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Introduction to Lettrology

Beyond Numerology, and, how to read a person like a book INTRODUCTION If the future can be read, why has it not been done before? It was but outlawed during the Medieval era.I learned that, no ...
2023, Get ready for the lying squads.

When you sling rocks up in the air they're gonna come back. If you're a politician throwing lies about, they'll come back like homing pigeon's and coat you with muck for all to see. So, what's happening in New Zealand?

How much heat could Ardern have stood?

Does Luxon stand a chance?

Have the Greens turned to silage?

Does Act have an Act to show?

Winston? Knock, knock, Winston, Helloooooo...?




For too long, politicians have been accepted by the people as some of the most prolific liars on the planet. Jacinda Ardern said she would never lie and stated so to the public when she contested f...


On the 24th March 2018 I wrote the original story.

Today I updated it (18 Nov 2022).

Bank ATM’s have tightened the rope on withdrawal’s by 75%, banks hold 6% cash, 25% less than 2018.

You’re about to be robbed and here’s the same story with corrections using <strike through>.

The story has worsened, but there is a way out. Knowledge is the key, Crypto is a fiction-thing.


Here is the old story with obvious corrections:

"Dollars and Cents, $'c - Ones and Zeros, - 001010001100001011110000111000110... How do you feel about ha...

Kills, Guts Joe live, on New Zealand Television

Simon Cowell is well known for shows like "Pop Idol / X-Factor / American Idol and Britain's Got Talent".

But who the hell is 'Kills & Moon'? It seems they are an infamous pair who made mockery of NZ's version of the 'wannabe' talent show.

Pictured; "Bieber and Cleopatra" look alike couple who verbally gutted Joe Irvine, live on "NZ's TV3 X-Factor" show on Sunday night Mar. 15, 2015.

Pictured; Natalia Kills, Willy Moon, and inset, Joe Irvine.


Well don't names just say it all, and if you say name's in a particular order, like; "Kills and Moon" it makes sense with what has just happened on the recent New Zealand X Factor show; Sunday 15th...

Natural Laws state only 2% SUCCEED in any field

A 2% success rate (in any field) means 98% will fail. Napoleon Hill spoke of this fact in his public engagements after he spent 25 years' personally researching what makes people rich.

Bob Proctor agreed with me when I put it to him about Hill's findings when we sat and discussed success principles in 2012 for about five hours.

I am going to be very Direct and Blunt in this posting so please forgive me because I am bloody annoyed that so many people pay through the nose for the "getting rich bullshit" as purported by Wealth Creation Speakers. People are at a loss because it didn't work for them, or 98% of others.


Vision boards, books, DVDs, work books and whatever else you have, the statistics speak for themselves: It does not work like they say!

If this is right, why haven't the Motivators told you?...

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2015 - What's in store for you this Year ?

Every year that passes leaves a memory of events unfolded. But what if we were to look back at 2015, from 2016?

It's "BACK TO THE FUTURE" as we look at 2015 as seen from 2016. How cool is that!

Don't forget to get your Personal Profile Report and Long Range forecast for this year by clicking on the "Get a Profile" link above.


Looking back into the Past, observing the Present or looking ahead into the Future depends on where you are standing in Time. To look back at yesterday, or forward to tomorrow, you have to be stand...

Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies

Why do Politicians lie?


Many Politicians learn to Twist the Truth (lie) when entering parliament.

You don't need a science degree to pick when someone is lying especially when they are not good at it. Politician...

Kills, Guts Joe live, on New Zealand Television
Mar 16., 2015 1:54 pm

Simon Cowell is well known for shows like "Pop Idol / X-Factor / American Idol and Britain's Got Talent".

But who the hell is 'Kills & Moon'? It seems they are an infamous pair who made mockery of NZ's version of the 'wannabe' talent show.

Pictured; "Bieber and Cleopatra" look alike couple who verbally gutted Joe Irvine, live on "NZ's TV3 X-Factor" show on Sunday night Mar. 15, 2015.

Pictured; Natalia Kills, Willy Moon, and inset, Joe Irvine.

