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In Brief
Introduction to Lettrology

Beyond Numerology, and, how to read a person like a book INTRODUCTION If the future can be read, why has it not been done before? It was but outlawed during the Medieval era.I learned that, no ...
2023, Get ready for the lying squads.

When you sling rocks up in the air they're gonna come back. If you're a politician throwing lies about, they'll come back like homing pigeon's and coat you with muck for all to see. So, what's happening in New Zealand?

How much heat could Ardern have stood?

Does Luxon stand a chance?

Have the Greens turned to silage?

Does Act have an Act to show?

Winston? Knock, knock, Winston, Helloooooo...?




For too long, politicians have been accepted by the people as some of the most prolific liars on the planet. Jacinda Ardern said she would never lie and stated so to the public when she contested f...


On the 24th March 2018 I wrote the original story.

Today I updated it (18 Nov 2022).

Bank ATM’s have tightened the rope on withdrawal’s by 75%, banks hold 6% cash, 25% less than 2018.

You’re about to be robbed and here’s the same story with corrections using <strike through>.

The story has worsened, but there is a way out. Knowledge is the key, Crypto is a fiction-thing.


Here is the old story with obvious corrections:

"Dollars and Cents, $'c - Ones and Zeros, - 001010001100001011110000111000110... How do you feel about ha...

Kills, Guts Joe live, on New Zealand Television

Simon Cowell is well known for shows like "Pop Idol / X-Factor / American Idol and Britain's Got Talent".

But who the hell is 'Kills & Moon'? It seems they are an infamous pair who made mockery of NZ's version of the 'wannabe' talent show.

Pictured; "Bieber and Cleopatra" look alike couple who verbally gutted Joe Irvine, live on "NZ's TV3 X-Factor" show on Sunday night Mar. 15, 2015.

Pictured; Natalia Kills, Willy Moon, and inset, Joe Irvine.


Well don't names just say it all, and if you say name's in a particular order, like; "Kills and Moon" it makes sense with what has just happened on the recent New Zealand X Factor show; Sunday 15th...

Natural Laws state only 2% SUCCEED in any field

A 2% success rate (in any field) means 98% will fail. Napoleon Hill spoke of this fact in his public engagements after he spent 25 years' personally researching what makes people rich.

Bob Proctor agreed with me when I put it to him about Hill's findings when we sat and discussed success principles in 2012 for about five hours.

I am going to be very Direct and Blunt in this posting so please forgive me because I am bloody annoyed that so many people pay through the nose for the "getting rich bullshit" as purported by Wealth Creation Speakers. People are at a loss because it didn't work for them, or 98% of others.


Vision boards, books, DVDs, work books and whatever else you have, the statistics speak for themselves: It does not work like they say!

If this is right, why haven't the Motivators told you?...

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2015 - What's in store for you this Year ?

Every year that passes leaves a memory of events unfolded. But what if we were to look back at 2015, from 2016?

It's "BACK TO THE FUTURE" as we look at 2015 as seen from 2016. How cool is that!

Don't forget to get your Personal Profile Report and Long Range forecast for this year by clicking on the "Get a Profile" link above.


Looking back into the Past, observing the Present or looking ahead into the Future depends on where you are standing in Time. To look back at yesterday, or forward to tomorrow, you have to be stand...

Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies

Why do Politicians lie?


Many Politicians learn to Twist the Truth (lie) when entering parliament.

You don't need a science degree to pick when someone is lying especially when they are not good at it. Politician...

2015 - What's in store for you this Year ?
Jan 2., 2015 4:20 pm

Every year that passes leaves a memory of events unfolded. But what if we were to look back at 2015, from 2016?

It's "BACK TO THE FUTURE" as we look at 2015 as seen from 2016. How cool is that!

Don't forget to get your Personal Profile Report and Long Range forecast for this year by clicking on the "Get a Profile" link above.

