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These articles are archived by their 'date of entry'. The stories can be reference checked for their accuracy when Future events Peter has written about, come to pass. They're interesting reading for first time visitors.


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Natural Laws state only 2% SUCCEED in any fieldMar 12, 2015 10:35 pm

A 2% success rate (in any field) means 98% will fail. Napoleon Hill spoke of this fact in his public engagements after he spent 25 years' personally researching what makes people rich.

Bob Proctor agreed with me when I put it to him about Hill's findings when we sat and discussed success principles in 2012 for about five hours.

I am going to be very Direct and Blunt in this posting so please forgive me because I am bloody annoyed that so many people pay through the nose for the "getting rich bullshit" as purported by Wealth Creation Speakers. People are at a loss because it didn't work for them, or 98% of others.

When your Numbers up, do you have to die?Feb 15, 2015 6:34 pm
Look out for that hole in the road!

Did you turn the stove off before you left?

Is this a good or bad day for your interview?

Are your kids safe while you're away, and is the sitter good?

Will your plane crash?

Do you wish you had a better view of the future?

The Sun flipped poles as 2014 arrived. This will affect you this year!Dec 31, 2013 9:43 am
Nature is a force to respect! When the Sun reverses magnetic poles every 11 years, things change. Go back 22 years, recall what happened, now make new choices and change your life.

It's your decision. A door of opportunity has opened, the Sun has paved the way forward, and if you're not yet 22, the wisdom that follows will work for you just the same.

Caution: Too many sunny days, makes for a desert. That's why we have wind and rain to make life work. We cannot have everything just the way we want it. Life does not work that way, nor can you just have a sweet ride all the time.

Let me help you identify your obstacles and opportunities through 2014 and beyond, and what it means for the world.

2 Degrees and 58 meters too lateApr 3, 2013 11:09 am
The CEO of 2 Degrees, Eric Hertz was not really interested in what I had to say about his Company, but Kathy his wife was, now it's too late!

I'm sorry that I never had the chance to chat further with Kathy and the notes we made about the Company, she took with her to her early grave; the evidence of what I wrote covering the impending changes to their lives and that of 2 Degrees.

And it came to pass; 2 degrees had a business coronary, and Kathy and Eric perished at exactly the same time; a domino effect!
Photo credit New Zealand Herald