Well don't names just say it all, and if you say name's in a particular order, like; "Kills and Moon" it makes sense with what has just happened on the recent New Zealand X Factor show; Sunday 15th March 2015.

Here would be 'my' tag line - "Natalia Kills Irvine" live on Tele! What a show, and what perfect timing too.

Take a look at the clip over on Youtube

98% of New Zealand's viewing audience feel Kills went too far.

According to "Kills" birth name and 'delicate' age (and copy-cat look-a-like of Cleopatra), she was right on target, stepped on her own detonator and blew herself up in front of a live audience. The world will see this as it will go viral and her chart reflects her stupidity and nastiness. There was no need for her "Over" opinionated and Self-centred outburst in a weak attempt to protect her (Justin Bieber look alike) husband.

However, she made the "boo-boo" right on time. How apt. Now, Friday the 13th has just passed. There is a lot to be said for the Number 13 when it rears its 'ugly' head over it's otherwise 'beautiful' energy. When 13 is good, it's really good, when it's bad, it's really bad, and in fact it will kill, pun intended, but statistically factual.

Kills, (aptly named) is presently in a 9+4=13 energy right now - repercussions really hit home for her by May this year and as I see it, she is done and dusted.

William George Sinclair AKA Willy Moon, is in another of the numerical Codes I have discovered that can really hurt, even destroy a person, and this is number 16. 16 can mean love, warmth and affection, laced with beauty and quality. The negative side of 16 is Major lessons, sickness and withdrawal from everyone. The way it's going for this freshly married couple, looks bleak, and it is very likely they may part company in the near future.

There was no reason for Kills wicked tongue on the live show. I feel that Simon Cowell might voice an opinion, as he does so well, and "figuratively" point the "You're Done" finger at Kills and Moon, and if anyone, Cowell would have the right to say what he's said to the International Media because he was the creator of the whole series concept.

Oh well, Life goes on for many, and in my opinion, two more idiots have joined the Darwinian Awards group of Dumb and Dumber. Even Jim Carrie ain't that Dumb and he had to 'act' that way in his film. Kills and Moon did it for real, I guess the Jokes on them. Ha!

Sponsors, Two Degrees Mobile and McDonalds are 'most displeased' and "do not condone bullying" which is exactly what Kills and Moon did to wannabe artist, Joe Irvine.

Get your own Profile and forecast at

Peter Vaughan

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Michael Schumacher Prediction from Dec 2013 has unfolded.
Nov 20., 2014 7:37 pm

A story I wrote on December 30th 2013 after Michael Schumacher's skiing accident has come to pass and is still unfolding as had been written almost a year on.

The original story as published can be viewed in full by clicking on the "Search" tab and typing in 'Schumacher'. But the question remains from the original story... if people were told of a major problem ahead, would they listen? Probably not as was the case of the late CEO of Two Degrees Mobile (Eric Hertz).

Hertz was told of an impending and major series of events ahead for him 4 months and 6 days before he flew his light aircraft into the sea, killing himself and his wife Kathy, and brought about the changes to the Company as calculated by Data Logistics, and presented to him on 24th November 2012.


As the 'Breaking News' of Michael Schumacher circulated the World on the 29th December 2013, a quick glance of his statistics and those of his wife Corinna - after the fact, clearly show that his head trauma is more serious that the World hopes, and it shows up in equal form on both of their Logistic Profiles.

Now that the life threatening event has taken place, and he is in a coma after he hit his head on a rock during a skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps, what I see ahead for him is very grim.

Corinna's profile has moved into a pattern that indicates her entire life is in the midst of change and the next few years for her are very 'flat' to say the least.

Medical intervention is the only thing that is presently keeping Michael alive, and this is now heavily dependent on the 'brain trauma' specialist, Professor Gerard Saillant, to do what he can with Michael.

"He suffered head trauma with coma that needed prompt neurosurgical treatment," Schumacher's agent said in a statement late in the evening, which a hospital official read to reporters.

"He remains in a critical condition."

Schumacher has had accidents before, including a motorcycle crash in February 2009 in Cartagena, Spain, where he damaged a vertebra, a rib and the bottom of his skull. This too is clearly indicated on his Logistics Profile and was another accident that could have killed him.