Looking back into the Past, observing the Present or looking ahead into the Future depends on where you are standing in Time. To look back at yesterday, or forward to tomorrow, you have to be standing in the Present. Makes sense so far doesn't it!

But as yesterday was today 24 hours ago, then today is tomorrow, also 24 hours ago. And by reading this now, you're in the future relative to yesterday.


But imagine observing how 2015 was, from January of 2016. It's possible you might think to yourself "I would have changed 'this' or done 'that' differently if only I had known what was going to happen before it did".

That poses an interesting question as this year has only just started to run the sand through the hour glass, and now you have a chance to see what's on the cards for you this year. Then you'd have the ability to change things you might otherwise do, before it happens, and create an outcome more to your liking.

But is this possible?

That was the question I asked myself 35 years ago when I started looking into this seemingly strange new science, and IT IS a science as it can be calculated using math formulas and computers.

People I have helped, and those I have entertained over the years, was possible because of the new frontiers I ventured into. I have developed a tool that I use and it works every time. Many clients from all walks of life return for a 'progress report' on their up-and-coming events every year.

Television, Radio, National and International Audiences over the years have watched me perform what seems like magic at first, until I show them how I do it, and how anyone with an interest can do what I do. So now it is your turn for a little taste of this magic stuff. I have something for you all below about what's happening in your life this year and all you have to do is work out which paragraphs are for you. I'll show you how to find yours shortly, read on.

First though, a little explanation to enlighten you that Numbers have no influence over you or anyone else. They are not magic, supernatural, or anything else, but they do provide information that's written in a different language. It's quite extraordinary really.


If your name was Liz (Elizabeth) your shortened name (Liz) would be written as "47" and Elizabeth would be written as "88" and both of these numerical words tell us that all women called "Elizabeth" are Deep Thinkers who like Quality. Now how about this. Every man called David at ages 27, 49 and 71 have MAJOR changes in their life at those times! A bold statement but its a fact. The following information will in turn reveal and help you to realise (even understand) how numbers describe and reveal information you can use.

The ability to turn numbers into something meaningful, that you can understand, cannot be achieved by going to one of the tens of thousands of Numerologists who tell you "you've got a Master Number 11 or 22 and you are bound for great things!" Well, what on Earth does that mean? You need more information you can understand and not that you have a 2 or an 8 'Life Path'. What the Heck is a 'Life Path?

Often the "soothsayer" you've gone to see for enlightenment or hoping they can help you sort a problem, has no real idea. They're like car salesmen who can take your money and tell you how to drive your car, but they are not mechanics who can tell you how to fix your car. That's a trained and experienced specialists job. Most Numerologists bought a number program online and call themselves a Numerologist when they are salesmen so to speak.

Anyone can dictate the numbers from your birth date, but this is not really the place where your issues in life stem from. Your Name is more important as it holds the clues as to why 'shit happens' to you in the first place!

Can you imagine someone introducing themselves to you saying; "Hello, I'm 3, what's your name number? Even more fancy; "Hello, I'm Mr 122 here for an interview with Mrs 76." EeeeeeK!!!


The NUMBERS 9/11 to many represent the Twin Towers event of 2001, and the LETTERS 'T A X' often stress people out.

So having made the above statement, instead of trying to teach you how it all works, (you have to do an apprenticeship for that), let's get down to the fun stuff about your year ahead.

2015, is like a platform on which the entire population of the world stands on, 7.3 billion of us, and we can be sorted, then divided into nine groups of 805 million each having a different set of qualities.

Although I am only discussing ONE part of your total Personality and Makeup in this posting, in reality you're far more complex than that, as you actually have six "fixed ingredients" or qualities, and a series of ongoing and 'tumbling' events taking place in your life at any given time. For me to cover this, you will need a full Profile Report and or a Skype consultation.

Each group has a specific activity and set of tasks to perform along with a direction to head off in, and the sign posts for each group's road ahead is written below. How cool is that?


