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Is Election 2023 another political circus Act ?


Ah yes, the 3rd of November and the 'special votes' will reveal the final count.

But is Luxon up to the task, his Profile suggests otherwise according to Predictive Analytics ?



Broken political promises leave footprints in the shifting sands of time. People forget, vote for promises of change once more, but nothing really changes.

A quote I heard, (I paraphrase) "...

Sir Richard Branson - Prediction Comes to Pass

On the 3rd APRIL 2013, I wrote an article on the late CEO of New Zealand's newest aggressive telecommunications Company; Two Degrees Mobile.

In that article I recorded I had met Eric Hertz and his wife Kathy on the 24th NOVEMBER 2012 where I was invited to discuss his Company's future.

Based on three decades of breaking research, I said; "Eric, Kathy and his Company were all going to experience a Major Change in their life/existence between March and April 2013."

Eric piloted a plane that crashed into the ocean with his wife on the 30th March 2013. The Company changed directors and CEO.


Here are excerpts of that story and it can be seen in my archives by typing Richard Branson in the search engine tab above. If you're interested, look into the 7 year old story I wrote about Steve ...

2024, The Year of KARMA

In China, this is a No. 8 Year

Good tidings for some, bad Karma for many.


What does the Book of Your Life say for you this year ?

Everyone has a book about their life, we've been carrying it around buried deep inside our heads since before we were born and then...

2024, The Year of KARMA
Jan 27., 2024 7:05 pm

In China, this is a No. 8 Year

Good tidings for some, bad Karma for many.

What does the Book of Your Life say for you this year ?

Everyone has a book about their life, we've been carrying it around buried deep inside our heads since before we were born and then new chapters were added not long after you were born.

Is this for real ?

Yes it is, and just because you have not heard of it like most other people, does not mean it doesn't exist. How do I know, because I was the first to discover it on a journey I started 44 years ago.

Here's proof.  If you know anyone called DAVID and they are older than 27, well ask them what happened in their life the year they turned 27 that had to do with a Major Change in their Life - Work or Living conditions, because they all experienced quite a shake up. For real ?  Yeah, for real.

I once spoke to the organizer of a women's social group called "The Lois Club" and it was (obviously) for all the women called Lois and they got together once every quarter and went out for a social night.

I asked her about the big emotional event in her life when she turned 19, she said she broke off her engagement to be married that year, and asked me how I knew? 

I told her to ask all the members of her club if they all had a big personal event in their 19th year and they all had !!!

How is this possible? It is because I discovered the answer to an often asked question, "What's in a name" ? And in addition to that, your whole life is written out like a play where you choose the character but you have to follow the script and change it here and there but if you screw up too much and go off script, you'll learn a lesson or two as I found out.

So when it comes to KARMA and 2024, this is a year that will affect everyone on the little Blue Planet we call Earth because most people live under the 'guide' (if you can call it that), or more like control, of the leaders that run their country.

But what is Karma and how / where does it come from ?

Cause and Effect is another term for Karma. In other words, what you give out you get back. This is a natural law of the universe and it cannot be altered. The word Karma actually means "things are in balance, or, things are out of balance, and this is often attributed to the number '8' which may be why the Chinese have great respect for this Law.

KARMA -is a term that requires absolute respect !

The Bible speaks of 'words' having power, and it is absolutely correct.  The letters in that make up the word KARMA when converted into its numerical form as is discussed in Revelations 13:18 (New Jerusalem Bible Standard Edition) converts from a word into the number 8.

K=11, A=1, R=18, M=13, A=1. Adding these numbers together you get 44 and 4+4=8. It is just interesting that the word Karma sums to 8 as do the words GOD and the word CREATOR also = 8.  These are powerful words and in the work I do, the identification term for the number 8 is AUTHORITY. Is this a coincidence? No.

Is 2024 going to be full of Karma too ? 2+0+2+4 = 8.

I wrote a story about a Company called Two Degrees Mobile in 2012 that was witnessed by 26 people who heard me tell the CEO Eric Hertz he and his company were having major changes between March and April of 2013. He didn't want to know. He and his wife died in a plane crash on the 30th March 2013.

He piloted his private twin engine plane with his wife to go visit his children in Dunedin New Zealand, and on the 30th March, his fate was sealed. The Company obviously changed direction as well. Karma ?

It was in the same article I published that involved Richard Branson. I wrote he also had to watch out for matters in his life in October 2014. He had a space craft test flight set for that month and it crashed in the desert. Richard Branson's prediction was in fact another event that unfolded in a timely manner but there was no way I could get hold of him to offer my warning and so more things I have seen with my calculations, had come to pass.

So what can you do to get your book what has predictions in it you can read ahead each year and see what's coming up for you.  The good news is, you will now have control over any mishaps and avoid unnecessary challenging situations. Karma works when one is not careful.


More about 2024 and is there more Karma expected ?


I have looked at some major players involved in what can only be called a developing war. Using my skills in Profiling the world leaders, I have selected a few that may interest you and how they are likely to perform in 2024.

Vladimir Putin is in a cool and calm environment and appears to be unmoved by all the slang going on around him but he is a very clever man that the main stream media takes joy in slinging mud about him. So any efforts by the West to push him will be met with calm and well thought out responses, especially around the end of February 2024.

Xi Jinping is also unshaken by what is going on with the global conflict.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy. As January comes to a close, he is going down hill very fast and his outlook is dim. More challenges cross his path by the end of February, but also June, July and August are very heavy times adding more pain for him to handle.

Joseph Biden and Barack Obama are not in good shape either, a little like Zelenskyy. Biden is past his use by date already and that's no secret, and from February (2024) through to February 2025, he is on a down hill slide. Obama is acting cool, but there is no money in the bank and he is struggling with so much weight on his shoulders but you won't hear that on the news.

Donald Trump is having a hard time getting his footing with all the attacks he is having from the courts, but he is headed for President elect. He'll have to dodge the big attacks on him in the latter part of March, same again in April, then be very cautious in June, keep his head down in August and October, and if he gets through unscathed, he'll take the Presidency but is certain to face real hardship as 2025 rolls in.

Only a war will put a 'stay' on the elections and this is probably being worked on to stop Trump getting in.

Hence, all these leaders above have 'Books on their Life just as you have and any of you can get one of your own, one that is specifically designed for you. Just go on line and order yours. You will be astonished at how much the Book of Your Life tells you about yourself and the 12 months ahead.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Peter Vaughan

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