At the time of that accident, his doctor, Johannes Peil, said it had caused the racer the most serious long-term harm of his career.

What is more interesting to me in this case, is that Michael has had close brushes with death before, but his wife's analytics show clearly NOW, that Michael is seriously in a worse state.

I know that this event will potentially have Michael crippled for the rest of his life, if he makes it through this current critical period. I hold a shaky candle for him for which only time will reveal an outcome.

Corinna has indicators that show January to be a very telling month, and Michael, well, the whole of 2014 is a complete disaster in any event. This is a wait and see moment for which only the magic of medical guru's have the ability and say in the outcome.

Without them, Michael is already a fallen star.

Please, using the laws of 2, 3, or even 4 Degrees of Separation, pass this on to people you know who may benefit from the information I can provide to others, and wave warning 'yellow flag's for our friends before an unseen event raises its ugly head.

Peter Vaughan.

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Sir Richard Branson - Another Prediction Comes to Pass
Nov 2., 2014 10:29 pm

On the 3rd APRIL 2013, 17 months ago, I wrote an article on the late CEO of New Zealand's newest aggressive telecommunications Company; Two Degrees Mobile.

In that article I recorded I had met Eric Hertz and his wife Kathy on the 24th NOVEMBER 2012 where I was invited to discuss his Company's future.

Based on three decades of breaking research, I said; "Eric, Kathy and his Company were all going to experience a Major Change in their life/existence between March and April 2013."

Eric piloted a plane that crashed into the ocean with his wife on the 30th March 2013. The Company changed directors and CEO.

Here are excerpts of that story and it can be seen in my archives by typing Richard Branson in the search engine tab above. If you're interested, look into the 7 year old story I wrote about Steve Fossett (Branson's former friend) by typing his name into the search engine also.

Why do I write this?

Life is not random. The future is predictable and it can be mapped for outcomes before any set point unfolds ahead of any present time. Knowing this, future disasters can be avoided.

The late CEO Eric Hertz, was not interested. His wife Kathy was, but when a man as driven for success as Eric was, takes no heed even to look at something as serious as his own demise, is a fool to himself and irresponsible to his late wife and children and his Company he left behind in New Zealand.

An interesting aftertaste followed his demise. There were 26 guests at the American Thanksgiving where I met Eric. Most heard the open discussion I was advocating about the future of Two Degrees Mobile, about him and his wife.

Eric was first to leave the function but the discussion continued. Two emails I wrote to Eric were not answered. On the 30th March 2013 (as prescribed) Eric and Kathy en route to see their children down country, were killed.


Once more from 3rd April 2013...

"Even for Sir Richard Branson; there is a set of changing conditions on his horizon and I would advise he be aware of the changing conditions during September through November in 2014."

I have opened the Profile Software on both Sir Richard and on his Company Virgin Galactic. Both Reports indicate clearly a Major Fault crosses their two Profiles simultaneously in late October and Early November 2014.

The Company Progress Indicators show matters arising in September, intensifying in October and crossing live wires so to speak as October folded into November. My software identifies this as a Red Flag Alert.

Sir Richard's Progress Indicators show September as a Red Letter day; October an unexpected event was due, and directly as the month crossed over into November, SHOCK!

My heart goes out to the lost and injured pilots. Their families will pay the price more than any shareholder can lose. Life is life, but death is forever.

The future is but one side of the coin; the past is its equal, and one cannot exist without the other. Therefore, as technology and progress continue, the telephone, television, radio and even flying will have the future to look forward to and man will continue to stretch his dreams into brave new worlds.

Why then is it so difficult to conceive the theory when someone says "we have proven we can see the next chapter before the scene arrives?"


Life is all about VIBRATION and FREQUENCIES; ask any pilot, radio ham, telecommunications specialist or brain surgeon. Simply put, it is possible to write the frequency program of any person or group of people and calculate when frequencies could clash or remain in harmony. This is what I have discovered after 34 years of testing and continued study.

So, Sir Richard, if you or anyone else wants some help, I am sure you can find me without any difficulty. My details are on the site.

Peter Vaughan
Data Logistics Limited

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