Every year like clockwork, the platform rotates for everyone on the planet and this year (2015) is platform number EIGHT and it can easily be found by adding up the four digits 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8.


To discover what direction you will be taking is quite simple. All you need to do is take the Day and Month (DD/MM) of your birth day and add it to the number that we found earlier when we summed 2015 to get '8'.

Let's use Barack Obama's birth date, 4th August as an example, 4 and 8. I am not going to use his year of birth as that will never come again. Barack celebrates his birthday on the 4th August every year.

Now, Barack Obama will have his birthday on the 4th August 2015 (this year). Now we get to add all his numbers together to find a digit, like this;

4 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 20, and 2 + 0 = 2, so '2' is his platform number or path he will take during 2015.

Obama will experience Path Number Two with 805,000,000 other people. What experiences and learning curves will Mr Obama be subjected to during his time walking the No. '2' path? More importantly, what path are you going to go down and what experiences lie ahead for you?

Scroll down to find out what is in store for Obama if you like and of course your own path once you have worked out your Number.

This year should be like a breath of fresh air and will be full of new opportunities for you to make some good decisions and choices from, that will affect you over the coming nine years. This year will likely bring an unsettled series of events but the need or sensation to progress yourself and get on with new career or life choices, will influence your mind. This is normal right now, at every level of your existence. Nothing remains the same for any length of time otherwise progress would slow to a stop, and so would your personal development. If you do not feel any need of change for yourself, at least become aware of the changes taking place from your surroundings, and or environment.

There may be matters needing attention that are overdue from last year and need tidying up or completing. Should you do nothing, you may be surprised that circumstance will act for you. It is advisable to re-think your way of living. Make an effort to put your best foot forward.

Take notice of new ideas, interests and activities that will add life to your situation and broaden your general outlook. The events this year are not unnecessarily world shaking nor do they completely change all that you are doing, unless you want them to, and or plan for them, but they do indicate that now is the time for improvement, advancement and for you to get a grip on your undertakings. This new path of adventure is a push forward preventing you from getting in a rut. People unconsciously begin to grow old or let themselves become depressed when they fail to recognise this 'beginning again' phase, and Life slowly passes them by.

Be determined if you have new plans and desires but move forward wisely and consider all undertakings carefully, as they can only work out gradually as the months of the year pass by. The year might seem like you're at a crossroad and you may find yourself standing between a whole set of previous experiences, and the future. Look ahead, take a stand, do not be impulsive, for there are many decisions to be made, month by month, before you can fully get rolling on what you started when the year kicked off.

This year is not an overly easy one, it is very active and there will be many decisions to make. Other people will be involved and there will be things to take care of before any final plans begin to form. It is only when you try to hold onto old situations and possessions that unexpected things can disrupt your present way of life. This is a year of renewed opportunity and to keep life moving forward, so make your activities worthwhile for others as well as yourself.

During the early months of the year it is advisable not to be too hasty or impulsive. Progress depends on you and your ideas, but others must be considered. You may think at times you are being held back, but this year is good for planning, so during the first part of the year, family or associates could demand your time and attention when you want to be doing other things, so take this in your stride and avoid any resentment, as worry or strain could affect your health. Take time out during June to think things over, seek advice and listen to your 'gut feel', as ideas may need time to fully surface. This is not a time to force matters. Results will begin to form from August onward, and by December, you should be more involved and working on any ideas and plans the year has provided you.

If you want a more in depth and personal account of YOUR Personal Year for 2015. Go to my website and enter this code ( LLCSI-9M6RP-Z9BFI ) just copy and paste it into the "Redeem Coupon" slot on my website order page for a 50% discount BUT it is open only until midnight on the 15th January USA time. Pass this on to any of your friends you like - Happy New year.

This year will be quite different to last. Any drive, determination and initiatives you experienced, are still here, but it is time to ease up on seemingly important matters and take time to work on the finer points that will be influencing your everyday life for most of this year.

