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In Brief
Is Election 2023 another political circus Act ?


Ah yes, the 3rd of November and the 'special votes' will reveal the final count.

But is Luxon up to the task, his Profile suggests otherwise according to Predictive Analytics ?



Broken political promises leave footprints in the shifting sands of time. People forget, vote for promises of change once more, but nothing really changes.

A quote I heard, (I paraphrase) "...

Sir Richard Branson - Prediction Comes to Pass

On the 3rd APRIL 2013, I wrote an article on the late CEO of New Zealand's newest aggressive telecommunications Company; Two Degrees Mobile.

In that article I recorded I had met Eric Hertz and his wife Kathy on the 24th NOVEMBER 2012 where I was invited to discuss his Company's future.

Based on three decades of breaking research, I said; "Eric, Kathy and his Company were all going to experience a Major Change in their life/existence between March and April 2013."

Eric piloted a plane that crashed into the ocean with his wife on the 30th March 2013. The Company changed directors and CEO.


Here are excerpts of that story and it can be seen in my archives by typing Richard Branson in the search engine tab above. If you're interested, look into the 7 year old story I wrote about Steve ...

2024, The Year of KARMA

In China, this is a No. 8 Year

Good tidings for some, bad Karma for many.


What does the Book of Your Life say for you this year ?

Everyone has a book about their life, we've been carrying it around buried deep inside our heads since before we were born and then...

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