additional excerpts, are re-printed here for Barack and McCain's experiences as I calculated them 11 months ago, so you can see what I wrote then and recap the events as I predicted them.

OBAMA (His Grandmother turned very ill).
"OCTOBER really causes Obama to think about all the things he has, and has not done. He will be cramming in as much as he can, but he will still be feeling like there is something more he can do as the polls may not be going as well as he had hoped. Some ideas will emerge and more personal matters will be brought to the surface for him to handle as diplomatically as he can. This is a strange month for him as there seems to be two things going on and one of them is secretive".

"NOVEMBER is where Obama is out there banging his message and cramming as much in as he can possibly do without falling off his perch as he prepares for the final act of crossing the line ahead of his rivals. he is hopeful and inspired by much of what is going on, his team will be there in the background supporting him and chanting him on...."

"DECEMBER finds Obama exhausted, he seems deflated, let down, burdened and in deep analysis mode. There has been a great lesson learned and it has not been an easy one, but the experience was invaluable".

McCAIN (Didn't make the finish line).
"NOVEMBER is hard to say the least. Serious effort is required and he is working very, very hard indeed. He is very outgoing due to the circumstances the month brings. His opinions are strong and serious in tone. Months end brings unexpected and heavy outcomes for him".

My concerns now are focused on the combination's as I see them when looking at the three Profiles of Barack, his wife Michelle and Vice President Elect, Joe Biden.

Prevention has always been better than finding a cure, especially after the horse has bolted and the ambulance is at the bottom of the cliff. When I look at the heavy 'stuff' I see in Obama's Profile, also reflected in his wife's Profile, and also in Joe Biden's Profile, I just sit and wonder what's afoot.

Here's hoping that all's well that ends well and that the depressing indicators I see on their Profiles, are averted by careful planning and a surefooted home security team.

PS. years back, I wrote to the Home Security Office to inform them that I saw some very challenging problems with President George Bush Junior. I just suggested they might want to look out for him on a specific date.

It was interesting to hear reported from America that President Bush had "reportedly" choked on some pretzels or something whilst watching a football game; or was it something else?

Some time back I wrote material on my findings I titled "Codes of Collapse" and discussed how these statistical patterns I discovered seem to re-appear at times of crisis.

The Codes have been given numbers, 9, 11, 13, 16 and 20. Each Code is a "Title" and label of sorts that identify a set of conditions that people seem to experience whenever the Codes present themselves. The Profiles I create, are a Matrix of alphanumerics and are 'life maps' if you will of any person's life.

The patterns in themselves are indicators and provide insight of the conditions ahead for those who are interested, or in my case, of those people I am interested in observing. So the following is an overview of what I read from the calculations of Barack, Michelle and Joe.

Barack Obama, at best, his Profile for December is one where he seems to be under the weather and his health indicators are low. It is very important that he is not only living a balanced life with diet and exercise, but that he gets his rest also.

Barack Obama, at worst, has a heavy mist surrounding him throughout December and there are concerns that his position as being the first African American to hold the office of the President Elect of the United States, has become a target for would be person/s who do not want him to fully establish the Presidential position.

Michelle Obama, in the best light based on the indicators I have calculated, describe conditions that appear to show she is unable to progress as much as she may feel she'd like to at a productive and happy pace. There is hard work and a lot of personal and family responsibility to attend to.

Michelle Obama, in the more challenging light of the conditions I see that are possible for her, are where shock and unforeseen conditions cause her to have to stop in her tracks and where she will have to take care of matters that are strongly associated with personal responsibility and family concerns.

Joe Biden, in the best light show indicators that bring about big changes in his environmental conditions to do with career and managing somewhat more than he may have anticipated and the weight of these changes is directly reflected in his work load.

Joe Biden, in the worst light reveal distressing indicators that are like to a person who has had the weight of the world placed on his shoulders and the changes affecting his life emanating from the conditions he is surrounded by will add more to his already heavy work schedules.

All these 'predictions' are always subject to what a person or persons are doing that will bring about the events they experience. This is certainly not a distinct indicator that something horrid will happen such as an attempted or full fledged assassination as such, but the barriers at the top of the hill and the barn door being shut, as preventative measures, will ensure that any such possible attacks on Barack can be avoided with the skill and expertise from the men charged with his safety.

The Codes are described:

9 = emotional sadness and loss. 11 = unexpected events and can be associated with death and mental illness. 13 = massive changes to the conditions and require exceptional management and planning. 13 is all it is made out to be by people from all over the world and is directly associated with death; along with 11 and 20. 16 = big lessons that are not comfortable or easy to bare. When 16 raises its' head, challenges to the health and vitality of a person are often experienced. And 20 = as hinted to above, is the Code associated with the clinical term "flat liner."

These Codes are described here in their negative element and so the polar opposite is also very able to be the conditions experienced by the people referred to in this article.

Well, time will tell. Here's hoping for the best. We have had too much trouble this year as it is. Although I am not an astrologer, nor do I understand much about that field, however, the 'planet' Pluto is apparently changing signs on November 28 - a major turning point, and I expect December to be event filled.

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