Results will be better achieved by using a cooperative approach and constructive attitude between you and those you work alongside. All year, you will need to work on gaining support and agreement, and improve your understanding in any business and personal matters for the mutual benefit of all; this is very important.

How well you work in with or alongside others, is as important as the outcomes you are trying to get. Your future will be a direct reflection of what you do now. The need for discretion in all your activities is significant, and it will pay you to be patient when any delays hold you back and there are likely to be a many.

If you plan to break away from your previous line of work or lifestyle, for improved conditions, creating a harmonious balance with those you are involved with, this will help to reduce or remove potential problems. Resisting, being critical or dominant with your demands, may raise stress levels for all and bring regrets. It's your job all year to remain calm and be patient where necessary, otherwise you could be pressured by others and react negatively losing control of your direction.

You will be thinking about your life situation all year, but you will have to realise that being calm with all you do is more important than forcing issues each step of the way. Even so, you will be busy taking care of many small matters that demand your time and you may wonder how you will take care of everything.

The year holds many promises for the future, but again, patience is required. Utilise your abilities, and the plans you were working on last year that can bring about offers to do with the work you are actively involved with. Budget, and be sure of your finances, as any large outgoings may become a problem due to unexpected expenses and cut you short, potentially raising unwanted stress levels. Think carefully about all you are going to do; estimate the future potential in relationship to what you want out of life. Every idea takes time for its fulfilment, so realise time is an essential component this year.

Avoid arguments; you may be defeated and lose sight of any rewards you had hoped for. Experiences this year may be deep and emotional; hence, do not allow your feelings to cause you to act hastily or attack others. Move forward as circumstances permit; keep a cheerful attitude in mind, knowing 'Time' will change things, and the pace of your life, when the time is right. In so doing you will realise at the end of the year you are happier and a big challenge has been adjusted.

Up to the end of July things will seem slow, so don't stress. From August onward things should start to pick. Next year brings more exciting experiences.

If you want a more in depth and personal account of YOUR Personal Year for 2015. Go to my website and enter this code ( LLCSI-9M6RP-Z9BFI ) - just copy and paste it into the "Redeem Coupon" slot on my website order page for a 50% discount BUT it is open only until midnight on the 15th January USA time. Pass this on to any of your friends you like - Happy New year.

This is a busy year to free up and develop your ideas and any plans you mused over last year. During the year, act on the thoughts you have been carrying inside your mind and work on making your dreams a reality. Emotionally driven ideas have a potency of making things happen in surprising ways.

Keep in mind, this is not a 'down and out - hard work' kind of year, even if you have a lot to take care of. This is a time to express, be active and surge energy through your veins to bring life back into your existence. Seek self-improvement, mentally and physically, and you will feel better for it. Find time to be pro-active, but don't let any emotional highs or lows get in the way as this might cause you to act impulsively and extravagantly. Enjoy the energy the year offers but do not toss your standards aside just to get your own way, for you may unintentionally make mistakes.

This will be a full on year with the opportunity for more pleasure, travel, social activities, gatherings and entertainment. It will be to your advantage to work on having a constructive attitude as this will bring out the best in you and others will notice. Matters of love, your own and those of others, will give you a lot to think about and your feelings may become amplified. Hence, the possibility that this could be a very happy year for you, is here, and it is intended to be so, but all outcomes will depend on your emotional control, self-confidence and the activities you undertake.

As the year progresses and you look back over the months, what may have seemed challenging to achieve at first, should be accomplished, and you will know you have done a good job; however, all this depends on your attitude and the effort you put in; no input = no output.

So, during the early months, ensure your plans are well thought through. For best results, this is a creative year and you have to apply yourself and plan things on a practical basis. Always, get advice where you have concerns or doubts over your capabilities, and have faith in yourself. But once more, guard against being impulsive. Being too hasty, the year could get off to a wrong start and scatter your energies bringing regrets and a lack of well-being.

Friends will help if you are considerate and listen to their advice, if it fits your ideas and ideals, otherwise their mismatch and enthusiasm could detour your activities and bring delays, raising negative emotions and bringing unwanted stress. If you already feel your life is well established and you do not need great change in your work and way of living, provide some fun and inspiration to others, but avoid extravagance as this may bring annoyances.

Any plans for self-development will bring you satisfaction if acted upon, and relationships will improve across the board. Get on with the job of improving yourself and breathe life into all you do; make your dreams a reality.

If you want a more in depth and personal account of YOUR Personal Year for 2015. Go to my website and enter this code ( LLCSI-9M6RP-Z9BFI ) - just copy and paste it into the "Redeem Coupon" slot on my website order page for a 50% discount BUT it is open only until midnight on the 15th January USA time. Pass this on to any of your friends you like - Happy New year.

This is a year of opportunity but there are aspects of it you should take seriously, as it requires discipline in all you do. It's a practical period and not a time to daydream, or for indulgence and careless living; your dreaming time was last year. This is a time to get down to work, with practical and steady applications if you want to achieve results. It's a time to think in terms of order, good management systems and economics, for a more stable and secure future.

The progress of the year may seem slow, but time is needed to set solid foundations on which your future depends. This is not a problem; it's the one time in your life when it is up to you, to know where you stand, and be practical about it. All your affairs, living conditions, family matters and business activities, should be given economic consideration to establish stability and a firm basis for future growth.

A lot of application and attention to details will be part of your daily and monthly activities. You may resist keeping up the effort, or feel you have already done a lot so far, but circumstances will take a hand and make matters worthwhile, so put a little more effort into your work and social interests for better relationships, peace of mind and happiness. If you do this, when the year is done, you will have a sense of satisfaction and pleasure, because you accomplished what you set out to do.

The end of the year will help you realise a transition has taken place from one level of living to another, a sort of change or revolution in your environment, relationships and any work related or business matters. There will also be times when your character, and the way you take control of matters, will be judged by your efforts and common sense.

All work and no play, is not the game plan of the year, there is need for you to engage in work, and have fun too. Social gatherings, meetings, parties, trips combined with business, are all part of this year's interests. Become involved, but make sure you do not become too serious with everything as the year progresses.

Friends, even family may call on you for help. Health matters should be attended to, so do not neglect any check-ups. You may have to manage a crisis at some stage this year too, and it will depend on what is happening at the time. You will know what you have to do. Attend to any personal matters wisely.

It is a good time to build structure into your life. There is a right time for everything, and this year you could find circumstances in your business and association with others will cause you to have to estimate your own ability. It is time to formulate a plan of action for security, happier relationships and a content lifestyle. Do you owe anything? Try to get all matters cleared up.

Budget, live well, but do not neglect things this year. In other words, for your own satisfaction, get down to basics upon which to build and move forward with. Do not be surprised if some things you had not thought of, come to the surface; an awakening of the facts of life will provide a lot of appreciation for what you have or had - respect this year and it will work for you.

If you want a more in depth and personal account of YOUR Personal Year for 2015. Go to my website and enter this code ( LLCSI-9M6RP-Z9BFI ) - just copy and paste it into the "Redeem Coupon" slot on my website order page for a 50% discount BUT it is open only until midnight on the 15th January USA time. Pass this on to any of your friends you like - Happy New year.

This year brings change and an increase in activity in every area of your life. It is a time when new ideas about developing and expanding matters of any sort can be undertaken and new improvements are indicated, especially after May has arrived. The year has a strong bearing on your future, as it is time for progress and growth and will demand you be awake to what is going on, and proactive with what's happening in your environment, with respect to opportunity and changes.

As the year starts, you will sense new opportunities and conditions are waiting for you to get involved. They may show themselves as changes, alterations, or unexpected events that come up from time to time. Keep in mind you have an opportunity to move forward rather than to stay in old routines, and make sure you put your best foot forward for general all round improvement.

The trend of events throughout the year is in the nature of new experiences. Changes in your environment, new relationships, new ideas, new contacts, new plans, more freedom and more variety, will all brighten your lifestyle. These may not be outstanding, nor mundane, just fresh interesting and more interaction with people; even travel is on the cards. Your job is to embrace the transition from the old to the new and appreciate this is part of your progress toward broader interests.

You may find you become restless now and then and hope for more activity where you can express your energy. Old routines may test your patience and restlessness may set in bringing a desire to be rid of old conditions or circumstances. This should be avoided. Even if some event in the year brings a sudden impulse of energy, do not cause, or force hasty changes, or burn bridges behind you; regrets may come from such actions.

Do not avoid your responsibilities, simply carry on with any progressive work you began or undertook last year for a wider scope of activity. Changes may take place you didn't anticipate, so look for any opportunity when it comes and take advantage of the diverse activities the year provides.

You may begin something that will carry on into the future, where rewards for your efforts may only be gained in years to follow. This being so, you will find many things to manage which you may deem weary, but again, do not be impulsive or hasty or head strong, when little annoyances cause you pressure. Haste and irritation will side track you.

Irrational actions may bring legal problems and be hard to deal with. This could be due to any involvement you may have with others, that is really no concern of yours, and may not be totally above board (legal). Thus, good judgment on your behalf is absolutely necessary with anyone you engage with, and any unwanted experiences that could cost you.

This year, if lived right, is to your advantage. Changes, even unexpected ones can bring thrills and excitement. In the end, you should be satisfied with what you have accomplished and pleased about the changes.

If you want a more in depth and personal account of YOUR Personal Year for 2015. Go to my website and enter this code ( LLCSI-9M6RP-Z9BFI ) - just copy and paste it into the "Redeem Coupon" slot on my website order page for a 50% discount BUT it is open only until midnight on the 15th January USA time. Pass this on to any of your friends you like - Happy New year.

The result of your work, planning, application and adapting to changes over the past few years should begin to show themselves. Now, attention should be given to ways and means by which the results you seek may be attained during the year but this will depend on how you approach and work alongside others. Providing service to those in need or who need organising and management of their activities will be the key to the results you gain in everything you do.

This is your year of being responsible, and you should keep this in mind all year long. Plan ahead and work hard at everything you do, and make all your actions work for the benefit of all. By providing constructive assistance where others are concerned and taking charge where necessary, will make everything worthwhile with pleasing returns for your efforts. Your future depends on good standards and good will towards others, and you will gain much by utilising these assets in everything you become involved with.

Everyone, at some time, has to take charge and look after the welfare and well-being of those under their care. In other words, during this year, to think only of your own results and well-being, even personal desires, could bring disappointment and regret later on, and any hope for success and happiness may be dashed by an irresponsible attitude. Working for the good of all is a basic foundation of all human endeavour; the doctor, lawyer, minister, teacher, housewife, shop keeper and parents, all help make a community work, and as the year passes by, don't miss an opportunity to give of yourself in some way to make others happy.

Financial success, love and harmony, will be the result for your efforts during these 12 months; next year will be very different, so now, providing service is the correct action for you to take. But the year cannot bring forth rewards for you unless you face the duties that will come up of their own accord, in business and pleasure. There may be expenses and bills to pay, even so, the opportunity for better financial returns are present to take care of the needs as they arise.

It is the nature of the year to bring closer ties to those you love and care about, if you allow for this to happen. However, emotions, your own or those of family, colleagues at work, or in social associations, may cause misunderstandings or difficulties and feeling will be strong as to what is right or wrong, leading to arguments and quarrels; avoid this at all costs as justice, fair play and honesty are important now. Lack of truth could also bring problems; even where children and your loved ones are concerned. Matters of home and property need organisation and management.

This year, problems will be solved if you take responsibility and don't shrug off matters. Take care of your health; do not work too hard, and find time for rest. Others do not want you to slave for them; just provide help where you're able. If you need time out, October will be a good time to rest, as things will be clearer from then on as you prepare for next year. This year often means weddings, romance, reunions and family support, so be there in good form.

If you want a more in depth and personal account of YOUR Personal Year for 2015. Go to my website and enter this code ( LLCSI-9M6RP-Z9BFI ) - just copy and paste it into the "Redeem Coupon" slot on my website order page for a 50% discount BUT it is open only until midnight on the 15th January USA time. Pass this on to any of your friends you like - Happy New year.

This year is associated with deep thinking, brought on by unexpected events, and looking at your life wondering what it's all about. You are likely to dwell on matters more seriously, especially about improving your entire situation. You may consider the reason for your experiences, but as each New Year is but a step toward a better understanding of your Life's Purpose, you will appreciate more by year's end, why you've had these events. This is a beautiful year of self-discovery; observe, look, listen and grow internally.

You are likely to feel a desire to move on from all the previous work you've done. There is an inner force beginning to drive you now, causing you to change your thoughts, and to live better. Regardless of your work, you may feel tired of the responsibility you had last year and seek solitude, just time-out, away from people and friends. This is a good year to evaluate where you are - to study and improve your situation as you start reasoning with your life, and if you respond to this, you will find the year has unexpected rewards.

In the midst of all the activities this year brings, there are keys to your being able to gain a better understanding of yourself. You may realise you are more alone, where you can listen to your inner voice speaking truths about you, your character and abilities.

This will be a different year than any other. When you fully comprehend the experiences you will have, you'll begin to look at life from a different perspective, with more confidence in the direction you are soon to take with your place in society. The way you respond to these experiences will determine the trend of events you have, and what you learn throughout the year. You are in the school of life now and you should be in touch with the deeper feelings you are having, but it is better to say little to others as they may not be prepared to hear, or even understand your ideas.

None the less, the year will be full, and after the initial pressure of February, many of your activities may start to change. From March you need more time for yourself as the subtle forces of the year will start to direct your attention toward new ways of thinking. It may be that you never seem to find enough time for yourself, but then again, you will realise you are strangely isolated and others will go their way socially or otherwise. You might unconsciously withdraw from your previous interests, even causing misunderstandings between those you normally connect with, and you may not be aware of this at first, but as the months pass, you will enjoy the changes in your thinking and become better for it.

Look at life from as if you are in a different position, observing what is going on, and you may find the solutions to problems you have, and in this way, the luck of the year can come to you. It's a time for thinking, learning, education, and not allowing emotions to take a full time slot in your mind. Any dwelling on negative thoughts will bring you down, so don't sit on issues for any length of time. Eat well, exercise sensibly, keeping yourself busy, is very good advice. Talk to people who are thinkers; get involved in an educational study, of any sort, for this is a year of Life Education. Listen and really understand what Life is telling you. Your total health is a main theme for the year and this includes rest, a health orientated diet, medical check ups and quiet time out for yourself.

If you want a more in depth and personal account of YOUR Personal Year for 2015. Go to my website and enter this code ( LLCSI-9M6RP-Z9BFI ) - just copy and paste it into the "Redeem Coupon" slot on my website order page for a 50% discount BUT it is open only until midnight on the 15th January USA time. Pass this on to any of your friends you like - Happy New year.

This is a year for materialistic changes, buying, selling, changing your career and making significant improvements to your personal lifestyle. It is up to you to put effort in to gain results you dreamed of last year. You need to be ready to move forward in a business-like manner, efficiently, resourcefully and with sustained effort to gain the rewards and the benefits the year promises. Whatever your means of earning a living, make an effort, and bring to a successful conclusion, some of those ideas you've had over the past several years.

Many opportunities will present themselves now, and you will need to have your eyes and ears open or they will pass you by and you will be none the wiser. You need to seek them out, so good use of your mind, and being self-confident will add to your success and advancement; nothing will be gained by just hoping; this is a year of action.

Whatever your capabilities, put yourself forward with an "I can do" attitude, and be willing to take on things you may have believed were out of your reach, then get ready to put in some productive hard work, and use every skill you have, to deal with matters as best you can. This year is not necessarily all about money, it's your strength of character that is the real test, and the core of your success.

Get involved with others who push for improvement in your lines of work, or where your talents lie; do not work entirely alone. Get advice from those in positions to help you, and use your brains as they count for much of your success this year. Not a lot will be gained by emotional outbursts, or by scattering your energy, or any lack of personal discipline. THINK! Make your efforts worthwhile for others as well as for yourself. Overall, this is not a laid back year. Financial matters will call for your attention and are likely to force you to organise or reorganise your personal affairs as well as any business undertakings. Stress or worry over money is nothing but a signal you are not paying attention to what is wrong with your ideals, approach and application to what has to be done, whether you like it or not. If things aren't happening the way you want, change your mental attitude and watch what happens, it may pleasantly surprise you.

Meeting interesting people can add value and progress to your year, however, choose your associates wisely as this is a year to advance your standing and position in your life; personally and in business. This year brings its challenges in areas you may not have been paying attention to. Health matters may run through the year if you have been stressed for some time. This will be a call to take better care of your digestive system and do not allow intense feelings about anything to get you down. Don't eat if you are upset as your digestive system will not produce the enzymes needed to break down food and can cause you abdominal upsets.

As the year ends, you should have established quite a lot and you will realise that you have done all you can for now and feel you are finished with a project, job or old condition. In many ways, this is a year of Cause and Effect and whatever you have done, or do now, may come back and bite you where it hurts if you have not listened to the pulse of the year.

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This year brings many matters to a conclusion, a completion, and the fulfilment of some of your dreams. You are in a closing cycle of experience, one that began nine years ago, leading to a new beginning next year. The period may bring feelings of failure or sorrow if there is disharmony with loved ones, but in reality, the year opens the way to opportunities and new interests in life and the time is right for this to happen.

During the year, be willing to let go of old situations that are brought to your attention, and make way for new and worthwhile things. If something you love seeks the desire to go, do your best to understand, and be compassionate, for if you try to hold on, you may experience degrees of suffering until you accept the inevitable. Be tolerant and forgiving and then you will find this one of the most wonderful years of your life.

The beginning of the year may seem fine till February steps up to the mark. Often times, there will be an unexpected matter brought to your attention if you have not been listening to what has been going on around you and you may be left wondering what you are going to do. You may feel alone or held back and unable to keep things moving forward in a steady manner. May through September, you may find your interests growing away from some of your former activities and unconsciously turn your thoughts to things that have not been a part of your life before.

Personal matters will hold your attention throughout, and you may find you are involved whether you like it or not, and in the midst of this, you may even be involved helping others straighten out their problems; as this is a year of impersonal thought and feeling, and what you do for others, you will gain from.

Accept what comes to you, but until October or November you may not see the way clearly and may have to go with the changes as they unfold. Take time out in July to help improve your health, and by the end of the year, you will feel better about the way things have turned out.

During the year, as mentioned earlier, there will be endings, conclusions, something to give up. It is a sort of clearing period to give you space to move and grow into next year. There will be a new outlook, and glimpse of the future with less duty and more time for relaxation and a sense of inner satisfaction. While the year clears up many old problems, you will be tested for tolerance and you may have to deal with a personal relationship or that of someone close. You may experience the passing of a relative, or have to leave a place where you live or work. Have courage to let go, it's one of your lessons this year. There may be a little uncertainty about how things will turn out, but in hindsight you will understand that it was for the better.

Feelings of frustration and what's-the-use may arise now and then, and it would be better to take the time out needed to rest in any such moments, especially where your emotions rise to the surface and seem to occupy your mind. At such times, seek out new friends, you may be very surprised what unfolds. Enjoy Christmas, it will be good for you, and next year, things will be much brighter than you thought.

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